Saturday, January 8, 2022

1,064 Miles

O had a goal this year to run over 1,000 miles and I did it!  I ended up with 1,064 miles.
I spend a ton of time outside running.  It basically broke down to 4 miles a day five days a week.  It is pretty doable.  But the hardest thing was being consistent for an entire year.  I'm a pretty consistent person, but some weeks between rain, travel, or covid it would have been easy to fall behind.  I also had foot pain from my shoes and being on my feet at Chili's.  There were many mornings when I wanted to sleep in.  Lots of nights I'd get to bed after midnight but need to getup at 6:15 for school bus/jog the next morning.  But for the most part it wasn't too bad.

I really like running and I have the perfect spot.  Just across the street from my house is a beautiful boardwalk along the water with great views.  I don't have to worry about stoplights or getting hit by cars or being attacked.  I'm so glad I made the most of it while I could.

I recorded things old school on a piece of paper.
I'm not really into timing my runs or trying to go fast.  It is much more enjoyable for me to just jog and not worry about it.  I usually focus on my audio books or chat with friends.  But I did time it toward the end and this is what I got.  I should say that I was trying to go fast and I don't normally do that. 
Alita came jogging with me a couple times a week the entire year. I'm going to miss our jogs after we move.

It is hard to see in the picture, but Mt. Fuji was clear as day.  I figure I saw it about half the days if not more.  
I love what can happen when we set goals.  I'm not exactly sure about what I'll do this year.  But I never regret making goals, even when they don't turn out.

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