Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Temple Trip

I've wanted to go to the Tokyo temple for over six years now.  We had plans to go while in Japan last time, but because we got sent home early we never made it.  I thought I probably would never get to go so when we got the job offer in Japan I was excited to go to the temple.  Then, while getting ready I looked online and saw it is going to be closed for up to three years for major maintenance starting next month!  We made sure that we made it out before it closed.

It was quite the journey.  We got up early and made it there relatively quickly, I'd guess around two hours.  It takes us about 45 minutes to get to the train station. Because we don't have a car, we ride the base bus to the gate then walk to the station.  Then luckily we made it on an express train that was about an hour, and then another short train ride and 20 minute walk through town and we were there.
The train was cr-ow-ded!  We were all standing very close to people, the kids, especially Scarlett, were not happy about it.
We really had to book it through town to make it in time for me to feed Calista and go to the session.

It was an adventure going through in a completely different temple where everyone speaks a different language.  I managed to get a name tag type badge that said English on it and that helped everyone to know I couldn't understand them.  I also got to wear headphones.  
Meanwhile the kids and Bob went to McDonalds and played at the park.

After a couple hours I rushed out and Bob went it.  Then it was my turn to play with the kids for two and a half hours at the park.   We found this pond with giant fish.  The kids spent a long time throwing leaves into the fish and watching them try to eat their leaves.  We also saw turtles in the water, something we never see in the wild in Washington.
I like the different manholes in Japan.

The park had all kinds of trails and paths, it wasn't hard to entertain the kids.

I'm not sure what these little shrines are about, but we find them all around randomly.

Tucker was begging to listen to the audiobook so we did that for about half an hour.
Then back to meet Bob.

While walking back to the train we ran into a group of Mario Carters.  I really want to do this!  It's a company that hosts real Mario Cart races through Tokyo, costumes and all.  Awesome.
We saw this little hair cutting apron in the store and I thought of my sister.
The train rides home did not go as well as the ride there.  We ended up on a much slower train and had to get off and switch trains an extra time.  Then it was raining, the base bus stopped running by that time, and the closer base gate was also closed.  So we had a good 45 minute speed walk home in the full out rain Saturday night after our 2 hour train ride back.  Definitely harder than the hour and a half car ride to the Seattle temple but still worth it.

Monday, September 25, 2017


I joined a hiking group, Hike it Baby Yokosuka.  I thought it would help me get out and see different areas and make new friends at the same time.  Boy was I right.  Sometimes they don't actually hike but get together at a park and play.  They took us to this really amazing log house play area near Yokohama.  I think it was about an hour by train with different stops and switches, so I'm glad I could just follow them around and not worry about how to get there.

It was so cool.  When we first walked in I thought Tucker might be too big to play in it, but I was wrong.  It goes up several levels and even has a full level underneath.  There was so much to climb and play on and also little games set up everywhere like, bean bags, tick tac toe, or basketball hoops.

Tucker even held Calista for a minute in this room geared more toward younger children.  At one point most of the parents in our group were in this room talking.  Then the worker at the loghouse came up and asked us to watch our kids at least some of the time.  At first I felt bad like maybe they were being crazy.  Bob went to go check on them and so did the other parents.  The strange thing was that all the kids were being nice and quiet.  Then I noticed the other Japanese parents were actually playing with their kids the whole time.  I guess it was frowned upon to just let them run around alone.
Can you find Penelope?

One cool thing about this place... It was totally free.  I can hardly believe it.  Who pays for the upkeep and employees?
Afterward we ate lunch at the outdoor park next door.
Penelope had a butterfly land on her leg.  I've seen tons of butterflies around here.  Actually a few kids had the butterfly land on them but I got a picture of Penelope and I can't remember who else it landed on anymore.
The train ride home.

And the walk back to base.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

Sorry guys I've been really slacking on my fashion posts.  We are still living out of suitcases and will be for the next couple of months.  I've just been rotating between the same three outfits that I've posted on here several times.  Please link up, I need to see your fun outfits while mine are so boring.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Beach Bubbles

One cool thing about Japan is that there are beaches everywhere.  The Navy Base is right on the coast so water is everywhere, even more so then when we lived in Bremerton.  We went exploring to look for different areas to live and found a beach.

We didn't find any houses, but we did find an area that was pretty nice.

There was this guy making pretty cook bubbles.  I wasn't sure what he thought about the kids running up to him popping all the bubbles, but after a few minutes he handed a bubble want to Leon. We had this whole interaction with a Japanese guy on the beach without talking.

I almost stepped on this bug, it looked just like a leaf, but it jumps like a grasshopper.
Let me just take a minute to complain about the bugs here.  I got some serious bug bites.  They puffed up really big and itch so much worse than anything I've had before.  Penelope got them pretty bad also and we have been putting on anti itch cream ever since.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Train Ride

A friend invited us over for dinner last Sunday so we got to go on our first train ride.  Scarlett actually went to preschool with one of their children back in Bremerton.  We knew their family a little bit from that, but now that we are both out here is has been great to see familiar faces.  Plus they were really helpful with any questions we had before coming out.  Anyway, we didn't have train passes so we stopped at the station.  Wait I should amend that, everyone except for Bob didn't have train passes, Bob saved his from 6 years ago and still had money on it.
The kids were kind of going crazy on the platform while bob tried to talk to the worker to figure it out.
We heard everyone school aged needed a pass, but after using it lots of times we found out that was actually 7 and up, so we were wasting our money on Scarlett.  We also found out that we needed passports for the kids to get a kid pass.  So we just got tickets for the train and back and went and got our many use reloadable passes the next time we were at the train stop.  The train is about a 15 minute walk from base, but we are on the opposite side of base.  So getting there usually involves us waiting for the bus to pick us up from the lodge and drive us to the gate, then the short walk to the station.
We had a talk about what to do if you don't get on the train and everyone else does and then we were off.
The kids liked to stand up.  We also had a big convo about how no one is allowed talking on the train.  It is considered rude to talk or be loud on the train.

Then the short walk to our friends house.  Their neighborhood is cute and close and I'd love to find a house there.

This next one is just a picture from near the train station on a different day.
And of course a fish from the bet store.  Why not share a picture of it?