Monday, July 4, 2022

Bio Park

The Bio Park in Nagasaki Japan has got to be one of the coolest places I've ever been to.
It is basically a zoo where you get to go into all the animal enclosures and feed the animals.  It sounds like a petting zoo, but it is so much more than just goats, in fact I don't remember there being goats at all.

First we saw Scarlett's favorite animal, the llama.
Next we saw Patagonian mara none of us really knew what these were or what to think about them.
Somewhere in the botanical garden was a sloth, but we never found it.
The lemurs roamed the place as they pleased and they were not afraid of people at all.  I think it was the first time anyone in our family held a lemur.

We all got to feed and pet the flamingos.  Check out the video at the end of Calista pretending to have food so they would come to her.
In Washington we had raccoons in the woods so it was different to see them and feed them at a zoo.
We even got to see a human.  In fact this one was aggressive in getting the food, he ate almost all that I brought for lunch.
I thought the google translate of what the sign said was entertaining.
The monkeys were the main attraction.  We had a blast feeding and holding them.  They pretty much just jumped around on all of us trying to get food.  It was so cool!

We saw a couple joeys with their mammas.  
I love how the kids are all wearing hats.  It was a huge struggle though, several of them were angry for me making them wear one.  We had our family pictures that night and I did not want anyone sunburned from being outside all day.

If anyone comes to visit me, we will have to go here!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Easter 2022

For Easter this year we went to the base egg hunt.  It was a let down because we accidentally went to the no candy time.   And none of the eggs the kids collected had candy in them.  Just cheap plastic things that were pretty much trash.  At home we decorated eggs.

On Easter we did a hunt with friends and at dinner with them.  Everyone had a good time.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Catch Up 3

As I was going through the pictures I kind of thought the next one of Scarlett looks like me.  I'm not sure though, it is hard for me to see that sort of thing.  What do you all think?

One day we went to the Sasebo zoo.  It was on the small side, but we had fun.

I've gotten into plants lately and so I took a few picture of them.  These white flowers are no longer in bloom.
These next plants are practically dead.  These were my first set of plants and I was watering them way to much.  They also got some sort of bug infestation.  I feel like I've been fighting a loosing battle with keeping the plant alive.
I'm not sure if I ever posted a picture of the outside of our house so here it is!  We have termites right now so I'm honestly not very happy with it.  If we can find something closer to base that works for our family we will move.  That is hard to find though, so I'm not sure if it will ever happen.
This next picture shows the back of our house.  Those parking spots under the patio are rented out and we do not get to use them.
This tree is in our backyard.  
I took some pictures of the local flowers.  The gazebo thing is at our neighborhood park.
The next few were just on the side of the busy road.

We ventured a little further out in search of wisteria.  The bees love them and there was one nearby so the kids did not want to stand for this picture.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Catch up 2

I was able to do some day trips with Calista and Beatrix while the big kids were in school but before they started Japanese school.  One day we tagged along with friends to a pretty good-sized shrine.

Sometimes we forget we live in Japan... just kidding... kind of.  Trips to shrines always make us feel like we are getting the full Japan experience.

This next torii gate is supposed to be floating in the water.  I guess you have to catch it when the tide is high, which we obviously did not.

Another day we went to a traditional Japanese village.

A traditional Japanese village with an awesome modern playground.
This next picture is back at our house.  Scarlett is planting a blueberry bush.

Some of the kids, including Calista, have their own strawberry plants.  She was so excited to eat her first strawberry off of the plant.  After about a month of having the strawberry plants, Beatrix realized she could eat the strawberries off of everyone's plants not just her own and we really couldn't stop her cusing lots of heartache for the other girls.
One day I went with a friend and her daughter to an indoor play place.  The girls had a blast.

We even went to a ceramics park in Hasami.  The park has old kilns and the town is full of shops selling pottery.  It was a cute town. and we got ice cream before heading home.