Monday, May 23, 2016

Unicorn Birthday Party Games and Decorations

Scarlett asked for a unicorn party and I thought it was a great idea!  For decorations we pretty much went with rainbows and it worked out well.  On the ceiling we used table cloths from the dollar store, and Bob built this great ballon arch.  He blew each of those balloons up himself while I worked on the cake.

I bought these rainbow lollipops for party favors.  I really wanted the wand or unicorn shaped ones, but they only had one left at the store.  I even went to two stores and checked back later with no luck.

I also made these cute unicorn horn headbands.  They were super easy and took about 10-15 minutes each.  It doesn't sound too long but I made ten so it really added up.  The kids loved these though!  It was probably the best thing I did for the party.

When the kids first got to the party I gave them all their horns and let them crawl around like unicorns for a few minutes.  After everyone arrived we just talked a little bit.  They were funny making their unicorn sounds.

The night before the party we watched a movie and while we did that I painted a horse ready and waiting for the horn to be added.

Penelope was really upset when she got her horn pinned on the wall.  She cheered up a bit after someone else put theirs on the wall too.

Aside from pin the horn on the unicorn we played a few games.  We played "horse, horse, Unicorn."  The kids did great at taking turns and not crying when they didn't get picked.

The last game we had time for was really simple.  We timed the kids putting all the ballons inside the hula hoops.  It was harder than they thought it would be at first.

We also opened presents and a did a relay where we used streamers to add hair to our unicorn (we used the same one we pinned the horns on).

For the unicorn cake I went really simple and just added a ton of sprinkles!

I added a fondant unicorn on the top.  The unicorn looks nothing like the picture, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  This is probably one of my favorite kids cakes.  Super easy and the kids thought it looked sooo good.  What kids doesn't want a ton of sprinkles.

We went out side to eat cake, because we don't have room in our kitchen for that many people.  Then the kids just played outside and jumped on the trampoline until their parents came to pick them up.
All in all it went really well.  Much easier than I thought it might be.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

I wore this to Ben and Jacee's wedding last week and I love how it turned out.  We were instructed to wear a soft pink and cream with accents of gold.  It took me a while to find something I liked.  I did a lot of online browsing, but ended up with a four hour trip to the mall and came home with this.  I love the tulle skirt and lace shirt.  The scalloped ends were just perfect.  Because I already had the accessories it was only about $35 for the shirt and skirt!
Shirt/Skirt: Rue21   Shoes: Forever 21   Necklace: NewChic  Purse: Thrifted

Friday, May 20, 2016

No Sew Unicorn Costume DIY

Scarlett wanted a unicorn birthday party so I thought she needed a unicorn costume to go with it!  It was so easy and turned out really cute!

This DIY costume was so easy anyone could do it!  It didn't take long at all and I didn't even need to sew anything.
All I did was buy a white sweatshirt and leggings.  Then I glued a big pink felt oval on the chest.  The horn was the hardest part.  I stuffed a white triangle felt piece and rolled it up into the horn shape.  I then put a felt on the bottom, wrapped it with gold string and hot glued it on.  The ears are more glued on felt.  The main and tail are probably the coolest part and to make those I just wrapped the string around a very small pillow twenty times. Cut the ends, tied it together in the middle to form a clump and hot glued that on.  I repeated that about 15 times for the main.  The tail is just a larger version on the same thing but safety pinned on.  There is another tutorial online that goes into more detail, so search on pinterest for that if you need more explanation.

I gave Scarlett the costume as one of her birthday presents before her friends party.  

On the day of her birthday I told her she could wear whatever she wanted.  She chose to wear an Elsa dress.  She wore it to the library story time and all around the house.  

This next picture was really funny to me.  Right when she opened the card she was so excited there was a check in it.  She has very little understanding of money and we always just stick the money into her savings account.  But sometime she has switched from just ignoring checks and money to knowing that it is something that she really wants.

This snow globe was probably one of her favorite presents.  I got it for 25 cents at a garage sale.
I let her choose the meals all day on her birthday and we had pancakes for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner.  Scarlett thought it was great!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Scarlett's Birthday Pictures

Scarlett had a birthday and is now five!  My sister curled her hair and then we went to a nursery to take pictures.  She loved the attention and getting her hair done.

If I were to describe Scarlett in one word it would be enthusiastic!  She is very animated and excited about everything.  Even when she doesn't want to do something she is not afraid to let you know.  It usually isn't too hard to change her mind though.  Scarlett is rarely on the fence or undecided about something.  Normally she is up for anything.  But for some reason if she doesn't want something she has no problem crying or being upset about it for a few minutes and then the instant she tries it if she changes her mind she will instantly smile and say she likes it.   She isn't embarrassed at all about throwing fits and then changing her mind.  

Scarlett loves to eat!  She is probably our least picky eater and is always hungry.  It is cute because she also likes to please us so when Tucker is complaining about the food she will make a big deal about how she isn't complaining.  "Mom I loooove this food!"  

Scarlett can be very emotional.  When she gets tired or upset then it seems like the smallest things can set her off.  She also gets very excited about things.  When she is waiting for something to happen, like her birthday, she will keep asking how many more days, and tell me "I just can't wait!"

Scarlett is so excited to be a mom.  She has even come to me crying because she just wants to be a mom so bad and she says it is going to take a long time before she is a mom...(pause for tears).  She can be very dramatic.  She even told me that one of the reasons she wants to be a mom is because she knows I'm the tooth fairy and she wants to be the tooth fairy too.

Scarlett is really good at playing.  She can entertain herself for hours without me.  The downside to that is she always destroys her room and has a very hard time cleaning it up.  If I tell her she can't come out until she cleans up she will stay in for hours without lifting a finger.  Food bribes are the only thing that really get her to clean up.
Scarlett is a great sister.  She has normal sibling tiffs but all in all she plays pretty well with both Penelope and Leon.  Tucker seems to do his own thing a bit more so when all the kids are playing she normally pairs up with Leon.  She doesn't like Tucker telling her what to play.  But often she has come crying to me because people don't want to play what she wants.  She would rather be the older one playing and telling others how and what to play.
I love Scarlett and am so happy she is in our family! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Family Time

Bob's brother Ben just got married!  He is on the right.  This picture is from when they stayed with us for a couple weeks two summers ago.  It was hot and they slept in the garage part of the time, which gets really really hot.  The kids loved having them here and always want them to come back and stay with us again.  I don't think that would sit well with his new wife.

Congrats Ben!
More pictures to come later from our road trip to the wedding.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

I just got this skirt from Rue 21 and I love it!  My only problem with the lace is that it catches on everything.  This is not a complaint about the skirt, I am just a little less careful than most.  My nylons barely last more than a week.
Skirt: Rue21  Shoes: Gift?  Necklace: NewChic

Friday, May 13, 2016


I pulled a few random pictures off my phone.  These are the types of things I usually post on instagram so follow me here if you want more current pictures.

I discovered MOD pizza and love it!  The reasonably priced brick oven pizzas where I get to choose all my own toppings.  What could be better?  I really need to take Bob here.  He loves making his own pizzas and we never agree on toppings.  Now we can each have our own!

Every morning I go into my kids room to "wake them up".  The girls are usually already awake but aren't allowed to come out and start the day until I get them.  I love this rule!  I started it way back when I was pregnant with Penelope and Tucker kept slowly waking me up earlier and earlier.  Now I get up before the kids and have a little time to myself before I get them up at 7:45.  If they are up before then, they are welcome to get themselves dressed and read in their rooms.  The other morning I walked in and didn't see them.  I heard some giggles over by the dresser and surprise I found them.  They thought it was hilarious!

I saw the original Land Before Time was on Netflix and played it for Scarlett and Leon.  I forgot how sad and semi scary it was.  They were both covering their eyes.  I thought it was cute.

I went out with friends and tried a new restaurant.  It was so fun.  I love to get out and have girl time.

Now that the weather has gotten nicer I've been going on jogs after the kids go to bed.  Bob acutally has been putting them to bed while I jog.  One night I came back and Penelope made me this sweet note.  I couldn't have come at a better time because Tucker was borderline crying that I came home.  He loves it when I'm gone at night because often when I'm gone Bob will do a boys night with him.  Anyway Tucker almost made me sad and then I saw Penelope and she gave me the note.
In case you can't read it it says "I like mom I mis you wen you lev (leave) you are nis (nice) I don't like it wen you lev.  From Penelope  To Mom"

Another night I came back and saw Leon waving to me from his room.  It was cute.  He started waving before I even got back to the house.  He must have been watching for a little bit.  His bed is right by the window so he is standing on his bed in the picture.
Those are few tidbits from my life!