Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Osaka Castle

I was lucky enough to go on a girls trip to Osaka/Kyoto.  I really debated bringing my heavy camera along, but when we got to Osaka castle I was so glad I did. 
The fall colors were amazing!  
I even met a photographer who told me the best picture spot (see first photo).  He travels the world taking pictures.  He will sit in one spot and wait days for the clouds or lighting or whatever to be just right.  I could see myself doing something like that one day.

I love a new man hole cover.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Noboruto Trampoline Amusement Park

Tucker has been begging to go to a trampoline park so he can learn to do a backflip so we headed up to Naboruto Trampline park in Fukuoka.  It was so much more than just a trampoline park.  

They had a really high indoor ropes course.  
I don't think I've done one of these before.  It was way scarier than I thought it was going to be.  Penelope was probably the least scared of all the kids (excluding the little two who couldn't do this part).
They had a fun McDonalds type play place right next to it for smaller people.  I'm not sure how they felt about us leaving Calista and Beatrix on their own for a while, but no one complained.

There was a whole rock climbing section.  It has been a good minute since any of us have tried rock climbing.  I gave it another try.  It is probably one of my least favorite things to do.  I really don't like it.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy it though.

The foam pit trampoline area was the main attraction for us.  Tucker never quite mastered the backflip, but he did work on it for a while.  I even had to stand lookout because there were plenty of signs saying no flips.  At least I think that is what they said, I can't read Japanese, and the picture could be interpreted multiple ways.

We got a little competitive on this bounce house obstacle course.  The Japanese people were definitely watching Bob and I trying our very hardest to beat each other and laughing.  We both gave ourselves minor injuries, but I beat Bob one time so it was totally worth it.

It was one expensive day.  It was so much fun though, I would definitely go again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Turkey Pokey

Our Thanksgiving started out with Calista performing a really cute Turkey Pokey.  The parents weren't notified until the day before so sadly I wasn't able to attend.  But because it was also a Japanese Holiday Bob was taking the afternoon off to watch Beatrix and was able to see the Turkey dance.  He showed a video of it to me.  It was pretty cute.  Now I just need to figure out how to throw away this Turkey costume without Calista noticing.  She is totally done playing with it, but if she sees it in the garbage she will then want to play with it.  Maybe I'll give it another week or two.

Bob and I both usually work on all the Japanese Holidays so Beatrix has gone to work with Bob a few times now.  I watch her until I need to work, around 11, and Bob brings her to work with him or takes a half day off.  Apparently all the coworkers love her and someone even brought her a pink hard hat and glasses.  She was thrilled.  I'm grateful that Bob's boss is supportive of Bob bringing her to work once in a while.
We finally got a chance to set up the tree.  Bob and the kids did most of the decorations while I was out of town, but I wanted to help with the tree.  This is the biggest house we have ever lived in and so I feel like we could use some more decorations, or even a second tree.  We are going to leave things how they are though.  There is a good chance we will be in a much smaller place next Christmas.
On Saturday we met with the branch and played flag football.  While waiting for the food to arrive a friend taught us how to hang sideways on a stop sign.  It is difficult, but I was also able to do it.  Tucker held it much longer than I could.
Bob and I also sat down and ordered the kids Christmas presents online.  All except for one say they will be here on time for the big day.  Maybe we will get lucky this year and all the presents will arrive early.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Fall Weather and View

One great thing about our house is the view.  We have an amazing view and tons of windows.  
I noticed the sky was beautiful one morning as we were getting ready for school so I quickly took a few pictures with my phone.
Our weather has been really back and forth between what I would call jacket weather and t-shirt weather.  We played football with the branch for Thanksgiving and we were all super hot.  While in the mornings and evenings there is a definite chill in the air.  I love this weather!  

The leaves are falling and are fun to walk on.  I love Autumn.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Primary Program 2022

Our branch primary program was so cute.  Because my children are over half of the primary this program was different from any my kids have ever done. The entire primary sat on the one bench behind the pulpit and then just stood up and walked the two steps for their parts.  The kids had multiple parts and I could see and hear everyone very easily.  Beatrix got to participate even though she should technically be in nursery.  We don't have one, so she has been going to primary this past year.
I wasn't sure if Calista or Beatrix would be brave enough to say their parts but they both did it.  They were so brave and cute.
I only have four kids in the program this year, and next year it will only be three.  Scarlett is excited to join Penelope in young womens.  Leon still has a couple more years to go.

After church we went took a few pictures of all six kids together.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hiking Mt. Kokuzo

For Veteren's day we decided to hike Mt. Kokuzo.  A few of us had done this hike before but we went on the easier trail and so this time we decided to try the more challenging route.
I'd say it was a good level for our family.  Just challenging enough for the kids to stop complaining about having to go on a hike and start focusing on not falling off the cliff edge.  I'm serious.  Every time we go on a hike, the kids stop complaining once things start to get hard.  I think once they start to actually focus on what we are doing the complaining stops.
I love being outside in nature.  We are in a pocket of great weather.  It is going to be pretty cold soon, but for now things are perfect outside for hiking.
Like usual, we lost the path at one point and had to scramble around on the side of the mountain until we found it.

These pictures made me realize I need a new camera phone.  There is a huge difference between the pictures Bob's phone takes on his phone and the pictures my iphone 7 takes.  See if you can spot the difference in the post.

This hike has a great view at the top.

The worst thing about this hike is the drive up to the trailhead.  Near the hike the road becomes steep, small, and windy.  It wasn't a problem for me this time because I knew what was coming. I also didn't mind because no cars came down while we were trying to go up.  The first time I did it there was a slow car in front of me so I had to match their pace.  Then there were a few cars trying to go down so some people had to back up and off the road.  It was a little scary.