Monday, March 28, 2011

Tucker's Talk

While in Japan Tucker got asked to say the opening prayer in primary on the 26th (yesterday).  i was a little disappointed when he was going to miss it but luckily enough he got asked to give a talk that same day in our ward instead.  I think i was more excited for the talk than Tucker was but he was very excited too.  I have seen a couple sunbeam talks where the parents used pictures that made it so the child could actually read the talk themselves.  we gave the same thing a try.
Can u decipher what it says?  Watch the video of him giving it.
I think he did a great job.  He really wanted to say hi in Japanese so we tried to work that into the beginning.  We will have to work on his microphone etiquette before next time.

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Bob said...

I was very proud of him and the way he gave his talk. I was worried that he would get try to say words that were not in the talk and then get upset with his mom for trying to correct him. I think the cookies that I bribed him with helped.