Thursday, July 31, 2014

Emmet Lego Head Cake DIY Tutorail

Tucker really wanted an Emmet cake for the party and after looking at all the crazy cakes we decided on just making an Emmet Lego head cake from the Lego movie.  It was fairly easy because there was no sculpting involved, and the frosting was even pretty simple.  I think I could have gotten a much more clean look with fondant, but for this cake I decided to go with a basic butter cream frosting.

three baked 6" round cakes
yellow butter cream frosting
chocolate frosting
white frosting

1) The first step is to bake your cake.  I used 1/2 cake mixes from a box and baked them into three 6" pans.  After making it Emmet's head looked a little tall so next time I might even do just one cake mix and two 6" rounds.
2) Next, just stack the cake.  I put buttercream frosting in between the layers.  I also put three straws in the top and pocked them all the way down.  It probably wasn't necessary but I've had cakes tip before and I didn't want to risk it.
3) After they are stacked I used food coloring and turned my buttercream yellow.  I frosted the entire thing yellow.
4) Next I used chocolate frosting and added a thick layer of hair on his head.  I made sure do to sideburns but I made the front and back the same.  We wanted two faces on our Emmet cake.
Check it out.

5) Lastly I used left over frosting to draw on the face.  Technically I should have used black, but black frosting is hard to make so I just went with brown.  The kids didn't care one bit.
I felt like it was a bit sloppy but Tucker LOVED it and that was the point.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lego Head Party Favor Tutorial

As party favors for the Lego movie birthday party I decided to make my own lego heads out of baby food jars.  We drew on faces from the movie and filled them with lego candy building blocks.  They were very easy and fun to make.  I like how they turned out.  Here is the DIY Lego head party favor tutorial using baby food jars.

Materials Needed:
baby food jars
yellow spray paint
black permeant markers
lego building block candy

1) The first step is to eat baby food.  Seriously, we bought stuff my one-year-old would eat and fed him a lot of these for two days.  Then I ran them through the dishwasher and peeled the paper and sticky stuff off.  Some of the sticky gunk was hard to get off but I just soaked them in hot water and scrubbed with a rag and it wasn't too difficult to get off.

2) Next I laid them out upside down and spray painted the bottom and sides.  I also laid out the tops and spray painted them.  Do not get very much paint onto where the top screws on.  It makes it hard to put the lids on when they are painted.  You might even want to just spray paint the entire thing with the lid on.

3) Then put the lids on (if you haven't already) and spray as many more coats as you need.  Make sure the lids are on so you don't get any of the insides painted.

4) Open them up and fill them with candy.  The only place I could find the lego building block candy was in the bulk section of Winco.  Or online, but I didn't have time to buy it online.

5) Lastly draw your faces on and you are done!  I picked faces from the movie.  I also did a pencil first.
Later during the party I let each of the kids pick one and draw their own face on the back.  The kids loved it!  Just be careful because the paint does scratch off the jars pretty easily.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lego Birthday Party Invitations Tutorial

With the Lego movie coming out on DVD right before Tucker's birthday he decided he wanted the Lego movie to be the birthday party theme.  I'm a big fan of DIY and invitations are no exception so Here are our handmade lego party invitations.
They were supper easy to make.  First we just cut out the right size construction paper.  Next we cut out little foam squares.  Then we cut out circles and glued it all together.  The circles were the hardest part and so if you have a large circle punch I would recommend using that.
Next we printed what they would say on the inside on regular paper.  I blurred our address because I didn't want to post it on the internet.  We wrote, "Celebrate and build memories."
Lastly Tucker wrote the names of the kids he wanted to invite on the cards.  These only took us a couple hours to make and we already had everything we needed.
I know it can be more work to make the cards, and I don't think we will always do it this way.  But it was a fun craft to do together and I think they are much more personal then store bought invitations.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tucker's Birthday Vid

Ok, so Tucker's birthday way a month ago, but I'm finally finished with  his birthday video.  Check it out.

And here is the full interview video for those interested.

Be prepared for a few more late birthday posts!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

I really loved wearing this outfit.  You know how sometimes you just feel comfortable on something.  And I don't mean that in a sweats and pj shirt kind of way, I mean I wasn't messing with it all day long and I felt like it looked good.  It reminded me of something I learned a long time ago.  If you take the time to put on something that you feel confident in then you will be able to forget about yourself and focus on others.  Kind of opposite was the other week I had this skirt on that I was pulling down all day and it bothered me so much I was thinking about it way more then I should have.
Shirt: Old Navy Shoes: Gift  Skirt: Stunning
The most clicked on link was by...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sticker Nail Review and Tutorial

I love love love my Jamberry Nails!  Sticker nail polish is just such a great idea.  You can get amazing designs that you would never be able to paint yourself and the best part is that they don't chip.  I waited a long time to write this post because I really wanted to test them out.  Mine lasted a full three weeks and then I took them off because I felt like my nails were growing out too much.  At first I was scared that they would fall off.  Like maybe when I got in the shower, or when I took off my toe nail polish, but I never had a problem.  If you want to buy some or are even thinking about being a consultant go here to my friends Julie's site and she will help you out.
They took a bit longer to put on then just painting your nails but they last way longer so I thought it was worth it.

I haven't done a tutorial in a while so I thought I would turn this into one.  Here is my video tutorial on how to apply sticker nails.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Piano Lessons

I just finished my piano lessons!  I've been working hard on it since September and am really excited at all that I accomplished.  I know I am not to the level that I want to be, but I am excited that I finished and wanted to commemorate by posting about it.

Every friday morning since September I went over to Jessica's house for my lesson.  She is a great teacher and the kids always wanted to go play at her house.  I'm going to miss our weekly visits.

I just finished "Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book 2."  Now I know the basics and all I have to do is keep practicing.  My goal was to be able to play the hymns and primary songs in church comfortably.  I am not there yet, but maybe in a couple years.  I also wanted to be able to teach my own kids the piano, which I feel like I can do now and will probably get working on.  I know I messed up a few times in these but I really didn't have time to record them again and again until they were perfect.  So you get the idea.  Here are my favorite songs form the book.

Here is "Habanera"

This is the "Mexican Clapping Song"

Here is "Morning"

And "Funciculi, Funicula"