Sunday, October 4, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

While at church last week someone noticed that I was wearing Mariner colors.  Everything has been so much about the Seahawks these past couple years I didn't even realize that I was wearing Mariner colors.  I guess thats just what happens when a team starts doing really well.
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Penlelope Birthday Photography

With school starting and everything going on in September Penelope's birthday always seems to sneak up on me.  We found some time a couple days before her birthday to go out and take pictures.
I love doing her pictures because in a way she is like my little doll.  I help dress her up and do her hair and then take her outside and pose her for pictures.  She is so pretty and accommodating that it goes quickly.  And she is such a girly girl that she likes doing it just as much as I do.  At first she usually protests because she doesn't always agree with my outfit or hair choices, but when I explain my reasoning she always comes around.  
I think it is because she is so little that to me she always seems more mature than she should be.  She is close to the same size as Scarlett but mentally they couldn't be more different.  Penelope is very methodical and I get the feeling that so much goes on her her head before she even says anything.  She is always thinking about serious things and asking me difficult to answer questions.  She remembers well and not very much gets past her.  She is opposite of those children who seem to live in their own world.  She cares very much what everyone else says and does to her.
Penelope is very sensitive and can get her feelings hurt easily.  Me yelling at her would probably send her to tears.  But that doesn't mean she has a problem yelling at me.  When she doesn't get her way she pulls out the mean faces and grunting noises.  I sometimes think she oppositional defiant disorder because it seems like she won't do things just because I tell her too.  She is much happier doing things without me telling her.  And she can be very stubborn.  She will refuse to do something one day because I told her to and hold out no matter what the punishment is. I know she is listening and learning because the next day she will do that same thing without me saying anything about it.
Penelope can still be a people pleaser and do what others want, but over this past year I've seen her develop her own opinions a bit more.  She now has things she likes and doesn't like and can make decisions most of the time without looking to Tucker for his answer.  She even likes food that he openly hates.  I think it is great when she like something different from her brother.
Penelope is very smart and I think she already knows most of what they teach academically in kindergarten.  We really wanted her to go for the social aspect of it.  It took her over a week to stand up in the front of the class to share something, and she told me the teacher did all the talking for her.  She is very slow to warm up to new situations or people, but once she does she isn't as quiet as people often think.
I made a little film strip of some of the different faces she makes on a regular basis.
I love this girl and it is amazing how much she is growing up!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Port Townsend #2

I've been so busy this week I haven't had time to post until now.

While in Port Townsend we had the most fun just playing around together.  We weren't worried about time or rushing around.  It was so nice.

One of the coolest things for us was when Penelope found a geocache.  We like to go geocaching occasionally but she just stumbled across this one.  We weren't even looking.  That has never happened to us before.

Bob tried lots of combinations for the padlock but couldn't quite figure it out.  I was able to look up the geocache on my phone and use the clue to figure out the code.  I can't remember what it is at the moment.  Penelope was so excited that she found it!
Here's a few more pictures of us goofing off.  I'm not quite sure how Bob got up there.
Leon really wanted me to take his picture on this chair.  But I was ready to go and so I just held up my phone and pretended to take the pic.  Then he said thank you really sweetly and I felt so bad.  I re-got out my phone and actually took the picture.
After playing around at Ft. Warden we headed over to Port Townsend and just walked down the street checking out their little shops.  I loved this bookstore we passed.  It just reminded me of all the old bookstores that you see on tv.  The shelves were high and had ladders to get to the books.  The hallways were small and the whole place was packed with books.
I can't remember the name of the place we got pizza but it was soooo good!  I know that they sell it by the slice downstairs but if you go upstairs you can buy the whole pizza.  I really liked it.
It was very warm and sunny while we were there and the kids did so good we wanted to reward them with ice cream.  This ice cream place had this old fashioned booth in it that moved.  We had fun playing on it while waiting for out ice cream.  There was a line and we had to take a number, but I think it only ended up being about five or ten minutes.
The ice cream was good and we walked along the boardwalk while we ate it.
Lastly we went to a little park and let the kids run around on the playground.  It was the perfect summer day!  I only wish we could have more.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

Last week we had stake conference, definitely not one of my favorite weeks of church.  I really wanted to be comfortable so I went with a maxi skirt.  If I'm attempting to quiet kids during two hours of church I at least want to be comfortable.
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dentist Day

My kids have been begging me to go to the dentist so I called to make the appointment.  Of course I called in August which is probably their busiest time because everyone wants to go before school starts.  We got lucky because they had an opening for us on the first day of school.  Lucky because kindergarten started late and Tucker is homeschool.  I understand that no one wants to miss the first day for a dentist so it totally worked out for us.

I think it is funny that my kids keep asking to go to the dentist.  I only take them for a yearly cleaning instead of the recommended six months because it saves me money.  But for some reason they love to go!  This is a specific kids dentist and they most try hard to make it fun for the kids.  Leon was even wanting to go back with them... probably next time.
Every time we go I cross my fingers that they don't have any cavities (our insurance won't cover any of it) and thankfully they still have yet to get one.  Somehow my kids who don't brush that well haven't gotten cavities.  I brush my teeth for the full two minutes twice a day, floss every day, do mouthwash everyday and still usually have two cavities every time I go, which is twice a year.  It stinks for me.  But I'm happy for the kids.

This next picture was so funny to me because I told them I wanted to take a picture and they did the same exact pose.
Then I told them to smile bigger and what do I get?  Another picture where they are posed exactly the same.  Haha these girls are funny!

I'm glad the dentist can be fun for my kids...if only it was the same for me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Port Townsend

We took one of Bob's days off and drove up to Port Townsend to hang out.  Bob's been a few times with the young men but I think I was still in the single digits the last time I went.  It is nice that where we live not it isn't very far at all.  I think it was like an hour.
There were deer everywhere!  I'm used to seeing the occasional deer, like once every couple months, but we saw over ten in just our few hours there.  Bob really wanted to sneak up on one and he tried but he didn't even get close.
The main reason we wanted to go was to go to Fort Warden.  For those who don't know it is this old abandoned bunker type place.  It is pitch black inside and fun for running around and hiding.  Penelope and Scarlett were getting scared so we had to stick together.  I'll have to admit that some of the tight hallways could be a little creepy if you don't know your way around.
The one bad thing is that a lot of people like to write all over the walls.  I used to not worry about this sort of thing but now that Tucker can read pretty well I felt like I was constantly trying to distract him and turn his attention away from what was written on the walls.
There were ladders to climb up and small spaces to go through.  It was a lot of fun.  We brought Tucker's walkie talkies and used them when we split up.
Right behind this bunker is the beach!  It was pretty windy so no one wanted to get wet.  But we did explore and climb over the rocks for a while.  We even collected the clear and white rocks, which they seemed to have a ton of.

After making our way over to the lighthouse we hopped into the car and drove to a different part area.  I'll post all about it tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seahawks Game

Through the homeschool program we are doing Tucker and I were able to get tickets to a Seahawks game.  Tucker loves the Seahawks and we've never been to a game before so this was a big deal.  He talked about it for days ahead of time and we even worked together on a poster.
We rode the ferry over to Seattle and then walked to the stadium.  It was nice to hang out with just Tucker.  We listened to an audio book for part of the way on my ipod.  Here is Tucker carrying his coat and blanket.  The game started at 7 and said it might rain.  We weren't allowed to bring any bags into the stadium so we had to carry everything.  It was a little bit of a pain.
We got their right at seven when they were shooting off fireworks.  Our seats were in the hawks nest which is right on the other side of that big tower in the above picture.
It was pretty steep to walk up and the fireworks were going off so Tucker got a bit scared.  At first he didn't want to cheer or anything and he insisted that we hold hands.  He also said it was too loud.  I let him put on the headphones without anything playing to help with the sound.  And I bribed him with popcorn if he cheered.  By the end of the first quarter he loosened up and was comfortable.

It was kind of crazy to me just to see that sheer volume of people in one place.  And lucky for us my sister was there the same night.  She came over and sat with us for a little bit.
Tucker seemed to have more and more fun as the game went on.  He was shouting and even standing up dancing to the music.  I had fun too!  Although my voice went a little hoarse from all the cheering and explaining everything to Tucker.
We had to leave when there was one minute left to make it on the ferry.  But the Seahawks were winning and I was pretty confident they would win.
We actually should have left earlier because we had issues getting onto the ferry.  We made it there in plenty of time but right before we walked on the lady said she couldn't let anyone else one.  I didn't realize that it would fill up after the game.  The next ferry was after midnight and I did not want to sit in the terminal for that long, that late at night with Tucker.  Luckily after about five stressful minutes she said she could let 20 more people on.  Tucker and I were the third and fourth!  That is how close were were to making it in the first group.  I was really happy we made it on the ferry.

It was a great night!