Monday, April 5, 2010


What a great weekend. I only wish we had better weather.  Bob and I really wanted to work on the yard and get the garden planted, but it just kept raining.  We were also forced to do an indoor Easter egg hunt.  Take a look ...

We had fun.  And because my parents were out of town it was just the four of us this year.  If you are wondering where Penelope  was then you might like to know that she was sleeping.  She had a late night of crying in her crib the night before and slept through the whole hunt.  I was able to get pictures once she woke up though.

She kept grabbing and tearing up my flowers.  Penelope always sucks her thumb.  She used to use a pacifier but when she was about 4 months she just stopped.  This is much easier for me.  At least for now.   
She is so adorable!

It is hard for me to get her to smile for the camera.
Tucker never has any problems though.
He has always been very photogenic.
I think he got way too much candy!  I didn't realize how much I bought until I started to fill up the eggs.  Oh well.  I think all he ate yesterday was candy.

It was great to be able to listen to conference.  I made these delicious Cinnabon copy cinnamon rolls to eat during the morning session.  Somehow with the kids, Bob and I were still able to watch pretty much all of it!  This was a first time in a while that has happened.  For me I really felt the theme was about families.  And about the importance of teaching your children.  I know I am going to try to work much harder at this.

A couple days before Eater we dyed eggs.

For Easter dinner I decided to attempt my very first Turkey.  It turned out great!  Now I have no idea what Bob and I are going to do with the leftovers.  Trust me there are a ton.  I also made asparagus, deviled eggs, and cauliflower mashed potatoes.

Hopefully soon Bob and I will get a chance to work on the yard.


DerrK said...

I think your egg hunt went smoother than our indoor hunt. I guess I should have just purchased more eggs.

Swift family said...

You always have great videos. I think we are going to have to get one of those flip camcorders. Bob, I feel for you injury! About two months ago I got the same injury from the exact same wall thing. Glad to hear that all of you had a great Easter.