Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

We couldn't have asked for better weather on Easter Sunday.  It got up to 70 and we were able to spend time outside without coats on.  I wanted to get a family picture but that just didn't happen because Scarlett wasn't feeling well.  Instead I settled for one on one pictures of the kids.  Here is Tucker in his Easter attire. 
Penelope wore the same dress she wore last year.  It is size 2 and I think it fits her better now than it did last Easter.
Scarlett is pretty much set for clothes and this is a dress Penelope wore when she turned one.  As you can tell her picture is in a different location.  I had to redress her and take this on Monday.

We went to church with my parents.  I always feel kinda bad just dropping the kids off with their classes and going to Relief Society with my mom.  I don't want to put an extra burden on the teachers especially since I am taking the day off of teaching myself.  Oh well, their teachers always say that they do good.  This time and last time Tucker was not wanting to go to the new class.  I think he has developed the fear of being around others that he doesn't know. When he was younger he never had a problem.

Church was nice, they had lots of singing during Sacrament meeting and the talks focused on Jesus Christ.  I am glad that I got to take some time to talk mostly with Tucker about what Easter is and why we celebrate.  I think he understands this year more than ever.  It was kinda funny because we were reading about it in the scriptures and there was a part where it said His clothes were 'scarlet'  and when we read that Scarlett looked over and Tucker thought it was funny.  I guess we now have a child with a biblical name.

I am so thankful for the sacrifice that both Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father made so that we can all be resurrected and have eternal life.  To read more about what I believe go here.


  1. Oh my goodness what darling children. My dad was a redhead so I have QUITE a fondness for it. :)

    I am late in linking up to your party. (I don't blog on weekends and was late in checking email this week.) So, I will link up my Easter outfit at this week's party. I am always looking for lovely ways to dress modestly. :) Thank you for the invitation.

  2. Such adorable kiddos you have, and adorable outfits to boot!


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