Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Snow Day

It was freezing here in Japan!  We had a coupled days of below zero (celsius) weather and one of those days they closed down base.  For us that means no school and no work!  We were all very excited.
It honestly wasn't a ton of snow, maybe a half an inch, but it was frozen and I was concerned that the roads would not be safe.  We live up a huge hill, and if that road is frozen there is no way we could make it up or down it.  I would also not let the kids walk along it, (their bus stop is at the bottom), if there was an added danger of cars slipping and sliding.  
Anyway, some of these pictures are form Tuesday night and some are Wednesday.  I even got up early with the kids and went outside to play.

Scarlett figured out that we could sled down the neighbors driveway.  It was not bad.  We haven't been able to do anything like this since we moved to Japan.  This is our first snow day, and even the couple times we got an inch or so in Yokosuka there was no place for us to sled.

We let Mochi inside.

The icicles were a big hit.

We went to the park and did more sledding along with a snowball fight or two.
We were done by 10 am and came inside to watch Frozen and drink hot chocolate.  Tucker refused to watch, but instead fell asleep on the floor with Mochi.  I'm glad we went out early because by the time we walked back from the park most of the snow on our driveway had melted.  It was still only zero degrees outside, but there was so little snow the sun had no problem melting it.  

Inside our house is pretty cold!  Like so cold my feet/toes are numb.  We have the heaters full blast but we have to be careful not to blow the circuits.  I had to turn off the lights inside.  Even when we can get our family room and kitchen area warm by shutting all interior doors the hallways and bathrooms have absolutely no heat and are ice cold.  So whenever you have to open the door to the hallway we can feel a rush of cold air and of course with six kids that happens all the time, and the door rarely get shut.  Its ok though.  I'm honestly not sure what is better.  Keep the doors shut and have a warm main room but freezing hallway/bathroom, or keep all doors open and have a moderately cold house.  I can't wait for central heating again.

It was a fun day!  

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