Sunday, November 3, 2013

Watch What I'm Wearing

Recognize this dress?  My husband didn't.  It is one of the few maternity items I saved because I thought I could wear it again.  Check it out here.  Can you believe that it fit me two days before Leon was born.  I didn't even alter it.  It is some seriously stretchy fabric.  And it was crazy cheap, like $4.
Dress: Target  Belt: H&M  Shoes: Ross  Belt: f21  Necklace: Gift

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Suzanne said...

Unbelievable it is the same dress. You were right to keep it. Especially the way you've styled it with the belt and necklace.


Unknown said...

That dress is so cute! You can't tell it's maternity at all. Love the color and the ruching.

Unknown said...

Loving those boots!

Tiffany Ima
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Callie said...

I love your dress! You did such a great job on it. :) Love how you accessorized it too.