Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Fools Pranks

It was fun to have my parents and Caleb over on April Fools day because that way I got more people to try my pranks on.

The first one was balloons in the door.  We blew them up, twisted up the end, and stuck them in the door. They were supposed to blow everywhere when the door opened.  It didn't work at all because Bob and I put them up the night before so the ends were stuck together and the just stayed full of air.

Next was the fake Bob we set up in the kitchen.  Tucker totally thought it was Bob.  When he saw him he ran up and pulled the news paper down so he could talk to him.  We had to re set it up before my parents came over, it only tricked them for a second.

We had little notes for everyone in the toilet.  We also attempted to turn the faucet water a different color but it didn't really work.

This next one was probably the best trick.  It was hilarious to watch and it really worked.  I printed up a matches/memory game for my mom to play with the kids.  The funny part was that there were no matches in the game.  They played it for a few  minutes and my mom kept saying things like, "wow, this is a hard one."  Meanwhile I had to leave the room because I couldn't stop laughing.

We had a few food pranks.  For breakfast I dyed the kids cereal milk red.  They knew it was a trick and drank it just fine.  Then we had ice cream and I sneakily cut open the bottom of the ice cream and scooped it all out.  I filled up the container with mashed potatoes.  The important part for this trick was to make sure the ice cream container had the plastic seal around the lid.  Then I asked my mom to open up the ice cream and scoop it out.  Unfortunately when mashed potatoes are frozen they get hard as ice and it was impossible to scoop.  To do this again I would just put the potatoes in an hour before instead of the night before.  Then we once again had cupcakes (meatloaf with mashed potato frosting) for dinner.

And for desert we had a cheeseburger.  I love how this turned out!  It was easy and aside form it being rather large it looked like a burger.

I love April Fools Day!  Even though most of my tricks don't really trick people everyone still has fun, especially me and the kids.  Ok, I probably have the most fun.  By the end of the day Tucker was pretty into it and he was asking people to  help him do pranks.  He would do things like ring the doorbell and then hide, or tell you that there is something on your shirt and then shout APRIL FOOLS!  Penelope had no idea what was going on.  She was even happy to eat her meatloaf cupcake and didn't seem at all disappointed when she bit into it.  Since I didn't do anything to Bob I am going to have to come up with and extra special trick for him next year.

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