Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mishima Skywalk and Yunessun

We drove a couple hours to the Mishima Skywalk.  
 It was pretty much a high bridge with a nice view that we paid a bunch of money to walk across. 
 What was on the other side?  Not much.  The same group who made the skywalk also made an adventure park an owl cafe an egg walk thing.

 The weather was perfect.  It was cold, but very clear outside.

 Next stop was the Yunessun. 
 The gender segregated naked bathhouses called onsens are very popular here in Japan.  There are a couple themed ones around also.  In these everyone wears swimsuits and it isn't gender segregated. 

This one had different pools to soak in.  There was a wine, green tea, sake, rose water, and even coffee.

They also had a outdoor area that the kids loved!  It was freezing outside but the water was very warm, almost hot.  In fact it was a problem because the water was too hot for me to put Beatrix in but it was too cold for her not to be in the water.  So most of the time Bob, Calista, Beatrix and I stayed inside, while the kids played in the outside area.
It honestly wasn't my favorite place, but I'm glad we tried it out.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Beatrix 11 Months

Beatrix is eleven months old!  We spent the last month feeding her as much as we could and it paid off.  She gained about a kilogram!  So she went from below the first percentile up to the seventh!  For those interested, coconut oil has a lot of calories in it.  It is also fairly easy to mash up and add to any baby food.  
She now wakes more during the night to eat then ever, which is a pain.  I started nursing her every hour and a half, so it was almost like she was a newborn again.  I didn't quite feed her that often in the middle of the night but I was up nursing her about three times a night.  I'm just glad it paid off and she is gaining.  Hopefully we can transition her to more table food and she will continue to gain weight at the same time.

Besides eating, Beatrix started walking along furniture.  She even let go for a second here and there.  I don't think she is very close to walking, walking though.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Swimming with Santa

Just before Christmas we went swimming with Santa and we got to decorate our first ever tree underwater.
The ornaments had clips on them and the kids got to swim over the the tree and decorate.  There were two trees, one in the deep end and one in the shallower area.  It is really hard to show pictures underwater.  Tucker was the only one in our family going underwater and clipping ornaments on the bottom in the deep end.  The rest of the kids were happy to clip right on the top.

Calista was especially having a blast.  I really need to take the kids swimming more.  

Friday, January 10, 2020

Happy New Year!

2019 was huge for us mainly because we had another baby.  Baby years are always full of so much joy and sleepless nights and days when I don't ever change out of my pajamas all at the same time.  I spent most of the year feeding children and changing diapers.  Bob worked more then ever and averaged 33% overtime for the year.  I'm hoping for a slower pace 2020!


Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Game Time

I think the week after Christmas is my favorite of the year.  I love Christmas, but as a parent it is a lot of work.  I try to focus on what is important, but no matter what I try I am way more busy then I should be.  But the day after Christmas is the best.  The kids are busy playing with their toys.  We don't have any sort of school to worry about and sometimes Bob even gets a day or two off work.  Lots of time for me to just relax and really be with the family.  
I just love a good board game.

 Here Calista was helping herself to extra candy canes.
 Bob even got a second to attempt a nap.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning has got to be the most exciting morning of the year.  The kids were just bursting with anticipation to run down stairs and see what they got for Christmas.  It is so fun to watch.

Scarlett was particularly thrilled with this finger wetting sponge, it was the exact one she wanted.  The one she sees the cash register person use at the grocery store.

I like to let the kids enjoy their stockings for a bit, then we eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then do presents.  So far the method has been working pretty well.  The kids never complain about waiting a bit because they like to play with their stocking stuffers.
A few people know that the kids usually just eat bran flakes for breakfast.  I don't get a bunch of cereals because they usually argue over them and they are all full of sugar anyway.  So some friends like to tease us about this.  Our ministering brother from church brought the kids Christmas presents.  Each was their very own sugar cereal.  They loved it.  Beatrix even got cheerios.

Merry Christmas!