Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date night

On Friday Bob and I got to go ice skating.  We went together once before when we lived in Rexburg.  When we did it in Idaho it was different because it was an outdoor skating rink.  They actually used the soccer field, it was pretty neat.  It had been years since either of us has skated on an indoor rink.  We had fun.  I wish I could do neat tricks but honestly, I struggled skating backwards.
On the upside the rink was pretty empty.  I think there was a total of ten other people there.  It was nice to have the space.
Last night we went and saw Eclipse with Rhiannon and Kyle.  I really liked the movie.  Of course I already knew what was going to happen but I still really liked it.  It was intense and exciting.  I think the first Twilight movie was a little slow, the second was better, and I think this one was the best.  The quality of the movie was much higher and I even think the acting was better.  I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Yesterday Bob and I also ran 11 miles!  it was so hard.  Bob pushed the stroller the entire time.  We left at 8 in the morning, which I am starting to think was not a good idea because I felt like I could hardly move the rest of the day.  I do feel like an official runner though.  I drink a Gatorade gel 15 minutes before the run then water throughout then Gatorade and a protein bar when I am done.
Did you know Snickers made Protein bars?  I didn't.  But they are good.  Well, not as good as a snickers bar, but pretty good.  Next Saturday will be our longest run before the marathon.  12 miles here we come!

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DerrK said...

Look at you guys all pimped out on ice skates. :)

And you are the first I have heard say the third twilight was better than the others. I still need to see the second one.