Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Float Parade and Reading Olympics

During the month of March Tucker's school does reading olympics and in oder to receive a gold medal you have to read about 45 minutes a day everyday in March.  It is definitely a challenge for Tucker but he did it and I am happy for him.  There were several days when he told me he didn't want to do reading and so I told him fine but if you don't you will not earn the medal.  He always decided to do the reading.  He really wanted a gold medal!

Last week to celebrate they had a book float parade.  Each class picked a book and created a float and they paraded around the school.  Scarlett, Leon and I came to watch.
Scarlett was especially excited to go to Tucker's school.  She ran up and gave him a hug when he walked by.
Tucker's class read a book about Christian the Lion.  It is a true story about people who raised a lion and then set him free into the wild.  When they came back to see the lion he still rememberd them.  Chekc out what happened.
Can you spot Tucker?  The entire school read about 499,000 minutes and next year their goal is to get over half a million.  I personally love to read and hope that my kids will too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to three community Easter egg hunts over the past few weeks and this one at Lions park was my favorite.  The weather was great, not that anyone could help that, and our kids got an ok amount of candy.  Not a ton but more than just a couple.  Plus they had the age groups separated.  We did one that has four and under all combined.  So you can imagine how many eggs Leon or Scarlett were able to grab before the older kids knocked them down.
I also liked it because this park has a cute little playground that we don't go to very often.  The kids enjoyed it while we waited.

I know this next picture is horribly out of focus.  I know Tucker would want me to share anyway.

I always think it is crazy how short these hunts last.  I'm pretty sure all the eggs were gone in under a minute if not 30 seconds.  Thanks to everyone who worked on these hunts!
The also had cute little activities and games.  They even had a lunch that smelled really good but we had to head out before we could try it.
Penelope and Scarlett got butterflies and Tucker got a spider.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Pictures

I decided to wait on the tulip pictures and get all my Easter posting done first.  For Easter Sunday this year we did things a little different.  We didn't do a traditional Easter egg hunt.  Instead we went to several Easter egg hunts before hand on Saturday and even the week before and we saved Sunday for more spiritual things.  We did a Easter egg hunt with 13 eggs and in each one had an item and scripture inside that talked about the Savior.  It went really well.  The kids didn't even complain about not doing a hunt.

Before church we took some pictures of the kids.  I even got one of everyone looking!  A friend said it was an Easter miracle and I have to agree.  They only posed for this group one for about 3 minutes.

I'm so lucky to have four adorable kids!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

Happy Easter!  With today being such a special Holiday I just wanted to share a video about the savior before my outfit post.  For more information about it go here.

Last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and drove up to the tulip festival.  I wanted to wear a nice flowery skirt for the occasion.  I had on different shoes but they got switched out for more comfortable flats.  I'll post more pictures from the festival tomorrow so be sure to check back.
Shirt: f21  Skirt: Made it  Shoes: Payless
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Friday, April 18, 2014

1920 Singer Sewing Machine

Every year our town Rotary club has a rummage sale.  It is pretty much a big garage sale that a bunch of people donated to.  We try to go every year but ours is pretty small time compared to the Bainbridge island one.  So this year I slept in until 7:40 and it started at 8.  Opps.  It is only a couple blocks away so I put some clothes on ate a quick breakfast and made it just after 8.  I didn't find much in the main area but we walked through a dedicated furniture room and found this beauty.
I was so excited when I saw it and best thing it was only marked $10.  I'm pretty sure whomever marked it just thought it was a night stand.  But I suspected right away it was more because of the double top.  And I was right check it out.
It is a 1920 Singer Sewing Machine and the original table and owners manual.  Plus it totally works!  It even had thread all hooked up and a seem ripper in the drawer.  I think some was actually using it to sew with.  Probably someone's grandma died and they donated her stuff to the sale.  Two times I had to ask for help to move it (these things are heavy) and the worker was shocked at how much it weighed. They also had no idea there was a secret iron sewing machine inside.
I probably could have bargained them down to $8 but I figure $10 was already a steal.  On ebay they are selling for about $100-$300.  I am going to keep it though.  For now it will sit in our garage but once we have some more space I'm thinking about painting it and using it as a table in our house.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tucker and Bob started t-ball a couple weeks ago.  Bob and I both played when we were kids and we want our kids to play too.  At least one year.  It is kind of a lot of time and money for me and Bob so if they don't want to continue we aren't going to push it.  Next year he will be old enough for coach pitch so this was kind of our last chance for t-ball.  So far Tucker really likes it.
Bob got roped into being the coach so I haven't been to many practices.  They end just past the kids bedtime and when I go I end up watching Penelope, Scarlett, and Leon the entire time anyway.  It would be nice to have Bob on the sidelines to watch and help with the kids. But they had no coach and because Bob volunteered to be an assistant they asked him to be the actual coach.  I think he enjoys it.  He has never done it before so I know he stresses about it a little bit.
Penelope and Scarlett love going to "watch Tucker."  I don't think they ever actaully watch Tucker but just play outside.
Tucker acts a little crazy out on the field.  He is the kid running around not listening to the coach.  I think it is partly because that is his personality, partly because he has no idea what he is doing out there and partly because his dad is the coach.  We are working on it with him.  And I think by the end of the season he will be doing much better.
Even though I don't love everything about t-ball I am thankful we have the ability to let our kids play.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

General Confernce

While at my parents house last weekend we had the opportunity to watch General Conference.  It  can be hard to listen with the kids that is why I am grateful that we have such easy access to it on the internet.  An of course we had the traditional waffles and ice cream between sessions.

Here are a few of my favorite general conference quotes from pinterest.