Thursday, April 5, 2012

Half Tee Review

My friend Carrie first told me about the Half Tee.  It is just what it sounds like half a tee, the top half that is.  They are great for getting the layered look or for adding sleeves.  Below is a picture of me in the Half Tee.
I got the white size small with 3/4 length sleeves ($22.99).  But now that I have one I also want this one and this one (in black).  I debated weather to get the small or x-small.  I usually wear a small but I did want it to be pretty tight so I could easily wear it under anything.  I think it might try the x-small next time because if it were tighter it might have stayed in its place better.  The small was not loose.  Below is what it looked like right out of the package.
 I liked what the tag says, "all style no hassle."  More things in life should be that way don't you think?
 I took a close up of the collar.

Get the layered look without adding extra bulk.
Nice for shirts that don't have sleeves.
Great when it is hot out.
Versatile, it could be worn under almost anything.
It ends just under the bust line so you can't notice the seam through your clothes.  
Shipping was fast!

It is a little see through (what white shirt isn't?)
I kinda wish the 3/4 length was about an inch longer because it kept bunching just above my elbow (See pic below)
They are a little expensive for half a shirt (keep in mind I am cheap).

Below you can see the back.  I wasn't sure it was going to be long enough to wear with this halter dress, but it was.
I am happy with the Half Tee and would recommend it to anyone!

This morning I got a question about if the Half Tee would ride up.  I realized that the two outfits I tried it with made it impossible to ride up and also impossible to actually see if there were lines from the shirt.  So today I wore it again with a different kind of shirt on top.  And here are the results...
If you look closely in the picture above you can tell that it did rid up about an inch.  I did have to pull it down several times in the day. I also took a picture of the back to see if you can see the lines with a tighter/thinner shirt on.  And you can, but I think it looks fine.  I heard that it usually doesn't ride up and that because it did ride up I probably needed to get an extra small instead of just the small.  I didn't try it but I think that if it was tighter it probably would have stayed in its place.
I still really like the shirt but I did want to be as thorough as possible for the review.  I will continue to wear mine all the time I will just make sure to wear it with the right kind of shirt on top of it.


Harley said...

do you have any problems with it riding up?

Doranda said...

I didn't so far but hang tight, I am wearing it again right now with a different kind of shirt so I can better answer that question.

Unknown said...

I have seen these a few times and kind of want one! Love this post!