Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bee sting

Tucker walked out to the garden today and was showing Bob his latest geocache prize when all the sudden he started screaming as loud as he could.  I looked over and there was a bee on his hand.  Typically for Bob, by the time I could look over Bob had already jumped up ran over to Tucker and smacked the bee off his hand.  He rushed him inside and found out that the bee had stung Tucker right under his eye.  It has been about ten years since I got stung by a bee and I was surprised at how well Tucker took it.  He seemed fine after about a minute.  Although he was starting to swell so I mixed water and baking soda into a paste and put it under his eye.  It is supposed to relieve the swelling and pain.  It seemed to work for Tucker.


Mary-Anne said...

Sad! I got stung by a bee for the first time about a year or two ago, and it hurt way worse than I thought it would! Tucker is so brave! :) Glad he survived and glad you knew what to do! I had no idea; I had to call my mom. :)

DerrK said...

Ouie! I am waiting for my kids to get stung with all the bees that are hanging about on our rhodies. They are fascinated by them. And, I too, would have had to call my mom as to what to do. :)