Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sprinkler System

Last Saturday Joshua, Rebecca, Julia, Ethan, my parents, Isaac, and Caleb all came over to go crabbing. Since they were all the way out here, we got them to help with installing our new sprinkler system. Joshua and Isaac really helped a lot, and we got way more done than we thought we could. Although I don't have a picture of it, crabbing was fun too. I can't remember ever doing it before but it was pretty easy. All we did was hang the trap off of the dock, wait a few minutes, then pull it up. We probably caught about 20 crabs total, but we didn't keep any. Although a few were close none were quite big enough.

Before pics of our yard.

It doesn't look to bad in the pictures, but there is barely any grass. The little bit of green you can see is probably weeds. And it is very very bumpy. Tucker was constantly tripping while he was just trying to run around.

Since Saturday, we have been busy working on it all week. And it actually works!! Here's a pic of Bob, installing the wiring so we can have it set on an automatic timer.

Now that it is all put in we are working on leveling it out. Once it is level, we are going to put down fertilizer then grass seed.

Tucker got a scooter and a helmet at a garage sale and he loves them.


Mary-Anne said...

I'm jealous you all went crabbing...I have wanted to do that ever since we moved to Oregon, but we still haven't gone. Your yard is looking good! I'm jealous of that too! Ah, to have a yard. That would be wonderful. :)

Tianna said...

Sprinkler systems are the best! We have had one in every house we have owned. I don't think I could do with out one now :)