Wednesday, November 25, 2015

San Diego Safari park

Bob woke up early one day and came with us to San Diego's Safari park.  I'm not sure if I like the safari park or the zoo better.  They are both pretty great.
They have this fun lemur walk-thru area where you get to be in with them.  You aren't allowed to touch them but they got semi close to us.
The only bad thing was that it was 5 and up.  Scarlett and Leon cried and cried about it.

The safari park has a lot of different "adventure" type things you can pay to do and the only one we do is the tram.  It is free with our membership and we have a good time so I don't worry about going on the ropes course or other things they offer.

I can't remember what this animal was called but I thought they were pretty cute.
This baby rhino was by far my favorite!!!!  He was so cute.  And the driver said that she has never seen the mom bring him down this close to the road.
I saw that one of the zoo rhinos has died since we went.  I don't think it was this one because the article didn't say anything about it having a baby.  It did say that now there are only 3 left of the species, one male and two female who are too old to have babies.  Isn't that sad?
There is a neat lookout point where you can see most of the open park area.
Birds can be so colorful!  I forget that sometimes and then I see one and they just look so bright.
Just hangin' with the bats.
The bats were actually creepy.  The kids liked them but I wasn't a fan.
They also really liked the petting zoo area.
I though this picture was sweet.
Tucker says he likes the safari park more than the zoo but I'm not sure.  If I only did one I would do the zoo, but they have more animals.  We will probably go to the zoo much more often but partly because it is much closer.  I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to go to both places!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I'm not really sure what to say about this outfit except looking at these pictures makes me feel like I gained 20lbs.  I guess the high waist poofy skirt and loose shirt combo although fun aren't the most flattering for my figure.  Oh well.
Shirt: Ross  Skirt: Tarralynns  Shoes: Kohls 
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Pool Fun

When we are not at Sea World or the Zoo we  stay at the condo and go swimming in the pool.
 We are usually the only ones there and the kids have fun getting all their energy out.
 I usually play with them a little bit then sit in the hot tub then lay in the sun.  It is pretty great, I can even pick up the wifi from our condo on my phone so we usually stay for 2-3 hours.

 Leon and Scarlett usually wear life jackets unless I am helping them.  I try to get Scarlett to swim more on her own but she has more fun with it on.  Penelope wears hers quite a bit too.
Leon came over and laid in the sun next to me and Bob the other day.  It was so cute.
Here is a video of Penelope swimming.  I don't really make them practice swimming very much.  The only thing I do is make Penelope swim across the pool one time each time we go.  I figure they are learning enough just playing around in the water.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

San Diego Zoo

Since we live within walking distance to Balboa park and because we really wanted to we got a San Diego zoo membership.  What better way to homeschool than to go to the zoo at least once a week?
It has been so great to just go for a few hours in the morning.  Many of the animals are more active in the mornings and we don't have to worry about a school schedule.  We avoid Saturdays and it is never busy.  In the past when we've gone to the zoo it takes all day.  But being so close we just pop over whenever we feel like it.
 Bob hasn't had a chance to go with us yet but he really wants to so maybe next time.
The zoo is pretty big, it is rated the second best zoo in the world!
They also had a skyride I wasn't sure if we would be able to go because they are sticked about the 4 per gondola limit but luckily Tucker is old enough to ride alone.  It was a little weird to send him without me, but I thought I'd better send him first because I didn't want us all to get on and them him chicken out on the other side.  He didn't end up being scared though.  We can ride free with our membership so we went a few times.

Side note: We learned about pulleys in homeschool and this was a perfect way to demonstrate how they work.
I took this view picture from the air.  I love it because you can see the bridge I run across every morning.  Isn't it pretty?  You can also see our condo.  It's small but right downtown.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sea World

While in San Diego we got passes to go to Sea World.  We can go as many times as we want but Bob has to work a ton so he can't go with us most of the time.  Luckily he went with us on our first trip.
Because Bob was there I wanted to focus on the rides.  Without him I can't really go on a ride and leave the too small kids alone to watch.  This roller coaster was so fun!  There was no line so we both rode on it two times.  Tucker even did it a couple times.  He was scared but we bribed him.
Everyone got wet on this next ride, especially Scarlett.  I kind of felt bad for her.
Not as bad as I did for Leon though.  He was the only one too small for the ride and he really wanted to do it.  There was no way I was going on this next ride.  I can't do the spinning ones or I will feel sick.

Watching the underwater animals was fun for the kids.
We also went to a few of their shows.  This is Bubbles, she is so cute!
We also did the skyride.  This won went up high and over the water.  It was a pretty view.

The animals there really are amazing!
I have definite mixed feelings about Sea World.  I can see all the good they are doing for the animals and they learn so much about the species that helps the animals in the wild.  But on the other hand these animals aren't really doing what they are meant to do.  They don't have a natural life.  Even though I'm conflicted we have a lot of fun there and will be going often.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Redwood Forest Drive Thru Tree

We saw a lot of incredible views on the drive.
I have a picture of my family driving through a tree when I was a child.  I've told my kids about it and so they were excited to get to drive through a tree.  We tried hard to get there before dark and we just barely made it.
We had plenty of room to fit height wise but it was a very tight squeeze on the sides.  The coolest thing was that the tree was still alive!  It had lots of green and what looked like new branches up higher.
Bob drove through it first and when I told him I wanted to drive through too he wasn't so sure.  He thinks he is a better driver than me, but he isn't.

We got out and played around a bit.  The kids all wanted to walk through the tree too.

We had a great first day driving!  The kids all did well in the car.  Tucker said he wasn't feeling good and I didn't really feel well the whole drive either.  But no one threw up and it didn't seem like either of us was feeling that bad.  Bob drove the whole thing and we had a fun time.