Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Kobra Soccer

I gathered together pictures from Tucker soccer season.  He got to play on the high school varsity team as a Freshman here in Sasebo.  The first picture is of the entire soccer team on their awards night.  The coach likes to talk and we were there for three hours.  A few other teams were doing awards as well, but it was a long night.  
Tucker's team traveled to play.  He only had one weekend where they played two home games, and those were the last games of the season.  All the other weekends Tucker got to miss school all Friday and sometimes Thursday as well to travel and he wouldn't come back until Saturday night or even Sunday.  On top of that he had practice everyday after school until 5ish, so we never really got to see him.  He also had to be taken to base or picked up late at night or early in the morning.   Lots of weekends I had to drop him off around midnight.  The bus would drive the entire night and they would play a team in Tokyo around 5pm the next day.  Most weekends he traveled about 5 hours away to play, and one time they even flew.  
The team worked really really hard but they never actually won a game.  Their first home game was one of the last of the season but the first game they didn't have to travel to and they got to have their family and friends watch and they tied the champion team.  It was really exciting for everyone.  I think they could have done better if they didn't have to travel to every game.
Tucker did not get a ton of playing time but he was happy to be on the team.  The coach couldn't bring all the players on the away game they flew to and Tucker was worried he would be one of the three boys who didn't get to go.  Luckily he got to go, and he was thrilled.  The coach said he improved a lot over the season and I agree.  This was Tucker's first time playing on a more serious team.

Overall, it was a little hard on us to have Tucker gone all the time.  We missed him and his grades did suffer.  Tucker absolutely loved it though and he worked really hard and made friends so he definitely wants to do it again next year.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Tucker's Birthday

Tucker was in South Korea during his actual birthday so I snagged a picture with him on his way out the door.  It was strange to send him to a foreign country without Bob or I, but he wasn't nervous at all.  He traveled with a few other teens from our church for a week long conference called FSY.  He had a blast and refused to tell anyone it was even his birthday, so they didn't sing to him or anything.
After he got back we had a family party.  The highlight was when we got Tucker a shocking pen from the dollar store and he totally got shocked without expecting it.  He didn't even react that much but we were all brimming with excitement as he opened that present.
We had some excitement over the cake as well.  I didn't have 15 candles that were all the same so I thought it would look cool to have a bunch of candles close together with taller ones in the middle and shorter ones around them in a circle.  It definitely did not work.  The smaller ones were melting the big candles and the whole thing was a big ball of fire.  We could have had a serious problem because the cake was sitting underneath an entire roll of paper towels as this went down.  Luckily no one got hurt from the candle fiasco.   I have a video of the whole thing below.

Happy Birthday Tucker!!!

Tucker's 15 Photos

Tucker was not really thrilled about taking pictures to commemorate his 15th birthday, so we just quickly took some the Sunday after his birthday.  We didn't even need to leave the front porch.  

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Scarlett's Encanto Birthday

Scarlett really wanted an Encanto birthday party this year.  I didn't feel like I had the energy to plan one but I told her we could do it if she planned it herself.  She did a great job.  She made invitations and asked everyone to dress up as their favorite Encanto character.  These are just a couple of the girls.  We also had two Merabellas, the grandma, and a donkey.  
Scarlett planned some games as well.  First there was a fashion show.  Next the girls did a Louisa obstacle course where you had to carry the Rody's and do things like pick up the knocked over house and move the chair.  There was a candle ceremony where you found out what your power is.
A lot of girls came, and it was a bit loud and crazy, but Scarlett was having a blast.

After the presents and cake the girls turned the Encanto sing along on the tv and fun singing along.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Ninja Village

The ninja village was eerily empty and we liked it that way.  It was the type of place that seemed like it should be closed down because were pretty much the only ones there and it was a little old looking.  I have no idea why more people don't go.  Maybe pretending you are a ninja is more fun for tourists then for for Japanese people, and this isn't in a tourist location.

We paid for everyone to dress up and do all the fun stuff.  There wouldn't really be reason to go if you don't.  Although you could probably buy a costume somewhere else for the same price and keep it, whereas we had to give ours back.
Once Beatrix saw everyone getting dressed like ninjas she got really scared.  She cried and I had to carry her almost the entire time.  She knew it was just us, but she was still pretty scared.  I guess ninjas are scary to her, even when they are her family and friends.  She kept saying she wanted to go home.

I didn't get pictures, but we went through a maze house and also a house that was supposed to be scary, but it really just looked like a house full of bad Halloween decorations.  Then the kids got to throw ninja stars, shoot fake guns and throw ropes.

Looking through these pictures the kids are asking to go again.  Tucker didn't get to go and he even says he wants to, which is rare for him these days.  I'd be up for going again in like a year.  If it was free I could go again sooner, but it wasn't cheap for our family.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Calista's Birthday

Calista went to school on her birthday.  I'm not sure what they did but I know they celebrated because she came home wearing this birthday necklace/sign.  She seemed really happy about it.
That night we did presents and cake.  It was pretty low key.  She was thrilled that it was finally her birthday.

A couple days later we went to a play place with her friend and then McDonalds because she really wanted a friends party.

The next video is just her being herself. Even though it was actual face paint the black was hard to get  off.  I literally got a call from my then future boss right after I took this video asking me to come in.  He said it was fine to bring the kids, but I don't think he expected one of them to have their face painted black.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Bio Park

The Bio Park in Nagasaki Japan has got to be one of the coolest places I've ever been to.
It is basically a zoo where you get to go into all the animal enclosures and feed the animals.  It sounds like a petting zoo, but it is so much more than just goats, in fact I don't remember there being goats at all.

First we saw Scarlett's favorite animal, the llama.
Next we saw Patagonian mara none of us really knew what these were or what to think about them.
Somewhere in the botanical garden was a sloth, but we never found it.
The lemurs roamed the place as they pleased and they were not afraid of people at all.  I think it was the first time anyone in our family held a lemur.

We all got to feed and pet the flamingos.  Check out the video at the end of Calista pretending to have food so they would come to her.
In Washington we had raccoons in the woods so it was different to see them and feed them at a zoo.
We even got to see a human.  In fact this one was aggressive in getting the food, he ate almost all that I brought for lunch.
I thought the google translate of what the sign said was entertaining.
The monkeys were the main attraction.  We had a blast feeding and holding them.  They pretty much just jumped around on all of us trying to get food.  It was so cool!

We saw a couple joeys with their mammas.  
I love how the kids are all wearing hats.  It was a huge struggle though, several of them were angry for me making them wear one.  We had our family pictures that night and I did not want anyone sunburned from being outside all day.

If anyone comes to visit me, we will have to go here!