Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Can Apples

For my first time canning anything I would say it went pretty well.  I made a couple mistakes one being the baby was awake.  But all in all I think it went well.  My kitchen was a sticky disaster afterward but Bob and I got it all cleaned up.  There might be better ways to can but here are simple step by step directions on how to can apples in a light syrup.  Perfect for pies, cobblers, or just eating plain.

Materials needed:
Jars and lids
giant pot or canner
apple slicer
jar lifter
lid tightener
air bubble getter/lid lifter
Bob wanted me to say that the first step in canning is to get your mother/mother-in-law to buy all supplies like we did :-).
1) Sanitize and heat up your jars and lids.  I boiled mine but the dishwasher would have been a much easier way.  It is important that you keep them warm right up until you use them or they might break.

 2) Cut and peel your apples.  I borrowed an apple peeler corer slicer and it save me tons of time.  I did about 15# of apples and it filled 6 jars.
 3) Blanch apples.  Boil them in a light syrup for one minute.  I used water and sugar.  I think I did six cups water for every one cup of sugar.
 4) Use a funnel to put the apples into hot jars.
 5) Fill the jars with the same syrup the apples boiled in.  Get the air bubbles out with this tool.  Then fill them up again with the syrup.  Make sure you fill it up within a half inch of the top.
 6) Tighten the lids on.
 7) Boil the jars in large pot for 20 minutes.  It took a long time for us to get the water to boil in the giant pot.
Enjoy!  I haven't eaten any of the apples we canned yet but I am pretty sure they are going to be good.

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