Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple Circle Skirt Tutorial

I have a skirt that I really like the only problem is that it is well worn and faded.  So I decided to remake it.  This skirt was very very easy to make!  And I love it because there are no buttons or zippers to mess with.  The best part is that I made it in about an hour and it cost $7.

Materials needed
Old Skirt to pattern off of
Fabric (1-2 yards depending on how big your old skirt is)
Sewing Machine

 1) Fold your fabric in half, lay your new skirt on top and cut and one inch around it.   Make sure that you stretch out the elastic waist of the old skirt while you cut around it.  When you are done the top will look like it is a couple inches wider than your old skirt.
 2)  Fold the sides of both pieces over two times, pin them, and sew them.  Make sure you do each piece separately.  you should end up doing this 4 times.
 3)  Pin your skirt right sides together and now sew the sides together.

4) Now hem the bottom of the skirt by folding it under two times, pinning it, and sewing it.  Make sure you don't sew the pieces together while doing this.
 5) Cut your elastic.  I just held mine up to the waist of the old skirt and cut my elastic the same length.  Then Sew your elastic together so it makes a circle.
6) This is the hardes step, but you are almost done so don't get discouraged.  Fold the waist of the skirt down one inch all around.  Iron it.  then fold it down again and iron it really well.  Now unfold it and get the elastic in there and then refold it.  I did this one spot at a time.  I put the elastic in, folded it, pined it, then I stretched the elastic moved over and inch or two and repeated the process.  It was a little bit tricky.
7) Once the elastic was pinned in I sewed underneath it.  Make sure you are sewing the folds but not the elastic.  Also make sure you pull the skirt tight and don't sew over any bumps. Then do your widest and longest zigzag stitch right over the elastic to hold it in place and stop it from flipping around.

You did it!


Unknown said...

Looks amazing! I love how it turned out. I'm a new follower and would love if you followed me back! www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

Lisa @ MMT said...

Your new skirt looks so cute! What a great idea to use an old skirt as a pattern. Now I just wish I knew how to sew ;)

Lindsey Ralls said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Leonard said...

Hey - visiting via the Welcome Wednesday Hop :)

This looks really simple and also fabulous!


Jenny Lynn said...

Very cute! And you used an old favorite skirt, great idea. I have done with shorts, never gave any thought to use an old skirt. Going to give it a try really soon.


Jen said...

Where did you get the fabric it's so pretty?

Anonymous said...

This skirt is super cute, but it's not exactly a circle skirt. A circle (or 3/4, 1/2, 1/4) skirt is literally made by cutting a circle out of a square piece of fabric. But again, cute!

Unknown said...

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Kate Johnson said...

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