Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jury Duty

I know everyone hates it and always tries to get out of it, but I always thought it seemed kind of fun.  So I was disappointed when I got a jury summons in the mail but it said that I did not have to participate because of my current circumstances and that my name would be put back into the list for a later.   Oh well, maybe someday I will get put on a really cool trial.  I also filled out and mailed my very first census.  I got it in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to do anything about it, until I got a postcard telling me that it is illegal not to fill out and mail it back!  Illegal, I had no idea.  I felt like such an adult member of society because of my first Jury duty and census.

On another note, I am babysitting Ethan again for a few days this week.  It is definitely a good thing because I really really really want the one of the Cannon EOS Rebel cameras.  And I have no where near enough of my spending money saved up.  I think it is going to cost about $700, and at $30 a month it is going to take a long time.  I am hoping that I will have enough for my birthday in August or that I am close so I can just get it as a present.  Maybe i will get lucky and somehow be able to buy it before then ;-).  This Babysitting money really helps.  Tucker is getting used to having him around, making it much easier than the last time I watched him.

Bob found a frog when he was tilling up the garden.  Hopefully we will have time to plant some seeds soon.

Penelope can sit up! Yay!  I use the Bumbo a friend lent me so often she barely gets a chance too.  On this occasion she sat up for about 5 minutes without falling.  Normally she doesn't do that good.

Tucker dancing (chasing the lights) at a church dance.  Sorry it is kinds lengthy, I didn't feel like editing it.


Anna said...

i am so jealous that you get to get such a nice camera! i think my next buy will be a video camera.... but i do want a nicer camera!

Maria Ash said...

i also think jury duty would be super cool. But i've never been asked. And i'm so excited for penelope's sitting accomplishment. I still have to help hold Anson in the sitting position, but like you I haven't given him alot of practicing either. how is she sleeping at night? Anson was doing so bad, but for the past few days i've only fed him twice. So much better than last week when i had to wake up 3-4 times. I feel like everyone is better at sleep training than me and my children. oh well. have a great week.

Swift Law said...

I have always wanted sit on a jury as well, however now this will never happen. As long as I work at the DA's Office I don't think Mary-Anne will be able to sit on a criminal jury either. Actually if I were a defense attorney I would kick you off the jury pool simply because your brother works at a DA's office. There is to much chance you would be bias?
Let me know if you ever do get pick, I am very curious what goes on behind those doors :) It will make my job much easier!