Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Old Town and a Visitor

Talitha came to visit for a couple days and it was so fun.  The kids are always very excited when a someone comes to visit us and this was no exception.  The first place we took her was to Old Town SanDiego.  The kids love the historical town and since we haven't gone this trip we thought it perfect to go with Talitha.
The Mormon Battalion historical site is their favorite part.  They get to watch a movie about the battalion, pretend to enlist, and even pan for gold.

Afterwards we spent time walking around the historical buildings and other fun Mexican and tourist shops.
We were hungry when we finished so we thought we would try out Hodads.  It was recommended to us and is also listed on a few SanDiego must eat websites.
I thought it was pretty good!  The portions were huge and the food was reasonably priced.  It was loud and crowded to take the kids, but not too bad.
I thought it was cool that they had a Bacon St sign inside.  Then when we went to walk to our car we noticed the real Bacon street is right next to it.  Wouldn't it be fun to live on Bacon street?

I always think it is funny when the onion ring can't reach the dip.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

It is hard to walk on the beach in heels!  I would have gone barefoot but I wanted to black shoes to show because they tied in with my black shirt.  Walking out was tough though.  I wish you could see the lace details on the shirt, but you will just have to imagine them.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beach Jumps

Because of the tides sometimes the sand makes a little cliff.  The kids like to run and jump off it.
Leon got all sandy and was a little sad after that.  
 The sunset was so beautiful we also took some time to make silhouette pictures.

Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rock Stacks

About once a week in the afternoon a guy rides his bike to the rocks on the beach and starts stacking them.  We can clearly see them from our windows and the kids love to watch him.  At first we would randomly look outside and see these amazing rock stacks, often five or six rocks tall.  We had no idea who built them.  But more and more lately we've been lucky to see the same guy stacking them.  He takes about 15 minutes to stack a few up and then he hops back on his bike and rides away.
I think it is so cool!  The kids and I make sure to steer clear of them because we don't want to be the ones to knock them down.  That, and I am terrified they will fall on their toes and break their feet.  Someone always knocks them down though.  They usually last 1-3 days.  
It seems like a fun little hobby.  Maybe one day I'll challenge the kids to a rock stack off.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Going to a pumpkin patch in fall has become a family tradition.  I still haven't found the perfect farm so we have gone to several different ones over the years.  The one we went to this year was not my favorite but we still had fun.

This little picture set up was cute.
The face painting was outstanding.  The people painting faces were part of some kind of art class so they did a really good job.
Penelope's cupcake was really good, and she loved it.  But by the time I took the second picture she was mad because I told her we weren't going to wait in the long line to go on the swing.
They had a band playing blue grass type music and a couple of food vendors.  We tried the brick oven pizza.  It was good but the only toppings were kale and squash, and once it cooled off in about 3 minutes it wasn't very good at all.  It was fun to try though.  I'm not sure what face Scarlett and Bob are making in this next picture. :)
After lunch we went to pick out pumpkins.  There was a very long line to pay for them and not very many pumpkins left.  Maybe you have to come very early to get a good pumpkin.  We ended up leaving and driving to walmart where everyone picked out their own $5 pumpkin.  Next year I want to do another corn maze, and maybe try a pumpkin patch with more things for the kids to do.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

This outfit was fantastically comfy!  I love the relax look and feel of it.  While on the beach I want everything to be flowy and loose.  I already want to wear this again.
Shirt: Ross  Skirt: Made it  Purse: Gamiss

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Friday, October 14, 2016


One great thing about the zoo is that it is always different.  We've been quite a few times recently and every time we go there is one animal that seems to take the spotlight.  One animal that is doing something different than usual.  One animal that we spend more time on than we usually do.  One animal that peaks the kids interests and gets them wanting to learn more. This trip was all about the Koalas.

According to the internet Koalas sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day!  That is an awfully lot of sleep.  When we visit them at the zoo they are almost always sleeping.  But on this day we saw one Koala wide awake.  She was receiving acupuncture.
She is the zoos oldest Koala and the acupuncture helps her move around with less pain.  She was wide awake and we spend some time watching her.  After they pulled the needles out they gave her a little back massage.
Koalas are one of my favorite animals.  If you look behind us in the picture above you can see a koala in the tree behind us.

The orangutans were also extra active when we watched them.  Probably because they were feeding them.
We were also lucky enough to see the cheetah being fed.
It was a good trip!