Saturday, November 26, 2022

Primary Program 2022

Our branch primary program was so cute.  Because my children are over half of the primary this program was different from any my kids have ever done. The entire primary sat on the one bench behind the pulpit and then just stood up and walked the two steps for their parts.  The kids had multiple parts and I could see and hear everyone very easily.  Beatrix got to participate even though she should technically be in nursery.  We don't have one, so she has been going to primary this past year.
I wasn't sure if Calista or Beatrix would be brave enough to say their parts but they both did it.  They were so brave and cute.
I only have four kids in the program this year, and next year it will only be three.  Scarlett is excited to join Penelope in young womens.  Leon still has a couple more years to go.

After church we went took a few pictures of all six kids together.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hiking Mt. Kokuzo

For Veteren's day we decided to hike Mt. Kokuzo.  A few of us had done this hike before but we went on the easier trail and so this time we decided to try the more challenging route.
I'd say it was a good level for our family.  Just challenging enough for the kids to stop complaining about having to go on a hike and start focusing on not falling off the cliff edge.  I'm serious.  Every time we go on a hike, the kids stop complaining once things start to get hard.  I think once they start to actually focus on what we are doing the complaining stops.
I love being outside in nature.  We are in a pocket of great weather.  It is going to be pretty cold soon, but for now things are perfect outside for hiking.
Like usual, we lost the path at one point and had to scramble around on the side of the mountain until we found it.

These pictures made me realize I need a new camera phone.  There is a huge difference between the pictures Bob's phone takes on his phone and the pictures my iphone 7 takes.  See if you can spot the difference in the post.

This hike has a great view at the top.

The worst thing about this hike is the drive up to the trailhead.  Near the hike the road becomes steep, small, and windy.  It wasn't a problem for me this time because I knew what was coming. I also didn't mind because no cars came down while we were trying to go up.  The first time I did it there was a slow car in front of me so I had to match their pace.  Then there were a few cars trying to go down so some people had to back up and off the road.  It was a little scary.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Saga Balloon Festival

While Bob was on a plane heading home from Yokosuka I took the kids (except for Tucker) to the Saga Balloon Festival.
I had always wanted to go to a hot air balloon festival but was surprised when I found out there was one about an hour away from our house.  We didn't leave early enough, and had to illegally park at a seven eleven about a mile away and then run to make it in time.  I was truly impressed with how well Calista ran.  Google maps said we had a 40 minute walk but we did it in about 20.  We needed to hurry because they were supposed to deflate the balloons about 30 minutes after we parked.  Luckily we were able to get there quickly and they didn't actually deflate them until much later.  We had plenty of time to check out the balloons.

The orange one was Penelope's favorite.  I thought the octopus was so cute.

We got to walk behind, under, and all around the balloons.  We could even touch them.

They had a couple blimp type things that were low down and they let the kids bounce it above their heads like a gigantic beach ball.
I was not planning on carrying Beatrix.  I'm so happy we had the carrier in the car though.  We would not have made it if she had to walk the mile from the car. 
Leon was really craving one of those liquid yogurts.

The place was not only full of balloons there were tons and tons of vendors.  It reminded me of the Puyallup fair.
It was also very crowded.  I don't think I've seen crowds like that since we moved away from Tokyo.

It took us an hour to walk back to the car.  We went much slower and for a while couldn't seem to get on the road we wanted to.  We had to back track a little bit and even climb a fence and go through a construction area, that was clearly fenced off.

The whole experience was pretty neat.  Next year I'd just go about an hour earlier.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Fall Festival

We went to a couple fall festivals this year.  I miss going to a real pumpkin patch or corn maze, but this is a close second.  The kids wore costumes they could find around the house.

The kids participated in a potato sack race, and also a couple friendly rounds of dodgeball.  We stayed longer so they could do the limbo competition.  Penelope is a pro and can get down to two feet.  But when it came time for the limbo the workers were letting people bend forward and letting their knees touch the ground.  Everyone was able to get very low.  My kids were upset about that.  

The craft area was fun.

They had a few photo spots, of course all the big kids wanted a picture in front of the scary one.

Tucker wanted to dye his hair brown so he would look more like Anakin and less like someone from Harry Potter, so we had to hurry and do that the morning of the festival.  I didn't get any pictures but the same night we had our ward Halloween activity.  The youth were in charge and they set up some cute carnival games and we did a trunk-or-treat, Tucker and a couple of the young men made a pretty fun and scary haunted walk through area.  It had scary music, a strobe light and even a fog machine.  It was pretty cool.
I love Halloween, but it is a lot sometimes.  I'm ready to take down our decorations for a couple weeks before we get out our Christmas things.