Friday, November 21, 2014

Wacky Hair

Yesterday was wacky hair day at Tucker's school.  They must have been talking about it at school or something because he was really excited about it and the past few years he didn't even want to participate.  He was funny because the night before he said "Mom, how fast can you sew?"  That is not the kind of question I ever want to hear.  Kind of like, "Mom, how fast can you make a batch of cookies for my class?"  I think he wanted me to make him some long fake hair.  We compromised on using left over Halloween black hair spray.  He seemed pretty excited about the result.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rock Climbing

The kids had a week off from their swim lessons so with our extra time one day we took them rock climbing.  Bob and I both thought the kids would get a little bit off the ground and start crying and give up.  But they really showed us.  They both did amazing!

Tucker would quickly climb halfway up the easy wall and then instantly get scared and give up and say he wants down.  Penelope was much slower and also made it about half way her first time.  But on her second time she made it all the way to the top.  She then got scared and an employee had to climb up and give her a piggy back ride down.  After that she moved on the the more difficult wall and climbed it to the top two times!  I was shocked that she is such a good climber.  I really had no idea.

Tucker took a few more tries but did make it to the top of the easy wall.  This first picture shows Tucker at the top of the easy wall and Penelope about halfway up the the medium wall.  They really are quit high.
After Tucker and Penelope went I had to give it a try.  I've never been good at rock climbing.  I've tried on those mobile walls a couple times and have never been able to do it.  I also tried on a real mountain before but I was the only one in my group who couldn't do it.  I don't know why I just don't feel safe holding on to those little knobs.  I'm usually pretty decent and sport type things, but not rock climbing.  Anyway, I tried the easy wall and really wanted to give up.  Especially when I got to just below where I am in the picture.  But with the kids encouragements and taunts that they made it up I was able to make it.  But I didn't like it and don't really want to do it again.  I am so much taller then the kids I really am amazed that they could do it!  It was so hard.
Bob of course was able to do a much harder wall with no problem.  He did get a bit scared letting go and coming down though.  I guess he just didn't trust the rope.  I thought the guy was going to have to climb up and help him down just like Penelope.  Just kidding.
Here is a video of Penelope's first time up the easy wall.  You can tell she was pretty scared.  After this time she didn't really get scared anymore.
And here is one of Tucker's attempts.  I'm bummed I didn't get a video of him making it to the top.  At least you can see how fast he would climb and then suddenly get scared and just give up.
It was so nice because the whole time there was only one other kid there.  So Tucker and Penelope just got to go again and again as much as they wanted.  Hopefully we can find time to go back.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Desk Refinish

Tucker needed his own space in our house for when Leon naps in their room.  We don't have any sort of play room for him to go hang out in.  All we have is a few extra square feet at the top of the stairs.  Just enough room for a desk... a small desk.  I've been looking for a while and found this little one for only $20.  
It was pretty beat up, but the size and price was right.  So I sanded it down a ton, repainted it and gave it knew hardware.
 I love how it turned out.
I finished the top with a polycrylic so it is very durable.  Finding these drawer pulls was so stressful.  I was in Lowes with the kids staring at all my options.  Everything was either too expensive ($5 knobs meant I doubled the price of the desk) or not what I was looking for.  The kids got bored fast and started acting up and at the same time I was getting doubly stressed because I couldn't find what i wanted.  I was going to go with a very similar knob but a rounded shape in stead of rectangle and they were $5.  I had them in my cart and everything even though I was not happy with the price and wishing for something more squared off because nothing on the desk is curved.  But while walking out I saw these perfect knobs on the wall marked with my favorite word "clearance" for only $.79 (This was a few weeks ago so that price might be off just a bit, but it was cheap).  I was so excited I rushed over and found only 3 left!  After talking to the employees and begging for them to sell me the one on the wall they said no and I was once again upset.  Luckily we called a different lowes and they had some left.  I put one on hold but when Bob went to pick it up for me they claimed they didn't know what he was talking about and he searched the store for 20 minutes only to find 8 of them left in a random bin.  And it was $3.  I didn't care I was so happy.
So far the desk has worked out great.  It looks nice in the space and now Tucker has a place to work on his homework, or read, or play legos while Leon naps.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

Lately I've been loving polka dots!  I don't know why but I bought a couple different dotted things.  I think I need to stop or people are going to start calling me the polka dot lady.  This dotted navy peplum shirt is just perfect and I really like it.
Shirt: H&M  Pants: Old Navy  Shoes: Sears
The most clicked on link was by...

Thrift and Shout

Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween Candy

Are you sick of Halloween candy yet?  We gave up last Friday and took whatever the kids had left.  I like to get it done and over with so as long as we weren't about to eat a meal we let the kids eat their candy as much as they wanted.  Then when they went to sleep Bob and I picked and ate all the good stuff.  But I was sick of finding chunks of candy all over the floor and listening to the kids crying because Leon kept getting their candy, so last Thursday we told the kids to eat the rest because when they woke up on Friday it would be gone.
It worked, except for the fact that we have half a giant bag of dum dums that never got passed out and Leon found it.  I found him eating six at once!  He loves suckers!  And man, did he cry when we took away his candy to put him to bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Old Spaghetti Factory

While in Portland we went to the old spaghetti factory and I loved it!  I had been once before years ago, but I really didn't remember what it was like.  I loved the style of it and all the old details.

The other people probably thought I was weird taking pictures of everything.
And I asked if we could sit at the table with these cool chairs instead of by the window where she wanted to put us.

I really want to get a fancy chandelier like this and put it in my girls room.  Probably in our next house.

I can't say that I loved my food, but I did get an Italian soda cup and loved the atmosphere.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I've driven through Portland several times but haven't really checked it out.  So this weekend we got to see the sites a bit more.  Here are just some of our stops.
We went to two different malls and had to do some tax free shopping.  It was so cool to be able to just pay the price that was marked without ending up with random change all the time.  I got pants, shoes, a shirt, and a sweater, kind of a binge for me but I'm hoping I love them and they weren't just impulse buys.
What kind of tourist would I be if I went to portland and didn't stop at VooDoo donuts.
We also ate at Burgerville.  I thought it was good and not to expensive either.  Although next time I wouldn't go for the strawberry shake.  It was creamy and thick but I just didn't love the syrup flavor.
One of my favorite places to eat was at a food cart.  We stopped at PBJs Grilled and I got the Betty.  It was soo good.  I think I could go to Portland for another week and just eat at their food carts.  We ate at food carts and trucks in NY but these just felt so authentic and real while those seemed more commercialized.
Ok, so I don't think my friends wanted me to put this up but it is the only picture I had of us hanging out at the hotel.  One of the best parts about the trip was hanging out with girls and talking!