Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Story Time

I've been getting back into the routine of taking the kids to story time at the library.  We took a break for a little while because their gymnastics class was at the same time, but now that they are back in dance we can do both.  Penelope has really started to read so I've been having a hard time keeping up with finding books on her level.  She can read at a beginner level and I want to keep giving her books she likes.  I'm hoping that she will keep it up instead of just getting bored an quitting.
Leon doesn't listen to the stories much.  But all the kids get excited when they turn on the music and get the shakers out.
I usually look up books online and put them on hold so I can just grab them and be done..  Looking through the shelves is a nightmare with Leon pulling all the books down.  The kids usually convince me to let them choose one book themselves.  Babymouse is a favorite of theirs.  Most of the time I never even read their books to them but they occupy themselves looking at the pictures.

Taking the kids to the library is one thing the kids and I like to do together during the day.  I miss taking Tucker now that he is in school.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

Hi everyone,  I had a busy day yesterday and stayed at my moms last night because of that I didn't get a chance to upload my outfit pictures.  Still link up and I'll be back with my outfit next week!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Play Time

I wanted to take the kids to a particular park the other day but when we got there it was way to crowded.  I love the park but it is big and of course my kids all want to play in different areas.  It usually works out fine, but with that many other people there I knew it wasn't going to work.  So we stayed in the car and Scarlett started crying when we started to drive away.  Instead we went to the elementary school and let the kids play.  The toys there are pretty good and we were the only people around.
I remember going to the elementary school to play on the playground all the time when I was a kid, but it seems like where I live now the parks get all the hype and the school toys don't get used as much during non school hours.
I told all the kids to stand in front of their favorite shape for a picture.  I also tried to play this game with them where I shouted a shape and they had to run to it.  I thought it would be a good way for Scarlett and Penelope to work on their shapes.  It didn't work at all, they all just followed Tucker and then cried because he always got their first.

Another good thing about using that playground is that it gives Penelope a chance to get used to it.  I just signed her up for kindergarten and she is pretty nervous.  So the more we hang around the school and get her used to it the more comfortable she will be on the first day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lick your Elbow

Bob was trying to get the kids to lick their ears and so naturally I went and grabbed the video camera.

Since none of them could do it and they really wanted a cookie they countered with licking their feet.

We ended up making the cookies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Donut Run

Every once in a while someone will bring in donuts or some other yummy treat to Bob's work.  Since I am totally jealous of the random delicious bakery surprise we have to make periodic donut runs to make up for the injustice.  This time we tried out this bakery in Manette.  Neither of us have been there but I heard it was good and Bob smells it every morning on his way to work.
We got up Saturday morning and piled everyone in the car for donuts!  The kids were excited, and even though I could have used ten more minutes to brush my teeth and get dressed, I had fun too.  Bob was a good sport considering he tries hard to never eat anything that has as many calories as a donut has.
The kids were cute all trading bite for bite with each other.  Leon was especially generous with his bites.
Although we all loved our donuts they didn't have a large selection and I still think it is worth it to make the trip out to Sluys for their options.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

Last week I borrowed Penelope's heart bow to wear to church.  I made it so I consider it fair game.  Plus it was just the right pink to tie in with my skirt.  I love how simple and comfy this outfit was, perfect for a nursery leader.  In the pictures it almost looks like I am wearing a black t-shirt.  But the shirt is actually black lace in the front, you can kind of see it in the third picture.
Shirt: Ross  Skirt/bow: Made it  Necklace: Thrifted

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Park Fun

We have been having amazing weather for February!  I seriously can't remember so many sunny nice days during winter before.  I do miss the snow and the fact that we didn't get any this year, but I can't complain about the sunshine.  We had nothing going on one morning so I decided to take the kids to Evergreen park to check out their new playground.
The whole thing was remodeled and it is pretty cool.  The toys are so easy to use for all ages.  I hate when I go to the park and the kids want help doing each thing.  Not here.  The kids can climb up and do mostly everything by themselves.  Even Leon.  Of course he can't do the swing alone, and he didn't want to climb up the ladder to the big slide, but I think that was it.  The teeter totter thing was one of the kids favorites.
The had lots of learning type toys.  Here is Scarlett at the musical area.

Scarlett was funny about this slide.  At first she wouldn't go down it.  Penelope went down it a few times and liked it, Leon even went down it and liked it, but Scarlett wouldn't try it.  It wasn't until later after testing everything out that I made her go down it.  After that she couldn't get enough of it.  She just kept going down again and again for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes I feel bad making my kids try toys that they don't want to, but then sometimes they love it so much that I am really glad I "convince" them to try things out.