Thursday, January 26, 2023


We found a hike with a ton of stairs.  It was pretty much up and down and up up up, then repeat the whole thing backwards to go back home.  It might be my favorite hike so far in the area, this hike was in Saza.  Not too far from where we live.  Definitely a work out, but I loved the trees and the clearly defined path.

Plus, it had a pretty decent playground near the parking lot.

Bob and I had a chance to go to the temple.  It has been closed for months due to cleaning.  I'm starting to think wherever we go they close the temple.  It was so nice that the kids are old enough to just leave them at home when needed.
We got out our new year decorations.  These are our 7 lucky Gods figurines.

Scarlett did amazing on her science project.  She actually cut branches off her outdoor plant and tried propagating them in both distilled and tap water.  The tap water one grew better.  After the project ended she planted them both in dirt in pots and they are alive and growing.  It is fun to watch.

She is doing great in school and was even nominated by her art teacher to be student of the month for the school.  
Calista has been begging to go swimming.  So one Saturday we took the kids to the pool.  They had a blast.  We should probably do it more.
Penelope even got her swim license.  She has been wanting it for a while, but we never really go to practice.  Having a swim license means you can go into the deep end and you can go to the pool alone without your parents (lifegaurds are still there).  In order to get a swimming license you need to jump into the deep end, tread water for one minute and then swim the entire length of the pool with either freestyle stroke (with your face in the water and proper side breathing) or breast stroke.  Penelope hasn't taken swimming lessons for years, and last she took them she could not tread water or do proper side breathing. So I was impressed when she actually passed.  The hardest part for her was jumping in.  It took about five minutes to convince her.  In the end Bob had to do a practice with her where they both jumped in and he pretty much pulled her in with him.  Then once she realized it was easy she had no problem doing it again for the test.  I'm sure the lifegaurd was thinking there was no way she could actually swim when she wouldn't even get into the water.  The license expires in four months, so we should take her at least one more time before then so she can use it before she has to test again.

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