Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Bulb Wreath Tutorial

I started this Christmas bulb wreath at a craft night with some friends and I like how it turned out.  Was it easy?  Yes.  Was it time consuming?  Not really.  Was mostly everything at the dollar store?  Yes.  Did I end up having enough bulbs?  No way.  Seriously I had to go out and get 4 times the amount I originally had.  I do like the finished project.

Materials Needed
One foam wreath (mine was 14")
Hot glue gun
Different size bulbs (mine were all from the dollar store and they ranged from the 7 pack size to the 15 pack size)  I needed many more bulbs than I thought.  Maybe close to 10 packs of bulbs, but I wasn't counting.

1) Tie the ribbon on
2) Pull the ends off the bulbs.
3) Hot glue the bulbs on starting with the biggest.  You can position them either like this,
4) Or like this.  It didn't really matter for me so I did both.
5) Keep glueing them on until the entire thing is full.  Many of the little ones you will be glueing on top of other bulbs.  They all don't directly touch the wreath.


Anna said...

So so cute.... love cheap easy decoration ideas!

The Single Nester said...

Just lovely - great job!

Jacquelyn said...

Very pretty, looks great.

KariMarie said...

That turned out really cute! Or I should say festive.

Unknown said...

Wow this turned out really nicely done! My friends and I were actually going to do this, but we found that the ornaments were too expensive. We should've tried the dollar store! Stopping by from the link party :)

Emily said...

Turned out very nicely. I have one started, but I ran out of ornaments. You are right it takes a lot.

Thanks for the great tutorial!