Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas part 2

We are still hanging out at my moms house and having a good time.  Bob has been working with my dad on building a mantel for their fireplace.  It is almost done so I will be able to post pictures of that soon.  Dallen got a rocket for Christmas so yesterday we did a rocket launch.  It was fun.  I don't think i have seen one before.  we were able to launch three times and although it was cold the weather was pretty good for it.  The rocket almost went straight up and back down in the same spot.  the clouds were kinda low so the rocket looked like it was even higher than it really was.  I took a video, but since I am blogging on my little new 10" laptop I don't have any video editing software and much less photo editing. this computer is very small and handy, but our 24" mac is much better.  you will just have to watch the video sideways.

This morning Bob woke me up asking for tucker's coat so they could go play in the snow.  I had no idea it had snowed and couldn't believe everyone waited until 8:30 to let me know.  I got ready and rushed outside before breakfast.  There was a couple of inches and I'm glad I got out there because it had been a few hours and is staring to melt now.  We didn't expect snow so we didn't bring our snow cloths to my moms and we just had to wing it.  Tucker didn't last very long and came back inside before the snowman was completed.  I think it is a cute one.  i wanted to get a picture of Tucker with it because it is just about his height and I wanted them to be friends.  Unfortunately after I came back inside tucker ran outside all by himself and pushed it down then ran back inside.  I'm kinda mad about it because he knew he wasn't supposed to so he did it when we weren't looking.  It took bob and I about 30 minutes to build it :-(.
 Later, when Penelope was napping Bob and I had a chance to go for a walk around the block all by ourselves.  It was nice.  Tucker decided to drive with Talitha out to her property so he could feed the deer.  They should get back around 4 so he will be gone all day.  Here are the pictures I took on our walk.

I think snow makes the world so pretty! 

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Mary-Anne said...

Those pictures are great. I love snow too. It really does make the world so pretty! I have never seen that much snow in Puyallup before. That's great! Glad you're having fun.