Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last Saturday the kids discovery museum was having a free day so we took the family and headed up.  The kids loved it!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I love free days!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire Escape

For some reason I feel like I already posted about this, but when I looked back on the blog I couldn't find it.  So sorry if you already saw this.

Every year at least once for family home evening we like to practice fire drills.  This year was no exception.  Especially now with the kids getting older they can be more responsible for their own safety.  So we went from room to room and talked about escape routes and then practiced them.  We found the fire extinguishers.

We went over how important it is to get themselves out and not to worry about their stuff.  They are supposed to shout fire, so others know, and then crawl out of the house and to the designated meeting spot.  We also talked about feeling the door to see if it is hot.  It was a lot of fun and everyone was enjoying it until we went upstairs.

I seemed to be the only one who wanted to actually practice climbing out the window.  We have a escape ladder and I thought we should really test it out.  I've done it several times as a kid but it was a little scarier then I remember.  So we all went out the window. Bob went first and carried Penelope down, then he climbed back up and helped Tucker, then one more time with Scarlett.  Scarlett was the least scared of the kids.  I wend down alone and we decided not to bring Leon down.

We also practiced climbing out onto the roof and then down onto the swing set.  Scarlett almost gave me a heart attack because she had no fear and just ran around on the roof.

I hope that we will never have to escape from a real fire, but I take comfort knowing that we are prepared.

Our neighbors had a fire a few months back and it was pretty scary.  Everyone was fine, but we did have 7 emergency vehicles on our street.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

My mom keeps giving me boxes of stuff I left at her house and this last particular box and some cute dresses I wore when I was little.  Penelope and Scarlett loved the dresses and they fit Penelope pretty well so I let her wear one to church last week.   My mom actually made this dress.  Penelope thought it was fun doing outfit pictures before church.  I kinda liked being the one taking pictures instead of the one posing this time.
Dress: My mom made it.
I didn't know before the pictures that she was wearing another skirt underneath.  Oh well.

The most clicked on link was by...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Not Again

Scarlett somehow found a pair of scissors that I didn't know were out (I thought I took them all away) and cut her hair again!  This time the top and front!  In case you forgot a few months ago Penelope chopped Scarlett's pretty curls off making her have a short bob.  Then once again Scarlett took a small chunk out of the side (not noticeable).  So of course this time she goes for the top!
You can't tell very well from the pictures but the top ranges from a half inch to two inches.  And she is missing hair on her left side.  It almost looks like it is tucked behind her ear but nope, it is just gone.
So aside from cutting it all very short to match there isn't much I can do.  We are just going to wait it out.  Hopefully by the time she is four she will have decent hair.
She might just have to wear a headband everyday.

Unfortunately she lost this headband the same day I took these pictures so we will be searing the house for it.

Somedays with her it just feels like she is trying to drive me crazy!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Toothpaste Mess

I feel like toothpaste is one of those things you always have.  Like if you run out its no big deal because there are fifteen more tubes in the garage.  Well somehow we ran out the other day.  I think we left our only one at my parents house without realizing it was our only one or that we were leaving it,  And we suddenly had no toothpaste.  So the next day (sorry I went without brushing a night) at the store I bought three different kinds trying to figure out which I liked.  Somehow they all disappeared.  Then I found them in Scarlett's room.
All three were mostly squeezed out and spread around.  It was a huge mess.  It had even dried and was impossible to get out of the carpet.
 It took me forever to clean up.
Seriously this isn't even the half of it.  Pictures don't really do it justice.
I thought I was so mad at Scarlett.  I spent a long time washing it out of her hair (which she hated). And I made her clean her room for hours (with my help at the end).  It wasn't until I found her later the same day that I was truly upset with her...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Did you get a free slurpee last Friday?  This was our first year and the kids loved it!  I did too.  It's been years since I've had a slurpee.  I can't wait until next year... or maybe I'll have to stop in sometime before then and actually buy one.
 Like Scarlett's headband?  I'll post more on that soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hedge Maze

I got a groupon to do a hedge maze in Mt. Vernon.  That is quite the drive for us so we left early Saturday so we weren't walking around in the heat.  Good thing we did too because when we got there they said we were supposed to reserve a spot but since we were so early they let us in anyway.  It was nice and cool and we were the only ones in the maze for a while.
I've done several corn mazes before but never a hedge maze.  I really liked it.  They were taller and thicker than any corn mazes I've done before.  There is no way to see over or through any of the rows.
 And they had little stops to check off on your papers.  Some had questions and facts about berries.
This maze had a fun slide in the middle.  I did think it would be bigger but every one loved it anyway.  Penelope was very scared but she did it ok.  After we went down once we had to find our way back to go down again.  It took us quite a while so after the second time we let everyone just climb up it so they could go down multiple times.  There wasn't really any one else there to get upset.

The maze was kinda hard.  For the first half we just followed the kids around and let them decide where to go. But when we were ready to be done it took a bit of work to find the way out.  We even looked at the map and struggled.  That was half the fun!

Once out they had a little rope maze for the kids.  Everyone did really well so we celebrated with ice cream at McDonalds.  My parents even came out and did it with us!
On the way home we stopped at the bug museum.  The kids each got their face painted.  They also got to hold a snake!  Somehow my pictures of the snake disappeared :(  It was funny because Tucker was hesitant but did it with no problem.  Then Penelope was very hesitant but she wanted to do it because Tucker did.  Then while she was holding the snake the snake moved and she was done.  But Scarlett ran right up and was practically taking the snake from the guy with no fear at all.

It was another busy but fun Saturday!