Monday, September 14, 2009

"You can do it at a trot you can do it at a gallop ... "

On Friday Bob, Tucker and I made the drive down to Puyallup once again. This time for the fair. The Puyallup fair is so so so much bigger than the Kitsap County fair, and it was tons of fun. Tucker loved the animals.

They pony's were so cute!
He even got to try a game. Unfortunately Tucker didn't win, but Nathanael did manage to get a huge bear. We could barely fit in the car with it. I got to see Angela, who I haven't seen in over 2 years. And Bob even had a chance at getting hypnotized. They do a hypnotism show, and Bob actually got called up on stage. It was probably a good thing that he didn't actually get hypnotized and he got sent back down. It would have been funny though.

On Saturday my parents watched Tucker, so Bob and I could do one more Temple session before the Baby comes. It was really special because Bob was able to do the endowment for his grandfather, Robert James Woestman.

Today I had a doctor's appointment, and it went very well. I weigh almost exactly the same as I did when I had Tucker and the doctor said everything is normal. I have been experiencing feet and hand swelling though, and I never had that with Tucker. Today the doctor offered to help speed things along, but when I told her I had a baby shower on Thursday she said she'd better not. She also said that she hopes I make it to Thursday. My next appointment is a week from Tuesday, and I am fairly confident that I will have the baby sometime next week. But you never know.


Mary-Anne said...

I didn't know Bob got called on stage! Too bad he didn't get hypnotized. That would have been funny. :) That is crazy you will probably have the baby next exciting. You look really cute in that picture. I really like that dress!

The Carneys said...

Aw Doranda you are too cute! I'm excited to see pics of your lil girl and excited to know her name! :o) I can't believe she's almost here!!