Monday, June 29, 2009

New bed

Since Bob and I have been married we have never had a headboard or a real bed. We just have an old mattress set we bought off of another couple in Rexburg and a metal frame with semi-bent legs. So I have wanted a new bed for a while, but it has never been high up on the priorities list. I saw that we would buy one that I thought would look good in our room, for $199 plus $40 for the bed base. Even though that is cheap for a bed, we decided we would wait a month or two before we went ahead and bought anything. But, while I was looking at it, I relized that we could probably build somthing very similar. I wanted the headboard a little bit higher so we changed it a little bit. It cost about $60 for the materials. It still needs a few touchups but this is the general look of it. I think they look pretty similar, but for some reason I don't like it as much as I thought I would. It looks better than what we had before, but when we put our black comfertor on it, I don't really like it. We probably just need new bedding, including some big pillows to tone down the size of the headboard. If anyone had an ideas let me know.


Swift family said...

Rebecca and I think it looks great and we are both impressed that you two made that. We made our own headboard a little while ago, but it din't turn out nearly as nice.

Mary-Anne said...

I can't believe you guys built that! Good job! I think some big pillows would definitely help, and with the money you saved by building it yourselves, you should get new bedding! That would probably help you like it more... (hopefully!).