Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 Years!

Four years ago today Bob and I got married!  I can't believe it has been four years already.  So many things have happened in just four years.  Bob and I have two kids, we both finished school, moved five times and bought a house.  Time seems to go by so fast sometimes.  This first picture is one of our engagement pictures.
This is my favorite wedding picture.  I still really love my dress.  I have it in the closet, maybe I'll try it on.  Anyway, I think marriage is mostly what I expected I just didn't think everything would happen so fast.  I guess this way I will just have more time to do more things.
Bob has been such a great husband, I love him and I am so glad that we got married.  I know some people thought I was too young (mom).  I just want to say that when you find the right person and you are sure about your decision there is no point in waiting (once you are an adult, 18).  I know that my life is much better because I got married.
Bob and I got married in the Seattle temple and I think one of my very favorite things about the gospel is the fact that we can be sealed as families forever.  I feel such peace knowing that I get to be with my family for eternity and not just until death due us part.
I was hoping to get some more pictures taken of Bob and I sometime this weekend so you will have to wait for any current pictures.  I also have not idea what Bob and I are doing for our date tonight it is a surprise.  So you will have to wait along with me to find out. 

I feel like I live a truly blessed life and my family is one of the reasons I feel that way.  Thanks Bob for making these last four years so amazing.


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Congratulations!! Maybe Amery can borrow your dress when she gets married. Keep it in good shape for her :)