Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Snoqualmie Falls and Tunnel

While looking up what else there is to do in Snoqualmie I found this cool (it was seriously freezing) old tunnel.  I think it was about 2 miles long and used to be for a train.  We didn't walk all the way through but probably went about a half mile before turning back.  I was too cold to keep going and Tucker still wasn't feeling great.

It was dark, almost pitch black, and the kids thought it was really fun, and a little scary, to run through it.  Tucker wore his night vision spy goggles and Leon brought Bob's light up Kylo Ren light saber for protection and visibility.
Leon was pretty cute swinging the saber all around.
I enjoyed the tunnel but the kids really enjoyed it.

Our last stop on our Snoqualmie tour was the famous Snoqualmie Falls.  We went once before but it was so foggy we literally could not see the waterfall, very disappointing after a 2 hour drive.

This time we could see it just fine.  It was huge, 270 feet high to be percise, but honestly I thought Franklin falls was way cooler.  We couldn't get very close to this one and I like waterfalls that you have to hike to.  They seem more of an accomplishment than ones like this where we could just park right next to it.
I wish I had more Saturdays this summer to go on hikes but I just don't.  We have something planned for every weekend until we leave.  It also didn't help that we are nearing the end of July and it is just now warming up.  Maybe next summer it will get warm early to make up for it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Franklin Falls

We don't seem to have time to go on as many hikes this summer as I would like so I wanted to make our one hike worth it.  This year we decided to drive over to Fanklin Falls in Snoqualmie.  It was a long drive, but worth it.  The hike was 2 miles, pretty easy for everyone, and lots of fun.

The kids loved jumping up and down the steps.

Leon got carried some of the way, only because he complains and he is our baby, I don't think he really needed it.

All along the trail they had these little spots to the side where you could explore the river more.

The trickiest part was right before the waterfall.  It was wet and semi crowded so that made walking on the ledge a little scary for some of the kids.  But I didn't think it was bad.

The waterfall was so pretty!  It was neat how close we got to it.  I've seen a few big waterfalls before but I think this was the biggest one I've been to that we could go all the way up to.

We took a few selfies as we got sprayed with water.

The only bad part about the hike was that Tucker started not feeling well.  I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he regularly would have.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

I love my new pencil skirt for a few reasons.

1) the color goes with almost anything
2) the lace
3) the scallops
Skirt: Rue21  Shoes: f21  Shirt: Ross

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Friday, July 22, 2016

One Man Band

One of our favorite summer events the library put on this year was Eric Haines One Man Band.  I've never seen a one man band before and, growing up watching Mary Poppins, I naturally wanted to go. 
 He did not disappoint.  It was pretty cool, I think he said he had 19 instruments.

We were sitting right in front so when he asked for volunteers to join the band Penelope and Scarlett got to go up.  Hey shook the maracas.

The downfall of sitting right in front was during this little puppet show.  This little monkey came out in the audience, sat on my lap, gave me hugs and kept calling me the nice lady.  It was funny but pretty embarrassing.

He also did juggling!  Our library has challenged us to learn something new over the summer so after watching this I decided I'm going to learn to juggle.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hobbit House and Trains

When I first heard about this hobbit house in Port Orchard and have wanted to go.  It looked cute online and when we arrived it did not disappoint.  Just as cute and picture perfect as the internet says ;)
Its located at a greenhouse so after looking around taking pictures, and playing a while we walked through the store.  Penelope found some things she wants for her fairy garden.
I decided I want one of these hobbit houses in our backyard.  It is so much cuter than the plastic playhouse we have now.
The inside was just tall enough for me to stand up.  Bob had to hunch down.  It was small but had a fireplace inside.

Before heading home we went to ride the minni trains.  Its on our summer bucket list and something we do at least once a year.
We were freezing the whole time!  It was windy and in the 60s.  Seriously what is up with this summer?

One thing we've never done before was walk around the woods near the trains.  There are a few paths so we explored a bit.  Called it a nature walk and checked another thing off our summer list.

I like how pretty it is where we live.  Trees and woods everywhere, it is great!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Sand Lot

Recognize this?

Bob and I both grew up watching The SandLot.  It is pretty much a classic.  This summer we thought our kids were old enough to watch it.  I saw it on Netflix so on a Friday night we got ready to watch it.  After a couple minutes in I turned it off and we stopped watching it.  The boys call each other a lot of mean names I didn't really want my kids learning.  I know I am pretty strict in what they watch/hear.  So instead we got it on vid angel.  I love vid angel. It costs the same as redbox and you can stream edited movies right to your tv.  Plus you can customize exactly how they edit it.  So I went through online and took out all the choice words I didn't like.  I think there ended up being 67, not that I individually had to take out each one, but we ended up somewhere around there. And the movie is just silent while they are cutting out words.  A few times the kids asked why they couldn't hear what they were saying and we told them it is because it is a very old movie.

 It was the perfect movie!  Just enough suspense and excitement without being overly scary.  Now I think I won't get as much resistance when I try to take them outside to play catch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paintball Date

For our Christmas present my sister and brother-in-law got us paint balling.  Neither of us have gone before but we always wanted to so it worked out perfectly.  I love experience type gifts instead of more things.  They even drove all the way out and babysat for us.  It was great!
I heard a lot of mixed things about if it hurts or not so I wasn't sure what to think.  During our first game we played on a big field so I only really got hit from far away and it wasn't that bad.  Toward the end we played on a smaller field and I got hit several times and it hurt a lot!!!  Not so much that I couldn't keep playing but worse than I'd expected.  I just needed a few seconds hiding behind a barrier for the sting to wear off before playing again.  We even wore lots of layers which made me really hot but I'm glad I did.
I didn't think the last picture was very flattering so I took one with the sweatshirt and mask off. Although now you can see the red mask lines on my forehead.
It was a fun time but I'm not dying to go again or anything.  Maybe if a group of friends went I would go, but thats probably it.

Thanks Talitha and David!