Sunday, January 9, 2022

Youth Conference 2021

Our ward here in Yokosuka is amazing.  We have loved it since we first moved in.  Everyone is very welcoming and kind.  The transient nature is the hardest part.  But we always feel like we have lots of friends and we enjoy it.  

I was in primary for years but have been in YW since the summer.  We just went to a youth conference.
Since Bob is in the stake YM we took turns going on different days.
The youth in our ward are amazing.  Both Penelope and Tucker have made good friends in the program.  I know they are going to miss it.

I had a blast chaperoning the dance.  My friend Beki and I danced the night away, while Tucker felt awkward and Penelope was upstairs playing board games with the younger kids.

Tucker did dance with a few girls that asked him.  I also forced him to dance with me.  He never asked a girl to dance though.  I think he was too scared.
He doesn't get to go to regular church dances like I did as a youth.

It was a really long but fun day.
Although we won't be here, I do hope the temple opens soon.  The construction has been completed for a while now.  We are just waiting for Japan to let an apostle enter the country to rededicate the temple.

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