Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trip to the Movies

Yesterday Tucker went to the movies for the first time. The theater out here shows free kids movies on Tuesdays and Wednesday, so Tucker and I decided to go. We watched "Veggie Tales; The Pirates who don't do Anything." It was fun. Tucker only stayed in his seat for the first 15 min and after that he was off and on. He had fun climbing on the chairs. He stayed relatively quiet, so we were able to stay the whole time. We probably won't go again this summer though. Maybe he will be able to enjoy it more next year.


Sarah said...

That's funny we tried doing the same thing with Jackson, but he only lasted about 5 minutes then he started playing with the guys seat in front of us. Unfortunately the theater was packed so we just left. Good thing the movie was free!

Mary-Anne said...

How fun! Tucker looks so big sitting in that theater chair...I still think of him as being a baby, even though I know he's not. He's just getting so big so fast!