Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cuddly Bandages

I think these cuddly bandages are such a good idea I wanted to share with all the other moms out there.  They are these cute little animal band aids that can help kids feel better when hurt or even when scared.  Penelope often gets scared in new situations and I think one of these on her will really help comfort her.
They are like soft animal stickers.  I can already tell we will probably use one for her first day of school.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skateland Party

One of Tucker's friends had a party at Skateland and invited the whole family.  The rented out the building and we had a lot more fun then the last time we went.  I guess friends make all the difference!
It is pretty hard to get kids on skates to line up for a picture.  Notice Tucker's helmate? He insisted on wearing it for safety.  I told him he didn't have to but he said he wanted to be safe.  He was the only one wearing one in the building but he didn't care.  I'll be happy if this transfers to when he is a teenager and riding a bike.
Bob and I also skated around although I took mine off before the picture.
Scarlett and Penelope got tired after just a couple laps.  Tucker was like a machine going around and around again.  He was loving it!  They even had a few races.  Here is a friends video of Tucker in the race.  He obviously isn't the most experienced skater in the group.  But he was having a good time and was a good sport about the whole thing which is whats important.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kids Dentist

All the kids except Leon had a dentist appointment at 8:00am!  It was super early but I planned it that way because I didn't want to take Tucker out of school when it just started.  The appointment went really well.  Scarlett was scared to go back but the dental assistant talked to her for a couple minutes in the waiting room until she felt comfortable going back.  I love how three of my kids can get there appointments done at the same time and I don't have to go back with them!  Me and Leon just hung out in the waiting room where he played with the toys and I read.  It was great.  After a few minutes we snuck over to spy on them through the window.

Here is Penelope with her cool star glasses on.
 I think Scarlett saw me, but she was having fun at this point and didn't care.
The dentist said they all did good and are cavity free!  Tucker was worried about this because they once told him he had a small cavity that needed watching.  I guess not anymore!  He ended up being only five minutes late for school.
It was an early morning but I don't think it could have gone any better.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet Bundle Giveaway

Some of the best baby gifts I ever received at a shower were burp clothes.  They are so handy and when you have a newborn it seems like you can go through several in one day so it's not really possible to have too many.  Even though I don't have any babies I still use mine almost every day when my kids spill their water cups.  I keep them in a drawer in the kitchen so right when the water splashes down I have a super absorbent "towel" ready for the job.

When I saw this kit at Sweet Bundle made for decorating your own burp clothes I thought it was a really good idea.  It is a set of ten white clothes and it comes with everything you need to decorate them and make them your own.  They are the perfect baby shower gift.  I'm really excited because we are throwing a baby shower for a friend and for one the the activities at the party we are going to decorate these all together.  That way she will have all these to keep and not only use but remember the fun we had making them together at the baby shower.

Anna at Sweet Bundle has agreed to give one kit away to a lucky reader.
  Just look at the cute packaging it came in.
These are not your typical burp clothes.  I've previously been a fan of the cloth diaper ones because they hold a ton.  But these not only hold a lot they are so soft and beautiful.  They are double lined and seriously like the fanciest burp clothes I've ever seen.
Check it out.
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

Ahh how did another week go by without me taking outfit pictures?  Sorry everyone, I guess I just was so distracted getting everything ready for Penelope's birthday.  Once again, here are a few of my favorite outfits from last week. I am loving all the fall outfits!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tough Mudder Obstacles

Today Bob and I are doing the Tough Mudder and I'm pretty nervous!  Here is a link to the obstacles I'll be participating in!  Wish me luck!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Penelope's Birthday Photography

On Monday Penelope turned five-years-old!  That morning we went out to take pictures.  She did such a great job.  I think because I told her we could play on the toys that were at the same park when we finished.  It was much easier then doing Leon's.  The hardest part was getting a genuine and not fake smile out of her.  But she was trying so hard I couldn't complain.
Penelope can at times be very shy.  Often she will not talk to grown ups if she doesn't feel comfortable.  Even ones that she sort of knows.  New situations and people she doesn't know are hard for her.  But once she gets a chance to warm up and get to know people she does fine.  She has a hard time speaking in primary, although she is getting better at that.  And it's not uncommon for her to whisper something in my ear that she wants me to ask or say to another adult.
Penelope is always thinking about others and what they like.  For example I was giving all the kids otter pops and I make them choose with them behind my back so they don't fight over colors.  Scarlett picked the purple one and cried and cried because she wanted pink.  Penelope usually wants the pink one too.  But the second she got it (she was lucky and did get the pink one) she handed it over to Scarlett and said she would trade.  She is always thinking about things like that.

Or if they are fighting over a toy.  Often it is Leon or Scarlett taking something from her, I will step in and give the toy back to her.  But once I do she just gives it to the other person.  I think she likes making people happy.
Penelope got a bunch of new clothes for her birthday and really wanted to wear some of them for the pictures.  So these next few are with the outfit she picked out and loves.
Penelope doesn't sleep as long as the other kids do.  I guess everyone is just different.  She is wide awake in the mornings before everyone else and she never takes a nap.  It works out ok because she is also fine with playing alone.  She spends the nap time in her room making cards and playing dress up or with her dolls.  Rarely does she get upset or complain that it is taking a long time.
Penelope has started to get quiet the attitude.  I think she just wants to be a bit too independent for her age.  Lots of the time when I tell her to do something she makes a really mean face at me and will grunt.  Or she will just stand there and say she isn't going to do it.  We are working on it, but she can be stubborn at times.

This next picture is of her upset face.  It isn't the mean, mad at you face, it is just the I'm a little mad at you face.  I wanted to include it because with kids not everything is all smiles.
Penelope is smart.  She picked up reading so quickly and she just has this way of remembering things that happened a long time ago.  As a parent this is hard because she remembers things that I said that I don't remember.  Sometimes it isn't a big deal like, "Mom yesterday you said we could have applesauce for lunch today."  Other times it will be a bit harder like how on her birthday she got upset because we didn't initially go to the park.  I was so confused as to why she was upset because we did other fun things and then she told me that a long time ago I told her we could go to the park on her birthday.  So we did these pictures at a park.

She is also the child who asks tricky questions about what happens when we die and why does Jesus let us get hurt.  I can tell by her in depth questions that she really thinks about things.

We went down to the waterfront and it was so windy it was hard to take pictures without her hair blowing everywhere.
Penelope is very into the usual girly things.  She like to have her nails painted and wants lipstick all the time.  She lets me do her hair, although often we don't have much time.  She is so into her clothes and what she wears is important to her.  I try to help guide her but still let her choose.  She has been wearing a crown nonstop all week and I've just gone with it.
Penelope is such a great sister and she helps me out with the kids a lot around the house.  I love her and am so happy she is in our family!