Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rain Hat

Three times a week the kids and I walk to pick up Tucker from school.  Parking is a nightmare and we live close enough that it isn't worth getting the kids in their carseats anyway.  I generally like getting some fresh air and enjoy being outside.  The only times I hate walking is when it is raining.  I push Leon in the stroller and holding an umbrella and pushing a stroller at the same time while keeping track of 4 children walking (part of the way on a busy street) is beyond my skill set.  So I put on a hat.

I just got this new rain hat and I love it!  Before I've just worn baseball caps or the hood on my coat, but the baseball hats soak through and with my hood on it is hard to turn my head and see the kids.  This Scala hat is cute and the water just slides right off.

Mine is the charcoal color, and I couldn't be more happy with it.  Go here to buy your own.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


One great thing about where we live is that we don't get enough sunny days to take them for granted.  Whenever it is nice out the kids and I pretty much drop all our regular chores and play.  Homework, messy rooms, and dinner will be there later, but the sun usually doesn't stay out too long.
The kids really wanted popsucles but we didn't have any frozen.  Solution?... frozen gogurts!
And we found a little friend.
Tucker has taken to climbing trees.  It makes me nervous but I still let him because I feel like it is part of being a kid.  So far he hasn't gotten hurt.

Penelope is working on balancing in her bike and not relying on the training wheels.  Her bike is getting small and I think this summer we are going to move her to a bigger one without training wheels.
Look how high tucker is in this pic!  I got scared because the branch he was standing on broke and he was hanging for a second.  I'm just glad that I told him about a minute prior that he always has to hold on with two hands.  He is not allowed to go higher then that, but even that high scares me so I might lower the hight restriction a bit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Purple Door

I want to get the outside of the house spruced up a bit.  I'm not sure exactly whey it happened but I'm pretty sure the front of our hosue looks worse now then when we bought it!  Mostly because of the weeds.  Whatever the reason I try to be the sort of person who takes care of things and keeps them nice, so I'm on a mission to fix up the outside of the house this spring.

I really wanted to lay new bark and get rid of the weeds, but the internet says that this isn't a good time for that so instead we did a bit of painting.  I love it when people have a front door that really pops.  A color that isn't anywhere else on the house.  A lot of people do red but we have a green house and I don't really want it to look like we decorated for Christmas so we went with purple.  You can't see it in the picture but it looks extra nice because we have purple lilac trees in the front yard.
We also repainted all the white trim and we did the shutters a darker color.  I really like how it turned out.  I know purple isn't everyones favorite color, and it might not appeal to all buyers.  But at some point I need to make the house my own and decorate according to what I (and my family) like.

Next on the list is new gutters, and front porch, then when it stops raining so much we can work on the yard!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I didn't plan the umbrella to go with this outfit.  It was really raining when we went outside to do pictures and bob said, "here grab an umbrella."  I like how it looks with it, almost like I planned it that way.  Sometimes the best outfit choices are unplanned but necessary.
Belt/Scarf: Target  Tights/Shoes: JC Penny  Dress: f21
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

More at Grandmas house

While in Puyallup we had time to walk to my old elementary school and play on the playground.  My parents still have the wagon from when I was a kid so my dad pulled three kids the entire way there, back, and around the block.  They wouldn't have it any other way.
The playground is not the same from when I was a kid, but I'm sure that is a good thing.  They had fun and Scarlett was mesmerized by the "gold" slide.
While walking around I found these boots with plants in them outside one of the classroom doors.  I guess one of the teachers was feeling creative.
Then after conference we did Leon's birthday party.  We already had one at home but we wanted to do another one at grandmas house.  Leon love's balls so Bob and I stayed up the night before making a ball cake for Leon.  It was a berry cake with actually berries in it and a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.  I thought it was pretty good.  I was just a little sad that Leon didn't enjoy it.  He was feeling pretty sick at this point and did not get excited at all for the cake.
We didn't even do candles because I didn't want him spitting all over the cake.  I did cut him a slice though and he took one excited bite before he realized he didn't feel good and pushed it away.
Leon perked up a bit for presents.  If I can get him distracted enough he does ok for a few minutes before he goes back to just quietly sitting.  
I'm not sure what Leon has but he hasn't thrown up or had a fever since Sunday morning but he just sits on the couch all day and won't eat.  He has been drinking lots of water so I'm not as worried and every once in a while I can get him to eat a cracker or jelly bean, but that is about it.  He has no energy and looks miserable.  Two days ago he even asked to go to bed twice, and cried until I took him to his crib.  It is really sad.  Yesterday he seemed a tiny bit better because he ate some dry cereal and played outside for about 20 minutes, I'm hoping today he feels better.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Egg Hunt

This year we did two Easter Egg hunts in Puyallup.  There are several churches that put on community hunts in my area, but this year we visited my parents.  I could only find one church that was doing one so we checked it out.  We have done a few before and I've found that they vary from huge crowded ones to almost awkward they are so small.  This one was just perfect, it wasn't crowed but there were enough people I didn't feel like we stood out and they had tons of candy!  Our kids baskets weren't big enough, we had to dump the candy into the white bags but those even broke through.  I think they got more candy then then did on Halloween!  Not that they need that much.  I still like to go to those hunts because the kids love them, and it gives them just another experience and memory.  Plus they had free bouncy houses and donuts!
After that we went to my parents house, watched conference, took naps and did an entirely different kind of hunt.  My family hid eggs in the back yard and the kids got to go out and find their set amount starting youngest to oldest.  I like this kind too because they don't have to worry so much about being fast, and they actually have to look for the eggs because they were hidden instead of just thrown in a grassy field.

My sister brought the biggest plastic eggs I've ever seen.

My parents have a nice backyard with plenty of hiding spots.

Unfortunately something happened to Leon because he woke up from his nap throwing up!  It was so sad.  He threw up several times an was feeling horrible.  He just sat on the couch and didn't even want to pick up any eggs or look or talk to anyone.  At least he had fun at the morning egg hunt.  And I'm saving his stuff for when he feels better.  I  might even hide it around the living room for him.
More about Leon tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kid April Fools Pranks

I love celebrating the holidays with kids and April fools day is no exception.  This year I tried to find pranks to play on the kids that were easy to plan, didn't take a lot of time or effort, and were harmless.  Some of these I've done before but I tried to change them up a bit just to keep the kids on their toes.

The first thing I did was dye the milk yellow.  It looked just like orange juice!  I didn't expect that to happen but most of the kids thought they were getting orange juice instead of milk for breakfast.  Tucker refused it all together and age dry cereal.
The milk was actually the second prank because I did one prank in the middle of the night.  Right before I went to bed I snuck into the girls room and moved them into each other's beds.  Even though I didn't see their reaction when they woke up I'm sure it was funny for them to be in the wrong bed.  By the way, these girls can be heavy when sleeping and it wasn't easy to lift Scarlett to the top bunk.
I thought this shoe prank was going to be so funny.  I shoved toilet paper in the toes of their shoes with the idea that they would put them on and think their feet grew.  I did it to each kids shoes, except for Leon.  And in the morning without the others hearing I one at a time told each of them that their feet looked big and that I think they grew while sleeping.  I have to admit that Penelope put her shoes on first and knew something was in it then pulled it out.  Then all the kids checked their shoes.  So it didn't really work.  But Penelope and Scarlett were talking about how big they are for the whole day.  They didn't really get that I was trying to trick them.
Then for dinner bob made donuts!  Ok, it was meatloaf with mashed potatoe frosting.  When the kids found out some refused to eat even though the really did taste good.
Then I gave them juice/jello for their drink.  It was funny watching them trying to suck it up the straw.  Leon was especially adamant about trying to "drink" the juice.
Before bed we told them they could have some brownies for dessert.  Everyone thought it was funny except for Tucker who was pretty grumpy by this point of the day.  Leon even insisted on taking his brown E to bed.  Most of them weren't even upset that they didn't actually get brownies.

I know that these tricks are silly, but I like to create traditions with the kids.  And I really think that this is the sort of thing that they will remember when they are older.  I'm sure when they are teenagers they will think their mom is so weird but hopefully they will at least remember that we had fun and played together when they were younger.