Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to decorate and hang your own name blocks

This tutorial explains how to put scrap-booking paper on wood letters and them put them into a frame with material for a background.  When done correctly it looks great! I first saw this idea on my sister-in-law Sarah's blog I thought it was so cool.  I immediately wanted to do it for my girls.  Unfortunately it seems like once I started it I had a hard time with it the entire time I tried to put it together and now that it is finished I don't think it looks near as good as hers. Regardless here is the tutorial of how to do it. And I do want to say that I think this whole thing would have worked out better if my kids had shorter names.

Materials Needed:
scrapbook paper
hot glue gun
mod podge
picture frame
spray paint
a couple feet of material

 1) The first step is to spray paint your letters and then glue the scrap booking paper onto them.  I used mod podge for the glue but I think elmers would work fine.  After letting the paper dry cut off excess paper with an exacto knife.
 2) Sand the edges of the paper and some of the middle of the paper to create a vintage look (This picture shows the first paper I choose but I redid the whole thing because it really clashed with the fabric, this was one of the frustrations I was talking about earlier).
 4) Once the letters are ready it is time to get the frame done.  Just take the frame apart and wash, sand, and spray paint it the color you want.

I got this at Good Will but only after I went to what felt like 50 stores looking for a cheap frame that was long enough to fit my 8 letters in it.  I gave up on trying to find a long frame and just got this one.
5) Take the glass from the frame and lay it on top of the back of your fabric.  Then glue the edges of the fabric and pull it tight onto the back of the glass.  Wait for it to dry.

6) Put the frame back together.  Arrange the letters how you like and hot glue them on.The first one I did was hard because I redid the scrapbook paper I chose a black with a design on it but now that it is done you can't really see the design.  I also couldn't find a long frame.  But I like how it turned out.

For Penelope's I had envisioned a big pretty chunky white frame but I ended up just buying a poster frame.  It was the only thing long enough.  The fabric is the same one I used to upholster the rocking chair that is in her room.  I wish the letters took up more of the frame.  To me it feels like the background is way to distracting.  Oh well.  I still like it.  For me when crafting some things turn out how I want some turn out better and some don't really turn out.  I just try not to spend to much money either way so I don't get disappointed.

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