Friday, May 17, 2019

Scarlett's Birthday Photography

Scarlett is eight-years-old!  
Eight is really such a turning point from being a little kid to just a kid.  She was so excited to be eight and it has been really fun to watch her grow.
If you are familiar with Carol Tuttle's energy types, Scarlett is such a type two.  She is a little more slow moving then the other kids.  She has a lot of energy and loves to play but she doesn't want to play tag or anything that really involves running.  Often the other kids will be playing a game like that and she will be sitting on the couch watching or just hanging out with me instead.  She also claims to be tired all the time and she sleeps in, which is new for me.  
Another type two trait that she has is that she is a great peacemaker.  Whenever someone is sad she is the first one to give something away to make them happy.  She is very in tune with others feelings and wants everyone to be happy. 
When Scarlett grows up she wants to be a mom.  But along with that she wants to be a teacher, therapist, OBGYN, or baker.  I think any of those professions would suit her well.  Especially the mom thing.  Scarlett is so amazing with both Beatrix and Calista.  Anytime either one of them is sad she is the first one to run over to them and start making silly faces to cheer them up.

Scarlett has been waiting almost two years to wear this dress!  Penelope wore it for her baptism and Scarlett will do the same.  She loves dresses and anything girly and pretty. 

I'm so happy she is in our family!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Scarlett's 8th Birthday

Scarlett's birthday lunch was a lot of fun.  She chose to go to Kushiya Monogatari on the 8th floor of the mall.  We went once before and I wasn't that impressed, but it was better this time!
The it is an all you can eat cook it at your own table tempura restaurant.  I think the reason it was more fun this time is because an employee came over and taught us what to do.  The first time we were a little lost.
Scarlett choose it because it has a self serve ice cream maker and a chocolate fountain.  Plus of course all you can eat is really fun for a kid.  She had an hour and ten minutes to cook and eat whatever she wanted.
 Last time we came the chocolate fountain was pouring white chocolate.  This time it was matcha (green tea) flavor.  We don't eat anything with green tea and so I thought Scarlett would be devastated.  But she was such a good sport.  She didn't complain about it at all.  The marshmallows and donuts were still good even though they weren't doused in chocolate.
 Calista did really well at staying in her seat and not touching the hot metal on the table.
 They had the cutest little octopus hot dogs.

 We had a good time, and I ate way too much.  Beatrix slept through the whole thing.

Once Bob got home from work it was time for presents.
 Calista was devastated that she didn't get to keep the M&Ms.
Scarlett requested a mermaid cake.  I think it is my best one so far.
Happy Birthday Scarlett!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Yokosuka Iris Garden

The wisteria are amazing at the Yokosuka Iris Garden.  I guess Irises are very popular in June, but right now the wisteria are in full bloom and they are beautiful!
I asked each of the kids to pick out their favorite flowers and here they are.  No one chose the wistaria.
Tucker chose the above flower because it had an ant on it.

We finally made it to the wisteria!  I say finally because it was a little rough with Calista.  She knew we packed a lunch and even though it was 9:30 in the morning, she couldn't handle knowing we had food in the bag and not eating it.

We ate what was left of out lunches at the top and then she was much more pleasant to be around.

The green field below is where the Irises will be when they bloom.
I love springtime!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Three Months Old

Beatrix is three months old!  She is such a sweet baby.  Now that she is a little older she is happy to lay down on the floor on a blanket.  She smiles and coos at us.  She doesn't seem to need to be held as often and she only needs to eat every three hours.  It is pretty great.  She even goes for much longer stretches at night.  I usually feed her one time between 8pm and 7am.  I feel like I am starting to see the light :)  It is a lot more enjoyable to be the mom of a three month old than a newborn.  She even smiles and I still get all the baby cuddles a girl can want.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Otawa Tsutsuji-no-oka Azalea Hill

The coolest thing about Japan in the springtime is the flowers!  It seems like every couple weeks a special type of flower is in bloom and there are parks dedicated to that flower.  Then everyone takes time to go hang out at the park an enjoy.  First it was the cherry blossoms, or sakura, now it is the azaleas, and next it was the wisteria.  
Otawa Tsutsuji-no-oka Azalea Hill is the name of this pretty cool park.  It isn't big, but it was free and a lot of fun.  It is basically a hill covered in azaleas.  There are several paths you can choose to take as you make your way up to the top.  I let the kids go free and told them to meet me at the top.
 Calista stuck with me.

 Beatrix wanted to hang out with me as well.  She actually slept through pretty much the whole thing.
 At the top we ate lunch and hung out with friends before heading back down.

 If you look closely in this next picture you can see some people on one of the paths.  The hedges were pretty high so most of the time you couldn't see any other paths except the one you were on.
Can't wait until next year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Random Update

Just a few random things from our life over the last two weeks.

One day last week I took Beatrix up to Tokyo for a modeling job, which she did great for by the way, and because we had some sick kids still Bob stayed home from work.  I didn't want to risk Calista still being sick while we were on the train for over an hour.  While Bob was home they went to our favorite curry restaurant.
And on a fun bike ride through our neighborhood.  It is always a party when dad is home and mom is gone.
 Bob also lifted 1,215 pounds and is now a part of the 1000lb club.  I guess it is a thing you can do.  He signed up and someone came and watched him there are three main lifts he has to do and he gets three tries for each.  I think it is if your bench press, squat, and dead lift adds up to 1000 pounds then you are in the club and get a shirt.  If you are a girl you only have to lift 600 lbs.  Tucker said I should do it, haha.  I can probably only lift like 100 lbs.
 I signed up to go on a field trip with Japanese high school students from Tokyo.  The trip for them is to get to talk to native English speakers.  When I original signed up the weather looked good.  Too bad it changed and I was freezing the whole time.  Like it was rainy cold and windy and we were outside for 7 hours.  I wanted to back out so badly, but I felt like I coulnd't because they needed Americans to talk to.  We rode a ferry to Monkey Island and I pretty much just froze the entire time.  The students really do love the kids.  Most of them are too shy to speak to me, but they love talking to the children, it isn't as scary for them.  I'm never going to sign up again.  It just isn't worth the risk of bad weather.

 Leon even lost a tooth when we were there.  He got a lot of cheers from the Japanese kids.

I found Calista like this all by herself the other day.  I guess she can now climb up on the top bunk of both the girls and boys beds.  It's not so bad as long as she doesn't get hurt.  She can't really get anything up there to destroy and she can't get down either.
 I started going to an exercise class on base tailored to moms.  We all bring out kids and work out while they run around.  Calista was having a really hard time one morning but I went to the class anyway.  She was upset and crying most of the time until she wore herself out and fell asleep next to me while I was doing leg lifts.  It was only 9am.
Tucker had a little presentation about a report he did on Ireland with our homeschool group.  He even made Irish soda bread to share.  There were about fifteen students who presented and lots of food to try.  It was fun.  I'm so thankful that there are other homeschool families that can teach my kids sometimes!
These last two are just pictures I took at the store with my phone.  I thought these bags at the 100 yen store were funny.
 I don't think I've ever seen meet in the shape of a flower before and thought it was worth documenting.  I wonder if it is supposed to keep it's shape while it cooks.