Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I finally gave in and made the trip over to Forks.  I thought it would be fun to make the trip before I go see the next movie.  We are planning on watching it on Saturday.  I'm just going to say it now, if you haven't read the books or are not very into the movies this post is going to seem incredibly dumb to you.  The whole thing was kinda cheesy but we had fun.  We first went to Port Angeles which was about a 1 hour drive.  Here is a picture of Tucker and I in front of the restaurant where Bella and Edward had their first date. 

This is the movie theater Bella and her friends went.  We also went to the bookstore where Bella bought the book that told her about the vampires.

If you can't read it, the sign on the door says, "Unattended children will go to the Volturi."

After our quick stop in Port Angeles we drove just over another hour to Forks. 
Here is Bella's car.  We also went to her high school and the sherriffs office where her dad works, but I didn't think I needed pictures of those.

This is the sporting store where Bella worked.
We had to make a trip to the Cullen house.  When we got to it there was a sign on the door saying the Cullens were out at the Mariner's game.

I know it doesn't look like the one in the movies, but this house is actually more like the one she described the the book.  She says that it is three stories tall, square, white and timeless.

A trip to Forks would not be complete without a trip to the Swan house.  If you look on the right side of the house you can see that Bella's window is open.  Maybe she is expecting Edward to come over after the game.

We went to the hospital where Dr. Cullen works.  And where Bella went when she almost got crushed by a car.

After we saw everything in Forks (it is a very very small town).  We headed over to the Quileute reservation where Jacob lives and to the beach they hung out on.

It was really fun.  There were waves and everything.  We could have spent hours there but we were tired so about 30 minutes was enough.   Tucker loved running out and back with the waves.

Here's Jacob's house.  It was over toward the reservation.  You can actually rent it out while you visit.  The Cullen house is also a bed and breakfast. 

Now I know what you are thinking.  It is pretty dorky that they went all the way out to a place where a fictional book happened.
We are not the only ones.  People were asked to place a pin in the spot they are from.  There wasn't any room for us to fit one in Washington.
People even come from around the world to check out the Twilight phanamana.
I was surprised to see that they had Twilight tour buses though.  It cost $40 a person and the town is very small.  We had a good time.  Most of the restaurants in the town have meals named after twilight such as Bellasagna and Jacob Black cobbler.  I even saw a sign on a tiny locksmith shop that said "we now carry Twilight memorabilia."  I wonder what the locals think about all of their recent hype.


Sarah said...

That's cool that you guys went there! And I can't believe you guys ran 10 miles! Seriously impressive!

Charlotte and Jared Nelson said...

That is awesome. I think I might even be a little jealous! haha So are the houses just random houses that were assigned to that character then? Or they the actual ones used in the movie?

Hercules Family said...

hahaha!!! That is awesome that you went! It looks like it was a lot of fun to do. I actually have a brother-in-law whose wife is a librarian (or would be if she wasn't a stay home mom) anyway, this past summer they traveled the entire journey of Laura Ingles Wilder from Little Town on the Prairie. So you guys aren't crazy. I hope it was as much fun as it looks!!

Talitha and John said...

I haven't even read the books, but it looks like fun! Maybe I should go!