Saturday, July 11, 2020

Tucker Rubik's Cube

After the big upset in the family Rubik's cube race I posted about yesterday, Tucker wanted a rematch.  Unfortunately Penelope was not willing.  So Tucker filmed himself doing it faster and wanted me to share his video here. 

He calls himself the speed cubing kid.

Rubik's Cube Fun

So... we spent our quarantine days learning the Rubik's cube.

Check it out.  Oh and before you ask, yes there is a small table on top of our dinning table.  The small table has a puzzle being built on it and they only way to keep it safe is to put it up on top of the table.

To be fair Tucker almost always beats Penelope and everyone else.  The order we usually finish in goes, Tucker by a good margin, then Penelope and Leon,  than a pause and me and Bob.  Scarlett doesn't like to be timed or race.  She actually spends the least amount of time learning or practicing the Rubik's cube.  She doesn't like anything that has any sort of competition or things that are hard to learn.  Everyone was really happy to learn it except for Scarlett.  She didn't really want to but we strongly encouraged her to learn it.  It really was a fun family activity.

The other kids are pretty into it.  I would wake up early in the morning hearing the quiet yer furious twisting coming from both the girls and the boys rooms.

Tucker learned it first.  He got the cube for a birthday or Christmas present a couple of years ago but never mastered it.  Then more recently his friend got one and they both learned it.  That inspired the rest of the kids to want to learn.  I bought a 6 pack off of amazon for like 15 dollars and we had plenty to go around.  Because most of the kids learned before Bob and I it was fun for them to teach us how to do it.  I'm really amazed at how fast they can do it.  I've spent a lot of time trying to be faster but they are still a good amount faster than me.  Maybe one day I'll be able to beat them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Gidzilla Returns

The Godzilla park at Kurihama Flower World has been remodeled.   The weather forecast called for rain but we decided to risk it and headed out there anyway.
We ended up getting sprinkled on a bit, but nothing bad.  It was actually nice because we had the park to ourselves.
The Godzilla statue with the slide down the tail stayed the same.
 It was a tight squeeze for Bob and Beatrix to make it down.

Overall we enjoyed the new playground.  It lost some of its old charm but that is to be expected when you tear something down.  There is no roller slide but the old one was so slow anyway I don't think anyone really missed that.  I like that it had several different play structures and a slide that can go pretty fast.  

Monday, July 6, 2020


They took down the fence around the skatepark.  The kids were thrilled.  Bob has already taken them a couple of times.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


Bob had one last week off because of Covid-19 and we tried to make the best of it.  This whole time it has been strange because on the one hand Bob was home a lot and it felt like we should be able to go and do a ton of things.  But on the hand we weren't allowed and everything was closed.  Things have been opening back up a bit and we were able to go to the park.

Penelope checked out what might be my least favorite book the kids have ever gotten.  It is some sort of Pinkalicious cook book that has all these crazy creations the kids want me to help them make.  This time Penelope made castles.

We are now allowed to eat in restaurants.  I owed Scarlett and Tucker a birthday lunch out to eat.  Luckily they wanted the same place so we all went together.
It was an all you can eat place where you fry everything in oil right at your table.

I miss s'mores and had to pretend by eating deep fried marshmallows.  I ate way too many and we all left feeling sick.
 We had a girls night and tried out these face masks that I've had in my bathroom forever.
I couldn't find any sidewalk chalk at the stores but we made due with regular chalkboard chalk I got at the dollar store.  Base recently came out and said that we need to wash off the chalk after we draw.  That includes the street and sidewalk in front of our house.  It also includes your own driveway and house. 

That isn't going to happen at our house.  I'm not washing off the kids sidewalk chalk unless they call the police or personally come knock on my door.  That being said I have watched my Japanese neighbors wash off their grandkids chalk drawings.  So far we haven't received any complaints in this area.  And I know from experience they are not afraid to complain about and to us.

Bob and I went out one night to this delicious Italian pizza place.  Bob did get some grouse appetizer with tiny fish things all over it.  I wasn't a fan, but Bob had no problem eating the whole thing.
We've been having a lot of rain and clouds lately, so I'm happy that we were able to get outside some this week.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tucker 13th Birthday Photography

I cannot believe I have a child that is a teenager!  Its been a couple weeks now and I'm not sure what all the parenting hype is all about, it is not bad at all.  Tucker is in fact actually pretty good.  Ok, I'm kidding I imagine it will get harder.  But for now he is really a great kid.
Tucker is responsible and getting more mature, I can tell he is starting to take things more seriously.  It is intersting to watch bounce back and forth between acting like a child and then acting like a much older teen and back again all throughout the day.
He is growing so tall.  I still need to measure him on our wall, but he is about up to my eyebrows and I don't think I'll make it another complete year being taller than him.  He totally broke a part of the playground fixture the other day on accident when he was just trying to climb up onto it.  We had a talk about how yes, the toys are old, but also about how now he is almost the size of an adult and he needs to be aware of that in his actions.  I'm sure it is a lesson that takes time to learn.
Tucker is brave and kind and friendly.  He doesn't mind being the center of attention, in fact in our home it kind of seems like a battle between him and Calista as to who can get me to pay attention to them the most.  Tucker is still young and likes to play pretend.  He likes the show Avatar, to make movies, and to make up games outside to play with friends.
Tucker is a great oldest child and I really think Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent him to our family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Mall and New Jeans

Aeon Mall had closed down for about a year and did a huge remodel.   It opened up a couple months ago but we weren't allowed to go until just recently.  There were reports that the mall workers knew that the people affiliated with the US base were not supposed to be there and they would report us.  I kind of doubt that was true.

The mall looks great!  I love that it has an H&M, GU, and a Gap Outlet.
Even through I'm trying to be a minimalist and not shop for the sake of acquiring things I thought it would be fun to go together as a family and check it out.
We walked around for about 15 minutes when we came to H&M.  I knew before I went that I might want to get a pair of jeans so I wanted to spend some time in the store looking at and trying on clothes.  After about 10 minutes of Bob and the kids following me around things were getting difficult and he took the kids to wander around the rest of the mall.  It was for the best as I was there over an hour.
They found a pet shop that provided a lot of entertainment.

The mall has signs reminding people how far apart 2 meters actually is.  For social distancing purposes.  So in case you don't know the exact distance just picture a panda, because we are all very familiar with how big a panda is up close.
By the time I was done at H&M everyone else was done with the mall.  We headed to the food court.  I'll have to check the rest of the mall out another day.  I found a nice little seating area more suited for children on the back side.  It would have been easy to miss.  I was looking for a high chair for Beatrix but when I saw these tables I thought they would be easier.  You can't fall off the chair when you are sitting on the ground.

This ramen place had a really long line.  I took a picture for future reference.  I want to know more about it and probably try it out somtime.
Below are a couple pictures of the jeans I bought. I almost bought two, but it is summertime and that felt unneeded.  A few months ago I threw away all my jeans.  They were all wearable, but I wasn't really loving any of them.  So I decided to get rid of them and only own clothes I really like.  My old jeans were also all low waisted, and I love how the style now is higher.  It is so much more comfortable and easier to bend over.  I do own one pair of jean capris, but I'm planning to get rid of them at the end of the summer, they also have the low waist and I prefer something higher.
High waist jeans always remind me of mom jeans, I think that was ingrained in my brain since childhood.  I guess it is time for me to wear them, after all I do have six kids.
I also got my white t-shirt form H&M, in case anyone was interested.  

It was fun to go shopping and look for clothes.  It isn't really something we do since we moved to Japan.  I like the mall and once we are allowed I want to go try out the new movie theater they have.