Wednesday, June 19, 2019

School's Out

For our last day of school/first day of summer we decided to go to the bike park.  This is a super fun city park just a couple miles away from our house.  It is basically a few model streets with lanes and traffic lights and bikes for the kids to use and ride around the park on.  Japan is big on rules, so even at this children's park the kids are expected to follow all traffic laws.  If you run a red light or ride on the wrong side of the road they will come and stop you.  I got talked to a few times, which was funny to me because we were the only ones there.  The employee didn't like that I was pushing Calista on her tricycle on the "road" instead of the sidewalk.  Then later I was pushing her in the "learn to ride area." No one was in there learning to ride so I thought it would be fine, but nope that wasn't the designated tricycle area.
 Later friends came, which always makes things more fun.

 I love the Japanese style bikes.
 Afterwards we hit up the Japanese drug store.  I really liked my cart, it was so easy and smooth to push.  Plus it had two baskets for me and a Hello Kitty car for Calista and it was still relatively small.
 Calista has decided to take her diaper off all the time.  Like, I get her up from bed and her diaper is off and there is pee everywhere.  Or I turn around and she is just running around the house with no clothes or diaper on.  So to solve this problem I went and got Japanese diapers.  So far it has been working really well.  Their diapers don't have the side straps like American diapers.  They look more like pull ups.  What Calista hasn't figured out yet is that the sides actually rip off, if you do it right.  So far she keeps them on.  I think undoing the straps was really fun for her.

While at the store we needed to get some candy eel to try.  It was pretty good.
 Another one of our neighbors is tearing down their house!
 We went home for lunch and then headed back out to the movies.
 We saw Aladdin.  I think everyone enjoyed it.
 Calista was hard to keep quiet, but it was manageable.
I'm excited for summer!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kenji and Konami

Almost this entire school year Tucker went daily to our neighbors house to play with their dogs and take them outside to go potty.  He would spend about a half hour just playing with them and running around with them in their own yard.  It was the perfect job for him.  Both the dog owners worked and they didn't want their dogs cooped up inside all day.  Because Tucker homeschools it worked out really well.  For the most part it was a very easy job.  There were several times when Tucker couldn't go on outings with me and the other kids because he had to stay home so he could do his job.  It was also a little harder in the rain or when it was cold, but Tucker never missed a day.  One of the dog owners is a teacher so last Friday was Tucker's last official day.

I went with him on Thursday to take pictures.  This first dog is Konami. 

He is bigger and much more wild than the other dog.  When Tucker first started Konami was the only dog and he was a puppy.  He was super tiny.
After a couple months the owners got Kenji.  He is smaller and much more timid.  Both are miniature poodles.

When Tucker went inside on the last day he found the dogs left a present for him.  He was so surprised and happy.

The dog owners really appreciate what Tucker does for them and Tucker really likes it.  On the surface it is a pretty easy job, but it is a big time commitment for him.  Tucker even checked out books from the library and read a lot about how to take car/train dogs.  Tucker also made a good chunk of change over the year from this job.  His original goal was to save $150 while in Japan, but doing this job he was able to save over 7 times that amount.  He barely spent any of the money.  I'm sure he would have taken care of the dogs for a fraction of the price.

Tucker's more long term goals are to buy his own dog when we move back to the states, and then to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day

I feel like my kids really lucked out in the dad department.  Bob is such an amazing father to them.  He works so hard to provide for our family and he is a lot of fun for the kids.  I don't think they could have got anyone better!  And I really don't think Bob ever expected to be the dad to so many children!  Look at them all together :)
I also found some of the very first pictures of Bob as a dad.  He is so little.

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

4 Months Old Photography

Beatrix is four months old!  She is getting better and tummy time and smiles quite a bit.  Still no change on the sleeping through the night front, I usually feed her twice, but maybe that will change over the next month or two.  She fits into 3 month clothing and is a little on the small side but is growing well so we aren't concerned.  She loves to suck on her fingers and for people to play with her especially if they softly touch her cheeks.

Monday, June 10, 2019


This is just sort of a random post.  I'm not sure if I posted this or not, but Beatrix loves to suck on her fingers.  She is my first child to do this and it is pretty cute.  We have had a couple thumb suckers but no finger suckers before Beatrix.  She doesn't seem to mind yet which fingers.  Just whichever ones find their way into her mouth.

 I took this picture of Tucker because I thought he was looking a little old.  When did he get so big.
 He saw me taking a picture and ran over and got his mask then wanted me to retake it.
 I think Calista giving Bob a back massage is something they both really love.

 This next one is Calista trying to ride a pony.  It was much too small and pretty funny.
The next picture was not funny at all.  Calista spilled some flower in the pantry, about a third of a 5 lb bag.  It was Saturday morning and Leon's turn to sweep and mop.  I thought he could handle it and went upstairs to feed Beatrix.  I was wrong.  He made the mess a million times worse!  Seriously I spent two hours sweeping and re-sweeping and mopping and re-mopping the floor.  I guess he decided instead of putting the flour pile into the dustpan right away he would try to drag it all around the downstairs and put it into the dustpan at the end.  Then he even attempted to mop it up making a half wet soggy sticky flour all over the downstairs.  It was way more work to clean up then I thought it would be.
 And lastly we took a couple pictures on the way to church.  The weather was really perfect and I didn't want to forget how we drive and then walk to church every week.  Our building has no parking, so we park on base and walk the half mile to church. 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pond Play

We found the cutest little park just outside of our neighborhood.  Someone posted about it online and so we rode our bikes over to check it out.  First we found a little playground, nothing exciting, and an interesting rooftop park area, equipped with a few teenagers kicking a ball around, a man in the corner playing an instrument, and a couple eating ice cream cones.  Then after a little hunting around we found what we were looking for.

The cutest little pond hidden back in the trees but just off the main road.
 We had just enough time to explore before the shut the gate at 5pm.

 Calista insisted on going back to tell the fish bye before we left.
One great thing about Japan is their abundance of parks.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Tucker's Band Concert

Last week Tucker had his last band concert of the year.  He was pretty excited and nervous.  I'm not really sure why he was nervous, I think he does a lot more scary things than play in front of his parents in a group, but oh well.  Maybe it is because they worked really hard on these songs for a few months.  

We got to see Tucker play the snare drum, the base drum,
 the bells,
 two different cymbals, and the shaker.  It was pretty entertaining.
Now that there is only one more week of school left Tucker turned his instruments back into the teacher and our piano room feels like it doubled in size.