Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Clause is Comming ...

Last night we had our ward Christmas dinner.  The food was great and we had a good time.  It seems like it has been a while since I can think of the last activity where neither Bob or I were involved helping in some way.  I didn't even volunteer to bring any food this time.  I probably should have seen if there was anything I could do to help but it was actually really nice to just come and enjoy. 

 After dinner the kids sang a couple Christmas songs while they acted out a nativity scene.

Then it was time for Santa.  Tucker was very excited to see him although I don't know why because we have never told him anything about Santa bringing him presents.  As you can tell by the picture Penelope was not as excited about me putting her on some strangers lap.  I know I might seem like kind of a Grinch on this subject but I don't want to lie to my kids about Santa.  We have never told Tucker much of anything except that kids believe that he comes on Christmas and brings presents but he really doesn't.  I told him not to tell anyone about it but I honestly think the whole conversation was way over his head.  He probably just sees him as a fun guy that hangs around during Christmas time.  he always gets really happy and shouts "Santa" whenever he sees him.  
I probably did believe in Santa when I was very young but with older siblings I don't think it lasted long because I can't remember thinking he was real.  I know that Bob does remember believing in Santa and he also remembers when his parents sat him down and told him that Santa isn't real.  He said that when he found out he was really mad about it and didn't want to talk to his parents for a while for lying to him.  That might be a little more dramatic than most cases but I don't want our kids to go through that anyway.

Santa does make for good pictures.  I'm not sure who this Santa is but I think he looks pretty realistic.  The beard looked pretty real too.
The strangest thing about the whole activity was when we got home this was sitting on our front porch.  There was no note or anything.  So I am thinking that it is either an anonymous gift or someone left it on the wrong doorstep.  We will just keep it and enjoy it unless someone comes and tells us otherwise.  If anyone wants to fess up then go ahead and leave a comment.


DerrK said...

I heard it was a pretty good activity last night. And the Santa picture with Penelope is classic. I absolutely love it. And I am thinking the picture is from a certain presidency of which you belong. Because someone else in the same presidency got one too. :) It's a fun picture.

The Wellers said...

We were at the Bremerton Stake Christmas Concert on Saturday but didn't see you there. We did watch for you, though.