Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, Yesterday was my Birthday. (Yes this is bob speaking.) Doranda woke up early in the morning with me and made me some chocolate chip pancakes. They were delicous. Unfortunatly I had to go to work on my birthday. But when I got home we opened up cards and presents. Tucker got me a tool box, a little blue one. Thank you Tucker. And Doranda got me something I lost just over a year ago when we moved to our new house. I was devistated when I lost these. She got me Heely's. So now when we go shopping Doranda will not be the only one who doesn't have to walk and shop, I can wheel around also. Soon I think we are going to have to get Tucker some. And then we had some cherry pie. I love cherry pie, it brings back memories of one of my best friends mom's, Sister Erskine. She would always make me a whole homemade cherry pie for my birthday. All in all, I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to everyone who called and said happy birthday, and to all who sent me a card. Best wishes and a Merry Christmas.

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