Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

The long weekend was so nice and so necessary.  In the morning we went to the ward breakfast.  I made sure the girls were dressed in red white and blue. 
 Bob got Tucker dressed, I guess he forgot.
Afterward Bob wanted to drive all the way down to the REI in Tacoma.  At first I thought it was a horrible idea because it was going to 'waste' the whole day but then Bob said he would bring both Tucker and Penelope and suddenly it turned into a great idea.  Bob's bike broke so he returned it and bought a new one!  I know, this is his third one.  I think Bob just likes buying new bikes so he keeps returning them and getting more expensive ones.

With everyone gone I decided to take Scarlett to the mall.  I needed to get a dress for a wedding I'm going to be in and it is in less than two weeks.  It is hard to go shopping with the whole family so I thought this would be the perfect chance.  The only problem was that i wasn't thinking and brought the umbrella stroller it didn't work because the child has to be sitting up.  And Scarlett didn't like it at all.  She kept crying so I had to hold her making it impossible to try anything on.  I kept trying to put her down and she kept crying so I would pick her up again.  Just when I had given up and decided to just forget it and go back home I found one more dress to try on.  And it worked.  I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to find a black dress in the summer.  Especially one that is knee length and has some sort of sleeve, but I did and it was on sale.  Now the fun part, Shoes!

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DerrK said...

Audrey was looking at these pics and she asked me if she can tickle Tucker's belly button. LOL