Friday, September 19, 2014

Leon's 18 Month Photography

Leon has been growing so fast and we always talk about how he is such a little man.  He is always acting like he is much older than he really is.  Balls and cars are his favorite things right now.  It seems like he is always walking around ready to throw something while his face, hands, and feet are covered in dirt.  Not to mention how beefy his hands and feet are.  He has been growing out of shoes like crazy these past months.  And he is already in a 6, which seems huge because Scarlett is in an 8.
We went out to a local park for this photo shoot and he did a really good job.  I think I've almost done too many pictures with all the kids (is it possible?) because he would follow the girls wherever they went and line up next to them then turn and smile at me.  It was cute but kind of a pain because I wanted him alone for the pictures.  So I set up the chair and sat him on it, then I instructed the girls to go away so they weren't in the shot and he would instantly get up and follow them.  Then I sent them to the chair and that sort of worked because he would follow them back.  I just had to be fast.  I was hoping that he would be stuck on the chair but that didn't work at all.  He had no problem getting on and off.
Leon is still the happiest little guy!  Sometimes we will be riding in the car and he will just start laughing for no apparent reason.  Seriously, he is rear facing and can't even see anyone.  So I will be like, "Leeeoooon, what are you laughing about?" And he will just crack up even more.
Leon is very independent.  Not in a way where he doesn't want me to help with with anything.  But in the way where he just plays by himself all day long.  He does really like to climb all over me anytime I am sitting or laying down.  But he is also very good at entertaining himself without me.  He plays just fine in the backyard with the older kids and he never comes crying to me for help like the girls often do.  If he can't do something (like the slide or swing) he just moves on like it doesn't even matter.
Leon doesn't have very many words.  In fact I think he has the same ones from when he turned one.  He says mom very clearly.  Sometimes almost too clearly.  He will pat me saying mom mom mom mom mom over and over again until I look.  He also says dad, cucker (Tucker), uh oh, and bye. And for the first time yesterday he said popo and patted his bum.  He was right because he was poopy.  I think he might be a bit behind but I'm not worried about it yet.  We will see what the doctor says.
I love this picture because he is getting ready to throw the leaves and it seems like he is always getting ready to throw something at home.  Usually a ball or a rock if we are outside.  And sometimes he does a much bigger wind up that takes a long time, sometimes makes him fall down, and is hilarious to watch.
It is crazy to me that he has blond hair.  It started out black or very dark brown and I was secretly hoping it would turn blond because that is what mine did.  I guess if he was our first born we would think it is totally normal but after three redheads he sometimes looks out of place.  I'm not sure if he will like that when he is older or not.  Time will tell.
I also love his bright blue eyes that do match the other kids.  And as my mom just pointed out to me they are much bluer than mine.
I saved my favorite picture for last.  It is such a real authentic smile.  You can even see the small dimple he has next to his right eye.  It is more obvious in person but he is the only one in our family who has it and I think it is adorable.
Leon fits in so well with our family!  I am so glad I get to be his mom!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beach Day

We have been having the best summer!  My mom even said that this summer has been the best, as far as weather goes, since I've been born.  I can't quite remember every summer but I have to agree that it has been amazing.  We snuck in one more beach trip.  This time with friends.

They were staring right into the sun, hence the squinty faces.

Here's to more great weather ahead!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We picked these blueberries a few weeks ago when Ben and Erik (Bob's brother and friend) were here.  I love that we can just go back in the woods somewhere and score all these berries.  I'm not sure how much exactly but the big bowl looks like it was a little more than 6 quarts.  I took this after we ate a bunch, not counting the fact that we were all eating them the entire time we were picking.  I think we were picking for about an hour, but I didn't time it.
The kids loved picking with us.  Scarlett and Leon were happy as long as they got enough berries to eat.  And I was surprised at how many berries Tucker and Penelope were able to pick and save to bring home.

Now we just need to hurry and get some blackberries before they are all gone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do the Puyallup

Opening weekend we headed down to Puyallup for the fair.  The kids were so excited about it and really had a good time.  I planed several things to do that I looked up on the internet.  Unfortunately I was looking at someones blog post from last year and so none of those things were even going on.  Nobody was too disappointed though.
There are so many free things to do the only thing we really spend money on is food.  And that is mostly for me and Bob, we pack sandwiches and snacks for the kids.  A lot of things cost a lot of money but we just avoid the ride area and do ok.  The kids love this little tractor area.
Penelope told me that Scarlett got the pink one last year so it was her turn.
Next was face/arm painting.  They used a spray this time instead of doing them by hand.  The line went so quickly, it was great.
The animals and the petting zoo is always a main attraction for us.
We even did the free fishing.  Everyone got to catch their own fish.  It was funny because each child had an adult helper but right when Tucker's helper walked off for a minute Tucker caught a fish.  He did a good job holding on until the guy got back.  It was funny.  He was excited that he caught one "all by himself."
Here is a picture of Scarlett when she caught a fish.  They weren't that into the fishing.  Penelope's helper was really good and pulled the fish very close to her.  He even convinced all the kids to touch it.  I was surprised that the girls did it.
Tucker was very happy that he hit both the target and the animal.  Last time he did archery he missed and was disappointed about it.  I helped Penelope and Scarlett and they hit the target too :)
Bob was able to get a big hunk of meat to eat.
I didnt get any pictures but we also spent a lot of time walking through the buildings and seeing all the vendors.  The kids loved trying to find booths with candy.  I bought a little hand warmer and we all got to meet the guy who named the SeaHawks.  Lets see what else... oh we watched a tap dancing show.  Leon was really funny because he was just dancing right along.

I wish we could go during the week while it isn't as crowded but I just don't want to take Tucker out of school for the fair.  If only we had a no school day for the fair like I had while growing up in Puyallup.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Seattle Visit

Before Ben and Erik went back to school we did an impromptu trip over to Seattle to show them around.  It was very last minute and right after we decided we wanted to do it we saw that the next ferry left in half and hour and it was like 2 more hours to the next.  So we ran around like crazy trying to get everyone ready to go and then after parking we literally ran to make it onto the ferry.  I thought there was no way we could possibly make it, but somehow we did.  And I was glad.
Not surprisingly the kids loved the ferry.   I sat just inside and Bob was outside and they just love running back and forth.  It was freezing and very windy out and I think that is why they kept running back it.  Her's a pic of Ben and Erik, it was about 10 and the sky hadn't cleared up yet.

 We mostly just walked around the market and even down to the space needle.
I always want to buy the flowers but then I don't want to carry them around so I don't.  They are just so beautiful and such a good deal.
The kids loved looking at the fish.  It has been a while since we took them to Seattle and I'm not sure if even Tucker remembered much from before.
This fish totally looked real.  There is a sign that says to "Come Closer," and when people do a guy behind the counter makes it move.  It was hilarious watching people jump.
 We made our contributions to the gum wall.

 Tucker even got to help out in a magic act.
Going to Seattle right after we went to New York just reminded me how much I love Seattle.  The weather is great and even the air just felt so much fresher (if that makes any sense).  The streets were cleaner and we saw more street performers in just a couple hours then we did the whole time in New York (not to mention everyone was fully clothed and we weren't forced to look at obnoxious billboards).  It does take a bit of an effort to get the family over there but I'm glad we went!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

This first picture is looking a lot more blueish then it did in person.  My shirt is really more of a lavender color.  Anyway, I still love this yellow skirt.  Right now I am really into full skirts.  I want one of those really full ones that almost look like you are wearing a petticoat underneath it.  I'm even thinking about making my own but I just don't know how.  So please comment and let me know if you've seen any good skirts or tutorials.
Shirt: thrifted  Skrit: Stunning  Shoes: Gift
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Friday, September 12, 2014


On our last day in New York we took a small ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.
We had to go through all kinds of security; none of which found my pepper spray even though they said it wasn't allowed.  And we weren't allowed bringing in large bags.  But because it was our last day we had already checked out and had all our stuff with us.  We bought these cool lockers that used our fingerprint scans to open.  It was awesome.
We did the audio tour and  I'm so glad I did.  It was very informative.  We learned all about how and when the statue of liberty and pedestal were made.  I didn't realize that the US had to make it.  This design was chosen partly because it wouldn't distract from the statue.  The interior structure is kind of like a bridge.  To raise money to the project everyone who donated even a penny had their name in the paper.  We also learned that the statue is facing France as some sort of political move.

Here is the original torch.  They had all sorts of issues with it and built a new one.
Here is a replica of her face.  Don't worry we were told to touch.  I just like how giant it looks close up.  She looks exactly like the designer's mother, even though he claimed not to model it after her.

We only went to the top of the pedestal, but even that was a gillion steps.  If  you ever want to go make sure to get tickets months and months in advance.  They sell out extremely fast.
Here is the corner stone laid on August 5th, 1884.
We learned about how the statue turned into an symbol of freedom because it was the first thing the immigrants saw.  And when they saw it they knew they had arrived in America.  The sad thing was when they had the dedication for a statue of a woman that represented freedom no women were allowed to attend.

Although I didn't get any pictures we did head over to Ellis Island.  I knew pretty much nothing about that the immigrants went through over there.  We did another audio tour and it was interesting to learn about how after people came off the boat they had to stay on the Island and be cleared before they could get off and enter the United States.  People who didn't pass the health exam or didn't have enough money were deemed a burden on the country and sent back.  Pregnant women couldn't leave until their babies were born.  About 1% were sent back and many families were separated because of it.
Later that day we headed over to the Natural History Museum.  I loved it in there!  After walking around for a while Bob and I tried to look for things from the movie "a Night at the Museum."  I really want to watch it again now that we've been there.

Each day we spent in New York was so different but fun.  It was amazing to go on a trip with Bob and I can't wait until we get to do it again!