Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4-year-old Tucker

Yesterday was Tucker's actually birthday so we invited some friends over to play and eat leftover cake. It made the day a little extra exciting for him although he was a little confused as to when his actual birthday was.

It is so crazy to me that I just celebrated my own son's fourth birthday. I cannot believe I have a four-year-old. I literally only put 3 candles on the cake and was about to bring it out before my mom and bob stopped me telling me tucker is turning 4. I was watching him a couple of times yesterday wondering how he got so big. And just looking at him and seeing how big he is.
Tucker is the most amazing spirited little boy. He will be so happy and excited one minute and then completely devastated and screaming at the top of his lungs the next. Tucker is a great big brother. He loves his sisters and tries to help them even if it means 'helping them go to time out.'
Tucker loves all superheros, kids tv shows, riding bikes, and playing. Tucker is an amazing pretender and is always acting like he is on a boat, he is a shark, he is spiderman, or any random thing.

In the video make sure you watch for his wish. It is hilarious.

I love Tucker so much and am so happy he is part of our family.


Anna said...

i sure hope his wish came true!!! love the cake!

The Abel family said...

After all the worries, the cake looked awesome! Glad we were able to be there.