Friday, June 22, 2018

Penelope Modeling for Isetan

This modeling job happened a while back but I had to wait until the catalog came out before I could share pictures of Penelope and the product.  So that is why we are dressed so warmly.  This job happened on a Saturday so I was able to go with only Penelope and Calista.  It was nice to not have to drag all the kids along.
Of course Penleope got a large cut on her face a couple days before the shoot.  I had to email in a picture and ask what to do.  Luckily they said that it is ok and they would cover it with make up.
I think getting her hair done is one of her favorite parts.
I love the Japanese style backpacks.  I wish we could keep one but we never get any products to keep.  Some of these backpacks sell for over $1,000!
I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable, but she did really well and quietly following directions. 
They didn't want any smiles so that made things easier for her.
There were so many backpacks!

Afterward we walked past a train museum and decided to check it out.
Here are the pictures out of their catalog.  Go here to see it online.

I think the best part of these modeling jobs is just that the kids get to spend one on one time with me.  It is just a special day for them, and they get paid.  I actually don't think they are excited about the money at all because we just stick it into their bank account.  At the shoots they usually have a table of snacks and lunch for the models and the kids really love that as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Penelope's 7 Video

I finally finished Penelope's video compilation from when she was seven!  Check it out.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tsukushino course

Japan has the coolest parks!  They really don't seem to care about safety at all at their parks.  I'm surprised I haven't seen a child seriously injured at a park yet.  Because they aren't worried about getting sued by someone whose child got hurt they can make really fun and scary parks.

We found a new favorite park!  It is called Tskushino Course in Yokohama.  This place was so awesome!  I already want to go back.  For those looking to go I recommend just driving it.  The tolls weren't bad and we were able to park right in front for free.  Riding the trains there would have been more expensive for our family and more than twice as long.  Here is the google link,139.4844393,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x1ed7eaa80ffdfc55!8m2!3d35.5207!4d139.486628?hl=en
This place had over 50 obstacles for everyone to run wild and enjoy. 

We probably spent the most time in the water area.

These were no joke.  I saw a few kids fall in the water.  I did not try this one Tucker is on.

This next was was seriously hard.  About half way through the girls wanted to quit but there was a line behind them so I unsympathetically told them they had to keep going or jump in.  They decided to finish.  It wasn't like I could go out there and help them.  I later went out and tried it and I instantly felt bad.  It was really tough.  Like tough mudder tough.  I also wanted to quit, but I couldn't the logs were wiggly and moved all around, plus when you went to step on a new log the one you were on would push back.   

This slide might just be the craziest thing I've seen in Japan yet.  It is literally straight down.  you have to push yourself off the edge onto nothing.  It looks like no bid deal, but the moment you are sitting at the top it feels really hard to push off over the edge into midair.  It goes against every instinct.  The slide "catches" you in about five feet. 
There is nothing like watching a two-year-old do something again and again with no fear that is really scary to every adult around.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Girls Night

The boys were going on a Father son camp out so we decided to have a girls night at our house.  We went grocery shopping before we left to get supplies.  Calista was really upset and not into the shopping until she got the root beer.

Root beef floats and a movie is what the girls wanted to do for girls night.  I think I can handle that.

In fact I even upped the fun with painting nails, making their favorite puffed pancakes for dinner all together, and letting them watch two movies.
We watched Despicable Me three and the Emoji movie, neither of which I would recommend.
After the movies and floats the girls wanted to sleep downstairs.  Well, Penelope and Scarlett wanted to sleep downstairs.  Calista and I preferred our own beds. 

I just love these girls!  Calista is waving good night to everyone.

Monday, June 4, 2018


One great thing about living in a foreign country is that places aren't crowded on American holidays.  Bob still gets them all off so we try to make sure and go somewhere that might be crowded on a weekend.  On Memorial day we went to Zoorasia.  This was our first real type of zoo I've seen here in Japan.  There are a few other places we have been that seemed to happen to have a few animals in cages and they called themselves a zoo, but this was the first place that actually felt like a zoo to me.
I love all the man hole covers here.

Before we went in we bought our tickets Japanese style, or through a vending machine.
It was a decent size zoo.   We spent most of the day there, we saw everything but we the kids were done by the end of it.  It was a good size for a one day trip to the zoo.

We tried to hit a keeper talk like we always used to back in the states.  It wasn't quite the same because of course everything was said in Japanese. 
They had a couple play grounds throughout.
I love it when I see a mini toilet.  They seem to be a ling at zoo's.  I remember the San Diego Zoo had them as well.  This one went up to about my ankles.
Some of the animals know where the real fun is.

We were lucky to catch a show with birds.  Once again we had no idea what they were saying, but at the end we got to come up close and see them better.  Scarlett was really happy because this is her favorite animal, the scarlet macaw.  I thought it was crazy because I got to hear a bird speak Japanese.  The keeper would say things and the bird spoke back.  I was able to pick out konichiwa but that was about it.
Tucker made a video of our day.