Monday, April 9, 2012

Play Kitsap

A new kids play place, Play Kitsap, opened up in our area.  It was really fun for the kids.  I think it was the best three hours of Tucker's life.  They had bounce houses and little activity areas.  I thought it was kinda pricy. For the day we spent $13 but once Scarlett turns one we will need to pay $16.  That is more than we spend on activities for the kids, but for something we only do once in a while I think it was fun and worth it.

Below you can see Penelope playing with the little train station.
Scarlett even had fun.  But this picture is a little misleading because I actually carried her almost the entire time
 Here you can see Tucker grocery shopping.
This slide was Tucker's favorite thing.  I even went down it a few times and man, it was fast.  It was a little hard to watch the kids because Tucker loved the slide and obstacle course while half the time penelope tried these things she would get scared at the top and I would need to get her while holding Scarlett in one arm.
Here if you look in the very back of the picture you can see they had a little ball area with basketball hoops.
Here is a picture of the obstacle course, next to it is a bouncy house.  The only difference was the bouncy house had a little bouncy course with a slide in it.
This last picture is of the 3 and under farm.  I am glad they had an area like this so the little guys can play without getting bounced around.
By the time it was 11:30 my arms were killing me from holding Scarlett and the kids were exhausted We went home and after lunch they all took a longer than normal nap.

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