Monday, July 22, 2019

Scarlett's 7 Video

I finished putting together clips of Scarlett from when she was seven!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Beatrix for Combi Mini

Photos from Beatrix's first modeling shoot were posted online.  
She did really well the whole time.  She was getting really tired I was worried that she would just scream.  Each time I put her down she did scream for about 30 seconds but settled down quickly.  I liked working with this company because they were really quick with the babies.
I'm glad she got a job while she was still young and before any stranger anxiety started to kick in.

Good job Beatrix!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Bon Odori

We were tired after our park adventure, but Saturday night was our neighborhoods Bon Odori festival.  It only a couple blocks from out house so we wanted to check it out.

Bon Odori is a Buddhist festival the where Japanese can honor their ancestors.  To me it seems like people get dressed up and eat from food vendors with lanterns hanging and bands and often drum performances.  Sometimes there is a dance.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Arasaki Park and Le Soleil

Although it was cloudy we had a break from the rain and decided to go exploring.  We drove to Arasaki park to check it out.

 The rock formations were pretty cool!
 The only bad thing was that they were covered in these little bugs.  We could see them scurrying away from us everywhere we went.  After a few minutes everyone got over it.  We had to step on the rocks even though they were covered.  But with each step they ran away.  No one ever had any bugs crawling on them, so it was a win.
See the distand ferris wheel in the next picture.  Well we saw it to.  In fact we drove past the park Le Soleil so I knew it was there and that we were close.  We've been before and loved it.  After a little debate we decided to see if we could make our way to the park.  We ended up needing to go way to the right past the ferris wheel and past the end of the photo, but we made it.
 Beatrix was really enjoying all the beauty of the world around her.
 They have a pretty cool playground so the kids were happy we decided to see if we could find it.

On the way back the tide had came in and things got a bit dicy.  It also started to rain so we were kind of in a hurry.  I didn't want to get soaked making our way back to the car.  But Bob put Calista in the carrier and so we were able to move across the rocks pretty quickly.  I have no idea the distance but we made it back in about 40 minutes. 
We had to hold onto chains and stick close to the rock wall going back were as we didn't have to do anything like that on our way to the park.  It added a bit of fun intensity.  The kids kept pretending that we needed to hurry and race to the car because a tsunami was coming.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hello Kittyland

Hello Kitty is huge here in Japan!  It is super popular among girls of all ages.  So we took a girls day and headed up to Tokyo to Sanrio Puroland also known as Hello Kittyland.  We hit traffic and Calista cried for about an hour of the over two hour drive but when we got there the interior was pretty impressive.
It was almost like a theme park, but they only had a couple rides, none of which we did.  After looking around for a minute we noticed a show was starting so we headed into the theater.  It looked pretty elaborate, unfortunately for us it was 40 minutes of 100% in Japanese.  We couldn't follow the story at all, but Calista did get excited when Hello Kitty came out.  I figure the language didn't make much difference at all to her.  I guess it gave me a little insight as to what any play would seem like to her.
 I was most impressed by the amazing decor of the place.

 We all took a turn ringing the Bell of Happiness.
 Then it was our turn to see Hello Kitty up close.
Calista got pretty scared.  She loved her from a distance, but wanted no part in getting within arms reach of her.  Oh and notice how Calista isn't wearing shoes?  She took them off after about a minute and I gave up putting them back on her.  The shoes sat in the stroller and she ran around the whole time barefoot.
We ended up going to one more show.  This one was slightly easier to follow, but still in Japanese.  It had more characters and songs.  Altogether more interesting for the kids. 

One surprising thing about the place was that it was mainly adults.  Like couples and older teenage or girls in their young 20's.  I'd say less then half the groups had children with them.  It is typical of Japan.
The parade show was the coolest!  They did have these glowing wands for sale for $15 that Calista cried for.  I felt bad because she kept pointing at them and then pointing at herself while crying and saying me.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it.  We later bought a very similar wand from the 100 yen store.  I wish I knew beforehand or we would have came prepared with glowing heart wands.
 We took a break for lunch.
I had no idea my burger was going to be purple, or that it was going to have Hello Kitty stamped into the bun.
 The portions were small, but the girls were really happy about the bento boxes they got to keep.

 After lunch we toured Hello Kitty's home.

 Very frilly.  Everything a little girl dreams of.
 She even had a place to try on virtual dresses.

We spent a lot of time wrangling Calista.  She pretty much ran wild the whole day and we took turns grabbing her and redirecting her attention while someone else fixed whatever display she destroyed.
We attempted to go the same way back to the car that we came.  That was a mistake because they closed and locked the door, but it was too late to get back inside through the entrance.  So we ended up walking outside all the way around the building then I had to convince the parking attendant to let us walk back into the parking lot.  I'm sure we were not supposed to exit the building at all but I missed the inside path to the parking garage.
It was so fun to hang out with just the girls.  We probably won't ever go back, and we are ok with that.  It was a great one time experience.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Toys R Us and Fish Market

Bob is starting to get Saturdays off again and we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  First we went to one of my favorite stores, Diaso, aka 100 yen store, aka the dollar store.  But it is so much better than an American dollar store.  
They just seem to have better things.  I love to check out all the Japanese things we don't see normally in America.

 Whats a compressed facial mask and how do you use it?
Then I dragged everyone to Toys R Us to see that me and Calista are on the display box.  When I saw it the first time it was just Calista and Beatrix and I and I wanted to show the rest of the family.  I'm not sure they really cared.  But I think it is pretty cool
 I even wore the same shirt and tried to recreate the picture. 
The carrier is a different color and Calista is over a year older, but hey it is as close as we could get.  Then I decided to go ahead and buy it, even though I will never use it.  And when I showed the store check out lady that it was me and Calista on the box she got really excited.  She kept giggling in a very Japanese way.  The lady behind us in line was excited about it as well.
 Lastly we went to the local fish market.
 We were going to eat lunch there, but we couldn't find anything we wanted to eat.

Well except for salted tomato and milk marshmallow gelato.  We did get some of that, and it tasted exactly like a salted tomato and milk with marshmallows in it.