Sunday, December 1, 2019

Tokyo Comic Con 2019

Bob took a Saturday off work so we could check out Tokyo Comic Con.  Bob and I aren't that into it, but we do enjoy a good super hero movie and thought it would be fun to see what there is to see.  Boy was it crowded!  We had to wait in a pretty long line just to walk inside the building.  It was rainy and cold so we were happy when we made it inside.  Most of the line was under cover but we did walk outside a good 20 minutes in the rain and I was not prepared for that.
Right when we walked in everyone was handed a plastic bag with random papers and advertisements inside.  Each bag also contained one little toy, not a lego, but like a  lego figurine.  The kids were so happy about those toys they said that made whole trip was worth it.
 We just walked around for a couple hours and looked at the booths. 

There were a lot of people dressed up.  I'm pretty sure this was just a regular guy who posed for the picture.  He kind of came up to Leon and tried to get him to pose for me to take a picture.   It was a little strange but I guess when you invest in a costume like that you want to get some use out of it.
 There were tons of figurines to look at.

 Calista got to see Ariel again.

 On the way out we stopped at a convenience store to grab some lunch.  Calista actually grabbed a corn dog and ran out.  Luckily I noticed her and was able to add it onto our other items as we were checking out.
I'm glad we went to see what it was all about.  We probably won't go again though.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Scarlett and Leon in School

For almost a month now Scarlett and Leon have been going to public school.  I love homeschooling and eventually plan to homschool them again.  But right now I just don't feel like I have enough time to teach them all.  This whole thing kind of started because Scarlett got behind in reading.  I wanted her to get extra help from school for just reading, but the school was not willing to let her (even though it is in the DODEA policy that they will).  I decided to go ahead and enroll her so she can get caught up in reading.  I also enrolled Leon for a couple of reasons, I didn't want to send Scarlett alone, Leon is the only one who has never been to public school, and because it is more time consuming for me to teach the children who cannot read well.

Leon is in first grade and is loving it.  I had a parent teacher conference with his teacher and wasn't surprised one bit.  He is right on track and doing great and he has even made friends.  Leon was great at homeschool and in general he is pretty easy to parent.  I knew school would be a breeze for him.

Scarlett is having a little bit of a harder time.  But she is also doing just as I expected.  She struggled with school at home and she struggles with it at school.  She just really doesn't like reading...yet (I'm determined to change that).  She is also very tired all the time.  We have to leave for the bus at 6:45.  That is super early for us.  Scarlett used to not wake up until 7:15.  It is honestly hard to send her to school everyday and then she comes home really tired and grumpy and I'm supposed to get her to do homework. 

Scarlett does like her teacher though and I know that she does have fun at school. Sometimes she says that it is terrible, but I think that she enjoys her school day for about 75% of the time.  It is just easy to fixate on the hard times.  Here she is after school showing me the spoon and ketchup she scored from the cafeteria. 
 We took a couple selfies waiting for the bus on Halloween.
 The bus is the worst part about it.  School doesn't start until 8am but they get on the bus at 6:45.  It is normally a 20 minute drive to their school, but morning traffic adds to that.  Then after the kids arrive at school they sit on the bus for over 30 minutes!  It is horrible.  Basically they use one bus for all the kids in our area.  So they ride with high school and middle school kids who's school starts 30 minutes earlier. Then after dropping the older kids off the elementary kids just sit on the bus.  I think it is crazy that that is allowed.  Another major issue I have with the school is that there is only one recess!  The elementary school is gigantic.  It has about 1,200 students.  I think there are 10 first grade classes this year.
 Both kids got to go on a field trip Mikan picking.  They really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Beatrix's First Food

We officially gave Beatrix her first food the other day.  I say officially because I know she has gotten snippets of food here and there off the floor a few times before now.  Anyway, it was homemade greek yogurt.  It went ok.  She is over nine months old, so older than we fed any of the other kids. I really just don't see the point in it right now and I don't have a lot of extra time to be dealing with baby food.  But I know that eventually she will need to transition into eating table food with us so we do need to start sometime.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Keeping Busy

Life has been so busy lately.  This is sort of a random post from pictures on my phone from over the last few weeks.  Enjoy.

Penelope wither her awesome sequined scripture bag that her grandma made for her.
Roller blades have been a big hit, even though they couldn't get the timing down right for this picture.

 French fries in a can... who knew?
Calista can now pic the locks!  I locked her out of my room one day so I could feed Beatrix in peace and about three minutes later the door popped open and this was my view.  She used a quarter and she was so happy with herself.  She has since locked me out of my own room a few times, which is really annoying.  Oh and notice the dress?  She insists on wearing it every day.
 We made elements with marshmallows for science one day. 

 Tucker brought some mermaid cookies to his final cast party to celebrate the end of their play.
Beatrix is such a sweet baby.  She now has started to lay down on the floor randomly when she gets tired.  It is really cute.
We had our ward primary program so here are the kids parts.

Baby laughs

Calista and the neighbors dog that she loves.

And a song to finish it out.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Abels and Heiwa-No-Mori Park

With five people staying with us we were short five seats in our car.  So we got to ride the train a lot while the Abels were over.  I don't mind though.  It can be fun to do something different than the norm.  We are pretty fortunate to live near a train stop so we can get around ok without a car.
 Plus, it just feel so much more Japanese to travel around by train.
The kids managed to go to the skate park three times during the couple days they were her to visit.  James even managed to pack both a scooter and skate board so we had to make sure he got good use out of them while here.
 We made a pit stop at the cutest little pond near the skate park.

We made one more trip up to Tokyo and went to Heiwa-No-Mori Park.  I love these Japanese adventure parks. 
 We had a lot of fun.  Even Calista is now a pro at the zipline.
I'm sure the kids would have raced through the whole thing in about 20 minutes, but I made them wait for me so I could take lots of pictures and videos and to just see them doing it.  I think they were a little frustrated with me, but I like doing it all together.

On the way home we stopped for ramen.  I finally ordered the right amount.  One large one to share for me and two children seemed perfect.  And Tucker eats a while one by himself.
I'm so glad the Abels made the long trip all the way to Japan to visit us!  They were really fun to have over and it is so good and important for the kids to spend time with cousins!