Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hurricane Ridge Klahhane

We drove all the way to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic mountains for our toughest family hike yet.   Before we went I was prepping the kids for a long hike, but once we got there I realized that the original hike I planned was paved and half as long as I thought.  So after some debate we decided to go on the less popular but much harder Klahhane Ridge Hike.  Here is the description:

Klahhane Ridge: The first 2.8 miles of this trail is on a ridge to a junction with the Klahhane Switchback trail. An additional mile on the Switchback Trail climbs 800 ft. to Klahhane Ridge. +250 ft. first 2.8 miles.  3.8 one way.  

I just want to say this hike was hard and our kids are amazing for doing the whole thing.  That last mile was even tough for me and our kids were the only kids on the trail.  They got lots of comments by passersby on how cool it is that they are doing this hike.

That being said, the hike was so great!  The views were amazing and we saw tons of animals.  The first being a goat blocking our path!  Tucker almost walked right up to our first one without even noticing.
It was kind of funny because we weren't sure what to do.  I heard that just a couple years ago a goat on these trails killed someone so I was pretty weary.  Someone passed us and scared the goats off the path so we started to go.  Once we got closer the goats changed their mind and got back on the path an started walking toward us.  At this point the kids started getting really scared and I told everyone to climb up off the path.  Not an easy task because it was pretty steep up on one side and pretty steep down on the other.  Once we were mostly up the goats easily walked up toward us.  Now the kids were screaming as we all slid back down onto the path and hesitantly walked past them.
I took lots of pictures on the way back but not too many on the way there.  It did take us a couple hours to get to the top.  The view was breathtaking.
We hung out for a while and everyone ate lunch, including Calista.

Scarlett and Penelope were proud of the little shopkins they brought along.  Right after Scarlett's picture she asked me if I got the shopkin, I didn't realized she was holding it.

The kids were excited for the snow.  Crossing it was a little tricky for them because they were scared of slipping down.
Part of the struggle for the kids on this hike was that it had to be single file.  The path was skinny and parts were steep on both sides.  I was a little nervous watching Leon walk without holding hands but he did fine.  A lot of the kids wanted to hold hands especially going down, but it wasn't really possible.
The wildflowers were pretty.  And if you look on the path ahead of Tucker are two goats.  We weren't sure if they were the same ones, but we did follow them on the path for about a quarter mile.  They felt like our hiking buddies and we were less scared of them after following them for a while.

More goats on the snow.  I figure we saw 5-9 depending on which were repeats.

I didn't get pictures of the dear but the amount we saw was definitly in the double digits.  We also saw a type of bird that resembled a chicken that we've never seen before.  By the time we got home the kids went right to bed.  Everyone was exhausted and it was a great day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cubscout Camp

Tucker was looking forward to cub scout camp for a week and it did not disappoint.  He had a blast.  Some of the pictures other leaders took and some are from the day Bob went with Tucker.

On the last day we came for a picnic dinner and the closing awards.
Tucker got first place in archery.
I thought their skit was pretty funny.

And their cheer.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Just some random pictures from our summer so far.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

Someone told me I look like a princess on Sunday and I thought it was so sweet.  This skirt is exactly the princess type thing my daughters like to wear and I love it too.
This braid is my new favorite hairstyle by the way.

Friday, July 21, 2017


We barely had time this year but we made to to seven eleven to get our free slurpees.
It was actually pretty crazy this year.  We've never had to wait in line before and this time the line wrapped all through the building and out the door.  We waited probably 20 to 30 minutes.  I think it was because of which Seven Eleven we went to.  For me it probably wasn't worth it, but the kids definitely thought it was.
Don't worry we didn't really give one to Calista.
I really think small but fun traditions like this are things the kids will remember.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Wheels!

Leon and Scarlett can now both ride two wheeler bikes without training wheels!  We taught Scarlett about a month ago and she was pretty resistant.  She liked using the training wheels but she was really getting too big for her bike and I thought she was old enough to take the plunge.  We made her learn without the training wheels.  She did get the hang of it pretty quickly but for a couple weeks after she knew how to ride the bike she still kept trying to ride her training wheels bike.  I think she just thought it was easier.

Leon on the other hand was a whole different story.  The kids called me into the backyard randomly the other day telling me that Leon could ride a bike.  I stepped out and sure enough Leon was riding a two wheeler around the yard.  Tucker was helping him get started and off he went.  I was pretty surprised and I told them to stop so Bob could "teach" him how to ride a bike.  A couple days later when we had time we went out for Bob to teach Leon how to ride.  Bob didn't know about the earlier rides so he was pretty surprised when Leon got it just fine after Bob holding the back for about a second.

Since that first day Leon has been wanting to ride every day.  Even on that very first day he learned to start all by himself, a skill which has been difficult for my other children.  And on the next day he showed me that he could stand up and ride.  I really think he is probably better than both the girls.  He really took to riding the bike!

Bob stayed home with Calista the other day and I went on a bike ride with the kids.  It was pretty cool just watching all of them ride.  Scarlett seemed to get tired really fast though, I think she needs a bigger bike.