Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clash of the Pie Tins!

We had a pie ward activity last night and it was really fun. We ate pizza pies for dinner, had a best tasting pie contest, a pie walk, other pie games, and a pie toss! For every thee cans of food donated you got a chance to throw a pie at Bob.
Good thing I donated enough cans to get a second chance. Tucker got to be the first person to smash a pie in Bob's face, unfortunately we didn't get a picture.

On another note I have been working hard to get Healthy. And when I say that I don't mean loose weight. I am trying to eat better and get a cardio work out at least 5 times a week even if it is just a 45 min speedwalk. I want to have a strong heart so I can live a long time. This is a permanent lifestyle change Bob and I are making. I also have a few other things going on that I am very excited about.
1. Potty Training- we are officially potty training Tucker and it is going ok. He hasn't been wearing diapers, except for at night, and he has about one accident a day. Not too bad. Hopefully he will have no accidents before my next point,
2. Thanksgiving! I love the food and getting to spend time with my family.
3. Black Friday! Bob and I already have a list going of the stores we want to go to and the things we are planning on getting. You can save a lot of money if you are willing to wake up early enough and wait in line long enough.
4. Parenting the strong-willed child- It's a book recommended to me by a friend and hopefully it will help me learn to deal with tucker's melt downs, and sometimes aggressive behavior.

And last but not least.....

5. New Moon- Bob and I loved the book and can't wait to watch the movie. Hopefully we will be able to go sometime while we are at my parents house over Thanksgiving (hint hint mom we will probably need someone to watch the kids:)).


Mary-Anne said...

Ha ha!! That is so did Bob get roped into that?! Looks like a lot of fun (for you!) :) We are excited to see you in a few days and excited to finally meet Penelope!

Swift family said...

I haven't ever read that book, but it is popular in my field (Parenting the Strong Willed Child, not New Moon)