Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We did our Easter Egg hunt on Saturday this year and I like it that way.  It was sunny out and to me it doesn't really have anything to do with Easter so the separation for me is good.  Does anyone know why we have an Easter bunny and why we hunt for eggs?  I read in a book from the library that it started because a mom hid some eggs and when her kids found them a bunny hopped away, but I am not sure if that is right.

The first picture has got to be one of my favorite Easter picture of the season.
Bob even buried an egg.  Needless to say, no one found it.
 Here I am hiding one in a pitcher.
 The kids got a tun of candy!  My sister even made a special basket for all the kids.

Here you can see Tucker pouring the contents of one egg into his mouth.
Bob and I hid one hard thing of candy for all the adults in the family.  It was fun.  Probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  My sister even hid something for Bob and I in the house.  We put things up in the tree, and in the pond.  Most of them were pretty hard. I like it because who says that kids get to have all the fun?

Oh and for those of you who know what the candy bar game is, we played it over the weekend with a 10lb candy bar!  We didn't even come close to finishing it.


  1. where did you find a 20lb candy bar... any injuries?

  2. It was a 10lb candy bar from Brown and Hailey outlet store in Fife.


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