Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Calista 18 Month Photos

I really think 18 months might be the hardest age to photograph.  They just won't hold still for one second and are not the least bit interested getting their pictures taken.  That being said, we did manage to get a few nice pictures of Calista last month.
She has been going to nursery, these past few weeks, and I think she is finally getting used to it.  I guess it didn't take her that long, but probably a little over a month.  I would spy on her and see the primary workers holding her on their laps while she sucks her thumb and looks sad.  Even now, she does cry when she first goes in, but they said that only lasts for a minute and then she is fine.
Calista loves babies so we got her a couple baby dolls and they are her favorite to play with.  She loves to carry them around and point out their facial features.  It is cute.
Calista knows who she is and everyone else in our family.  She loves to point at everyone when we ask where they are and when she sees a picture of herself or looks in the mirror she pats her self on the neck.  I love it!

Speaking of her neck, she is obsessed with touching skin.  She will almost always have one thumb in her mouth and her other hand trying to touch skin somewhere.  Either down her own shirt, on her stomach, sometimes down her paints, or if she is being held she will go for your neck.  I guess that is comforting to her.
This next picture she is doing her really excited face.
Calista doesn't have many words but she can say a few.  I would say her first words are, dada, mama, tucker, up, and bubbles.  She is also very good at shaking her head no to us.  It is ver clear and easy to understand when she doesn't want what we are trying to give her.  Most of the time that is food.  She is a really picky eater.  Somethings she will love and will be a staple in her diet and then she will change her mind and refuse to eat them ever again.  For example, bananas, bread with peanut butter, and string cheese.  It is frustrating because I never know what to feed her.
She was cold in this next picture but happy that we made it to the park.  Calista loves going to the park.  Slides are a particular favorite of hers and she has plenty of helpers, maybe even too many helpers, when she is playing.

We are really happy she is in our family!  Calista makes big messes for us to clean up, but she is also so fun and makes all of us laugh several times a day with the randomness of what she tries to do, things like putting our shoes on to filling a water bottle with rubber bands.  It is just so fun to watch her learn and grow.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Mochi Pounding

I've eaten mochi, and learned about mochi pounding.  But this was our first time participating or even watching live mochi pounding.  It was pretty exciting for me to get to participate in a local Japanese tradition.  Our neighborhood gets together every year around Christmastime for their annual mochi pounding festival.

First they steam the rice over fire.
Then it is time for pounding.

Next it gets formed into balls and different things can be added to the outside.
 And last we got to eat it!

The kids had mixed feelings, but I liked it.  One of the kinds we tried was sweet, I prefer the one with seaweed wrapped around the outside.  The kids seemed to like the one with the purple potato on top.

Here is a fun video to explain more about mochi pounding.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Primary Parts

The kids did so well on their primary parts in sacrament meeting this year.  I uploaded videos for everyone because we live too far away for anyone to come see it in person.  Some of them were nervous but they all did a great job.  This will be Tucker's last year, and he had to write a mini talk for his.

And a random video of the girls twirling.  I am really proud of myself for making those dresses.  I'm also pretty mad at myself because I made Calista an equally cute one that has since been lost.  I tore the house apart looking for it.  How does that happen.

To learn more about our church or what we believe in go here :)

I love my kids!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Soccer with Penelope and Sarlett

Soccer season this year was pretty great!  Penelope and Scarlett got to be on the same team which made my life so much easier.  I'll admit there was a difference in the skill level between the girls, but that is to be expected because Penelope was one of the oldest on the team where as Scarlett was one of the youngest.  They are almost two years apart in age.
We also had some uniform issues.  I think Scarlett was refusing to tuck in her shirt and and a problem with the socks one day.  Penelope also was really upset when she lost one of her blue socks and had to wear a different color sock.  There were tears. 
The coach was very loud and yelled quite a bit, but not necessarily in a mean way, just lots of yelling.  I think that was an adjustment for Penelope and Scarlett to get used to.
Anyway, they both improved over the season and enjoyed playing soccer.  I think most days they were very happy to go. 
The season started out very very hot, which made practices and watching practices hard, but it did start to cool off, which was nice (I'm posting really late, soccer started in August).  It was fun for me and the kids to get outside and enjoy the fresh air a couple times a week.
My parents were even nice enough to take the girls to soccer without a car for two weeks.  And that is no small trip.  It includes a walk, then train ride, then about a mile walk, and that is just getting there.
Penelope was really one of the most aggressive ones on the team.  She wasn't scared at all and did great!

Scarlett also tried very hard, but maybe not quite as hard... Or maybe it was the age difference.  There were a few games where it didn't quite seem like her heart was into it.   But most of the time she worked really hard and tried her best.

Both girls were able to score goals, which was really exciting for them!  Penelope scored a few, but I think Scarlett only scored one and it was on one of the last games so we were all really happy for her.

I'm glad they did soccer, but if you ask them the best part.  They will both probably tell you it is the treats at the end of the games.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Taura Plum Grove Hike

 I love getting outside with this crew!
Tucker had to stay home and work...he really only had to work for about an hour but it was in the middle of the day and I knew we wouldn't be back in time.  Those dogs depend on him to take them outside everyday.  He was happy to stay home.  We even had a video call.

This actually happened before Thanksgiving and I'm so ready to get outside again on another hike.  It can be hard to make the time.  I'd love to go weekly or at least every other week, but that hasn't been happening for us this school year.  Hopefully soon!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Calista and I Model Fun

Calista and I did a modeling job way back in March.  I really wanted everyone to do one job, so this worked out perfectly.  It was for a baby carrier company.  I couldn't think of a better product for us to model because I knew there was no way she would be happy with strangers taking her picture and me not holding her.  Here we are in the dressing room.

I really had no idea how things would go.  I didn't wear make up because I thought they would do it, but nope.  So I kind of regret not wearing make up, but oh well.  They didn't say anything, so maybe they wanted a more natural look.
It took so long for the pictures to come out I kind of forgot about it.  A friend at church randomly told me that she saw me on the toys are us website.  It was pretty exciting.  It was on the front of the Toys R Us main Japan website, but I only say it for a day or two and when I went to copy the link it was replaced with their Christmas screen.  I did take some screen shots of our actual pictures though.

Here is a shot of my computer screen.  You can try this link to check it out for yourself, but I'm not sure how well it will work in America.

We are also here on the eightex carrier website.
I have to say, Calista did not enjoy doing this.  She was tired, and needed a nap.  It was a long day but napping just didn't happen for her.  They also really didn't want her to suck her thumb, which was a problem because she was tired and really wanted to.

I wore a mix of my own clothes and the clothes they provided.  Before I came they asked me to bring certain things to wear.  We had several back and forth emails about what I would wear and I ended up bringing a whole small suitcase.  

This fanny pack one cracked me up.  I don't think I've worn once since I was ten.

Overall I felt pretty awkward the whole time.  It was just Calista and I with about five Japanese people at the shoot, and there was a definite language barrier.  It was really harder than I imagined it would be.  Then afterward they asked me to go to lunch with them.  Of course I said yes.  Then it was even more weird when they directed me into their van, I just held Calista during the car drive.  They are so relaxed here about car seats and it was stressing me out.  Then she cried almost the whole time at the restaurant.  I tried to nurse her to calm down, which I also felt a little weird about because I didn't really know them and everyone was already staring because she was screaming. The people were nice though and tried to talk to me even though I don't speak Japanese. 

I'm glad we did it.  Calista got a good chunk of money to save for college and I always like to try new things.  I doubt I will sign us up for anymore jobs though.