Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner

I've done a couple at home murder mystery dinners and they are always so much fun that Bob and I wanted to go out to a more official one.  We headed over to Seattle to go to the Murder Mystery Company's show at the Old Spaghetti factory and had a killer time!
The theme was 1920's Noir She Didn't and I was able to borrow clothes from a friend.  My kids loved the dress and my make up.  They all kept saying that I was beautiful.  Bob bought the hat and wore suspenders even though he didn't have them up in the first picture.  I was worried about finding a sitter because we had to go all the way to Seattle and knew we would be gone for a long time but another friend volunteered to do that for us.  I have the best friends!

We almost didn't make it onto the ferry but luckily when they said "Only one more car" we were the next in line.  I was stressed about it and needed to calm down a bit.  Once we got there everything was great.

There were actors who facilitated the show and where the main characters at the same time.  Each table also got  at least one character assigned to the group.  I got to be Misty and had a binder with info about her.
Above you can see them pulling out the first murder victim.
Later in the show Bob even got held up at gunpoint, which was hilarious.
I had to do some talking into the microphone and "acting" like my character in front of everyone.  People who know me know that if you put me in front of a big group of people (I would guess there was 40ish there) I kind of freeze up.  I am also not that great at being funny and ad-libbing.  I was pretty embarrassed about it, but the actors were really good at helping me out and leading me to say the right things.  It was pretty easy even for someone like me who isn't good at that sort of thing.  Bob would have been great but I don't think he would have been a convincing Misty.  Some of the characters from the other tables were pretty good.

We got our pictures taken there and they gave them to us in a little booklet.
The dinner was delicious and it was nice that the waiters just brought it out to us and we didn't have to worry about it at all. The Old Spaghetti Factory was the perfect setting .
Afterwards we had time to ride the Seattle Wheel before hoping on the ferry.

I've wanted to go to one of these dinner parties for a long time and it was neat to check another thing off the bucket list.  Everything was well thought out and very put together.  The company who put on the show also does private parties and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun night out.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Save the Last Dance

The girls had their last day of dance lat week.  For the past two sessions the've been doing a tap ballet combo class and even though they loved it it was time to be done.  Penelope was getting a little bored with it and now I think they would prefer to stay home and play then spend the time getting ready for dance.  The timing was perfect to stop anyway because Penelope will start school and Scarlett preschool in a week and a half.
I think their classes were so cute and I love their outfits.  I have a feeling that they will continue to dress up in them even though class is over.  Especially Scarlett who changes three times a day and always into a skirt or dress.
Honestly the hardest part of the class for me was entertaining Leon for 45 minutes.  He figured out that he can get a ball and try to pass it to me throw it at me when I'm not looking during the whole class and laugh histerically at my reaction.  I'm sure the other parents loved it too when the ball kept rolling into them.  Leon did think it was great.

I'm glad that I got this change to take my little girls to dance class.  It one of those things that I always pictured myself doing as a mom.  Do I think my girls are now great dancers because of the year of ballet? no.  But we did it more for the experience then for them to learn a skill.   Maybe when their older they will take more serious dance classes and maybe not.  But for the past year I got to be the mom with the two little princesses in tutus and tap shoes and I loved it!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I got this gold clutch at goodwill and sort of built my outfit around it.  Now that I don't have any babies I really don't need to bring a big diaper bag to church.  All I really need is my phone so this small purse is perfect.
Shirt: Ross   Shoes: Sears   Purse: Good Will  

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Ferry Ride

For some reason or another we've been on the ferry more times this summer then years past.  The kids love it and I took some pictures on this trip.
 We got a parking spot right near the edge and this first picture is our view from the car.

The ferry is a great spot to photograph Seattle.  You can see the skyline pretty well the only downside for me is that it is so spread out from this angle.  In my opinion Kerry Park in Queen Anne has an even better view.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soccer Season

Soccer season has started!  For us that is when our life gets a bit crazy.  First soccer then school and before we know it we are super busy.  Especially these last couple weeks because the kids were doing soccer and swimming.  Now that their swimming has ended I expect it will calm down a bit until the soccer games start.  We have three kids on three different teams to our Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays are all pretty much filled up.
This is Scarlett's first year doing soccer.  She loves it and seems to have a lot of fun at her practices.

I didn't get as many pictures of Tucker because I only got to watch his practice for a minute.  His practice is at almost the same time as Penelope's but at a different field.  Scarlett's is at an earlier time.  We deffinitly are juggling things around trying to get it all done.
Tucker needs a little bit more motivation to run around during his soccer practices.  But because we are homeschooling I really wanted him in some sport this year.
Some practices have been hot and the coaches have all been making sure they get lots of drinks.
Penelope surprised me by how much she likes soccer.  She doesn't like that she doesn't know the coach or most of the other girls.  But she did get lucky and ended up with one girl on her team that is in her frontier girls troop.  That is a big deal for her because being around people she doesn't know is very scary.  I think once she gets a bit more comfortable with the other people she will really love it.

I like soccer because it gets the kids running and more involved than some of the other sports (t-ball). And it keeps the kids active and outside which is always a bonus.  Hopefully we don't get too much rain this season!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Class of 2028 2029 Shirt Tutorial

When Tucker started kindergarten I made him a large Class of 2025 shirt and I have him wear it every year on the first day to take pictures.  After three years I can already see a big difference in how much he has grown.  Now that Penelope's first day of kindergarten is coming up I wanted to make her a Class of 2028 shirt to wear every year and grow into.  And while I was at it I went ahead and made Scarlett a Class of 2029 shirt to wear on her first day of preschool.

First day of school pictures are a big deal.  I remember being a kid and my mom always took them in front of the same rock outside our house.  Now I love taking them of my kids.  For a different first day of school picture idea, try these first day of school shirts!

When I made Tucker's I spray painted the shirt, you can find that tutorial here.

This year I hand painted them on.  It is a cleaner look and I think I prefer it better.
Materials Needed:
Large Shirt (joanns $3)
Freezer Paper
Fabric or even Craft Paint

1) The first thing I did was open up photoshop and make the text look how I wanted.  Lucky for you if you like mine all you have to do is click on it and print it on freezer paper or and zoom in or out on your computer until it is the size you want.

2) I didn't even print it out.  You can print on the freezer paper, but I don't have a printer and the computer makes a great lightbox.  I just zoomed in until it was the size I wanted and then turned up the brightness on my computer and taped my freezer paper up to the screen.  I then traced it.  Make sure to trace on the dull side.  I went with the outside lines, but you can do either you like.

3) The next step is to use an exacto knife and cut out the letters.  This is the most time consuming step.  Make sure to save your middle pieces.  I did it on top of a cardboard box.

4) Now lay the paper shiny side down onto your shirt and iron it on.  Here is where you need the middle pieces.

5)  Now for the fun part.  Paint your letters.  I used fabric paint because I had it.  But I've used craft paint before and it works fine too.

6) Once it is dry peal off the freezer paper and you are done!

I'm going to redo these creative first day of school pictures on the actual first day of school, but I wanted to get this tutorial out for everyone who is starting now.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bike Rides

Since I got a bike we've been doing more and more family rides this summer.  A couple weeks ago we went down to clear creak trail to ride around.
Bob pulled Scarlett and Leon in the trailer.  It was pretty fun.  Did I mention Penelope can ride without training wheels?  I'll do a whole post on it later once I get some pictures of her riding.

We took a little pit stop to do some exploring.
We always see this giraffe off on the path but have never gone up to it before.  So we trudged through the grass.  Leon was scared to get close.  He thought it was real, it was pretty cute.
I definitely have mixed feelings about summer coming to an end.  We've had so much fun this summer part of me wishes it could last forever.  But I'm also excited for Penelope to start kindergarten and to start homeschool.  I guess everything has to come to an end sometime.