Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pajama Day

The girls had a pajama day at school so we all dressed up.  Leon likes to wear his pajamas every day anyways and Tucker and I don't mind at all wearing pajamas during homeschool.

I put on my favorite onsie pajamas for the occasion.  They are so comfy and warm but I never actually sleep in them because I can't stand having my feet covered while sleeping.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Homeschool Co-op

We joined a homeschool co-op!  Once a week after I take the girls to public school Tucker, Leon, and I drive to co-op.  Last week we had our first day and the boys loved it!
Leon had 3 hour long preschool classes and one hour lunch where he had plenty of time ti play in the gym with the other kids.  He was nervous and I need to stick around to help out anyway so I sat with Leon for his first two classes.  It was amazing how much he opened up after that.  I was able to send him to his third class alone just fine.
They learned about the letter A.
He made a caterpillar after reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".  Leon's third class was in the gym where I think they played and did more PE type stuff.  I was a little sad to miss it but it was time for me to go to Tucker's class.
Tucker was on his own for most of the day and did great!  He first had civics class, then watercolors, next was lunch, and lastly Hotwheels.  Because I went to the younger kids lunch with Leon, Tucker was even on his own for lunch.  It really was like a real school day for him.  But almost more like a middle school because he had to switch classrooms and teachers throughout the day.  I was the TA for his hotwheels class so basically I got to sit in and be the second adult to help out.  He loved it and said it was his favorite class of the day.  He also told me he made a friend.  Just during the class that I saw him in I was really impressed with the way he behaved and let the other kids go first for things.  They had to work together as a team and I think it was good for them.
It was funny to me how excited the boys were to go.  The night before they got to make their school lunches and this was probably the best part for them.  
They thought it was exciting to pack a lunch like Penelope and Scarlett have been doing every day.  I think Tucker missed that from his homeschool days, and Leon has been enviously watching the older kids pack Capri Suns and puddings in their lunches for a while now.

We got home and had about 30 minutes before I needed to leave to pick up the girls from school.  It took up my entire day and wasn't that much fun for me, but we are going to stick with it for a while.  I think I'll enjoy it more as I get to know the other parents.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

I love this wrap dress!  Because it is an actual wrap dress the size is very flexible and I'm still able to wear it at 26 weeks pregnant.  My sister's house was freezing, like single digit cold!  I was really cold for the 1 minute we spent taking these pictures.  And then again for the second 1 minute photo session because I didn't like the first pictures.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Seahawks Game

We are sad the Seahawks are out of the playoffs and not going to the superbowl this year.  Tucker and Bob did get to go to a game before it ended.  I debated back and forth if I should take Tucker but with temperatures below 30 degrees I decided I didn't want to sit outside for 3 plus hours in the cold.  Plus Bob has never gone to a Seahawks game before and I knew he would enjoy it.
Talitha got Tucker the perfect hat for Christmas.
Sorry I don't have a lot to say, I wasn't there. :)

Wahoo Seahawks won!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Return Flight

The airport was so exciting for the kids I think the return flight deserved it's own post.
Going home seemed to go much more smoothly.  First off the airport was pretty empty, there were no crowds and we got through security pretty quickly.
We kind of got into a groove of how to walk through the airport with four kids all carrying their own suitcases.  At first it was a jumble or us taking up the entire walkway and the kids cutting people off and then dropping their suitcases so stopping traffic completely.  We definitely had escalator issues.  Some of our kids were scared to go on while some already went down alone one child even fell on the escalator.  It was a mess our first few times.
For our return trip through the airport we walked mostly single file with one parent taking the lead and one in the rear watching all the kids.  It went pretty well.
Here the kids are at the gate with our huge mound of stuff.  I can't remember what Scarlett was upset about.
How could I not go to Graeters one last time when our gate was right next to it?
Selfie while waiting.
Neither flight was delayed and they was even less turbulence.

One of the best parts was that we got home right around dinner time.  We had enough time to unpack a little and eat before going to bed.  It was probably one of the best flying with kids experiences we've had.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get Air

One day during the reunion we went to the indoor trampoline park called Get Air.  I've never been to one of these places before and it was sooo fun.  There was a play place similar to a giant McDonalds playland next door so we split up.  Most of the older kids went to the trampoline place and the younger kids went next door.  I hung out with Penelope and Bob most of the time in the trampoline park.

I did up getting pictures on the trampolines but they are all really blurry so I won't share:)  They had a few other things to do at the trampoline place.

It was great!  Tucker ran around with his cousins most of the time and looked like he was having a blast.  I heard that Leon and Scarlett had tons of fun next door.  I kept needing to take breaks to blow my nose and go to the bathroom.  Jumping on a trampoline while pregnant with your fifth baby is hard.
We also had a cookie day where each family was in charge of making a treat.  Bob and I made a yummy popcorn cake.
Lastly I wanted to share about Penn Station.  It's the last restaurant that we try to go to while in Cincinnati.  I think their sandwiches are pretty good.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Madcap Puppets

I remember putting on the occasional show or play as a child and now as a parent I always want my kids to make up little plays for me.  They don't do it very often but when we had the chance to make puppets I was thrilled.  We went to the Madcap Puppet headquarters and toured it.  Everything was so interesting.  After the tour the kids got to make their own sock puppets.
They all turned out so cute.  Scarlett was grumpy for some reason and was being a little difficult with her puppet.  She really wanted it to be a peacock and she insisted that popsicle sticks were used instead of feathers or pipe cleaners.
They had some pretty amazing puppets.
Once all the children finished they practiced talking with their puppets.  Scarlett refused to participate in this.

She didn't mind trying out the big flower puppet though.

I thought the whole thing was pretty cool.  I'll have to get a video of the kids putting on a puppet show one of these days.