Friday, November 2, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. PacMan and Ghosts Family Costume

I hope you all had a good Halloween!
This year seemed a bit crazy for us.  I think I just had too many things planned for the day of Halloween.  Dinner, fix costumes, pictures, trick-or-treat outside, and trunk-or-treat.  Add on top the pouring rain and I got a bit stressed.  Seriously we were soaked walking to and from getting Tucker from school.  Even Tucker's shirt was wet through his rain coat, and I don't own rain boots so needless to say my feet were wet.
I love making our own costumes and doing a family theme.  The costumes you buy at the store are way over priced and extremely low quality, not to mention that you will probably see 5 other kids with the same costume on.  That is why I like to make our own costumes when we can.  I'm not sure how that will work when the kids are more set on picking their own costume but we will see.
I wanted to do this pac-man theme for over a year now, but have been waiting for a Halloween when everyone in our family can walk (that was 4 years ago).  The big bulky Mrs. and Mr. PacMan costumes make holding a child impossible.  Scarlett wanted us to get her several times but we just couldn't.  So, not the most practical costumes but fun.  We made them out of cardboard boxes, duct tape, spray paint, and construction paper.  So if you are looking for easy homemade family themed Halloween costumes PacMan and the ghosts Blinky, Pinky and Inky might be right for you.  The ghost costumes were just too big t-shirts with felt eyes sewed on and cut at the bottom.  Super fast, and great because when it was rainy we just stuck their coats on and put the shirts on top.
I had to include the above picture because Scarlett would not stay in place for the pictures.  It was very frustrating.
Anyway, trick-or-treating was fun.  I especially loved when a "monster" opened the door and Tucker and Penelope quickly ran away from the door.  No screams just two genuinely scared kids.  They inched their way back within arms reach to get candy eventually.  Scarlett would not even get close.  Who knew the child in our family that loves eating the most didn't think it was worth the scary costumes for candy.

Trunk-or-treat got moved to inside to to the rain.  It was very crowded in the church hallways and very difficult to maneuver Scarlett through the herd without picking her up.  Not my favorite part of the day, but the kids liked it and that was the point.
I didn't realize that kids will actually throw up if they eat too much candy.  I now know that is not just a myth.  Once we got home we let the kids eat as much candy as they wanted for about 10 minutes before bed.  Penelope started throwing up.  Luckily she happened to be in the bathroom and puked into the toilet.  Scarlett kept eating candy with the wrappers on.  I couldn't open it fast enough for her.  

The worst part of the day was probably when older teenagers came to the door and started using inappropriate language to Tucker, who was trying to give them candy.  They weren't calling him mean names but I didn't like what they said and shut the door on them.  Luckily it was over Tucker's head and he missed it completely.

By the way, I don't think we are going to save Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man so if anyone local wants them just let me know and they are yours!


  1. Those are such cute costumes! I love the family theme ideas. I remember Danny saying that Ben would always eat too much candy and throw up. My kids would love your rules better than ours, even if it means they throw up... they get one piece a day. Danny almost didn't let them have a piece after trick or treating because it was so late... but I convinced him to let them have one.

  2. Ah!
    These are great costumes!
    I hate that the older kids are trying to ruin the night for the little ones... :S
    You should link up with me over at
    I have a weekly photo challenge and this week's theme is ''Trick or Treat'' :)

  3. So so SO cute!! Great job! :-)

  4. I LOVE these costumes! Seem to simple to do too!

    Yeah, my sister once took my daughter to the movies and let her eat a whole box of red vines by herself... well she came home and threw up all over our carpet!

    That stain never came out! haha

    Anywho, thanks for linking up to Perspectives!! :)



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