Thursday, June 28, 2018


We bird sat for a week and the kids all thought it was good fun.  There really wasn't much to do and Tucker took care of getting them new food and water everyday.  Other than that we just let them out once in a while and the kids ran around and screamed while the birds did their thing.

Tucker also volunteered at the local animal shelter.  He loved it even though they only had cats and he claims to only like dogs.
While Tucker was volunteering I took the kids to a friends art party where they decorated these amazing notebooks.  It was so fun and they turned out really cool.

We have officially entered the rainy season here in Japan.  Honestly it still rains a lot less that it does in Washington, so the rain doesn't bother me.  I'm not sure if you can call it a rainy season when it doesn't even rain every day.  We can even have a week without rain and that is normal.  But the heat and humidity is killing me.  I am not used to warm weather rain.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Zaful Swimsuits

I received my Zaful swimsuits in the mail just in time for the weather to really heat up.  I ended up going with this baby blue criss cross that was really cute.

I also got this color block halter.

Both swim suits looked exactly like they did online and were made of pretty good quality.  I would recommend Zaful for swimsuit shopping because they have tons and tons of options all at really low prices.  The only thing with these is they ended up too short for me, so maybe I should have gone up a size.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Penelope and Scarlett Model for Milk

After Scarlett's first modeling job went so poorly I thought she might never get to do it again.  But a job came up for Penelope and Scarlett to do together.  I was assured it would be inside and she wouldn't have to pose with any boys so I let her give it another try.  It actually went really well.  They both did a great job.
Tucker and Leon were happy to sit on the couch and watch movies for hours on end.

I'm not going to lie this shoot was weird!  Everything they wore seemed to be purposely buttoned wrong or extremely large. 

I also saw this laying around, and thought it was funny.  They cut out the girls faces and put them above the close so they knew which outfits for them to wear.
It was hard for the girls not to laugh.  They kept making them to rediculous things and then kept telling them "no smiling."  I heard over and over again, "no smiling." 

You try standing in extra large shirts and wood shoes with a pole balanced over your head, then look straight at your sister and don't crack a smile.
The room was so hot though they eventually got tired and that made it easier for them to not smile.
This one was funny because they wanted them to put their palms together and then push on each other.  Well, Scarlett can get upset when people touch her and she didn't particularly like this idea.  So she started getting mad.  Then they were saying, "ohhh Scarlett angry, kawaii kawaii (which means cute.)  They loved that she was mad.

We all had a good time and then headed back through Tokyo to the train station.

After a couple months the catalog game out and the company even put pictures on their instagram.  It is so weird to see other people post pictures of your own children.

Scarlett did a separate shoot for this same catalog, so she has a few more pictures in it than Penelope.  They really loved this one of her with her face smashed against the window.

I took pictures of the actual catalog because they weren't all posted online.

This was the first physical copy of any pictures they have done that we got.  It was really exciting for them to see themselves in the magazine.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Penelope Modeling for Isetan

This modeling job happened a while back but I had to wait until the catalog came out before I could share pictures of Penelope and the product.  So that is why we are dressed so warmly.  This job happened on a Saturday so I was able to go with only Penelope and Calista.  It was nice to not have to drag all the kids along.
Of course Penleope got a large cut on her face a couple days before the shoot.  I had to email in a picture and ask what to do.  Luckily they said that it is ok and they would cover it with make up.
I think getting her hair done is one of her favorite parts.
I love the Japanese style backpacks.  I wish we could keep one but we never get any products to keep.  Some of these backpacks sell for over $1,000!
I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable, but she did really well and quietly following directions. 
They didn't want any smiles so that made things easier for her.
There were so many backpacks!

Afterward we walked past a train museum and decided to check it out.
Here are the pictures out of their catalog.  Go here to see it online.

I think the best part of these modeling jobs is just that the kids get to spend one on one time with me.  It is just a special day for them, and they get paid.  I actually don't think they are excited about the money at all because we just stick it into their bank account.  At the shoots they usually have a table of snacks and lunch for the models and the kids really love that as well.