Saturday, June 11, 2011

baby pics

Right now i am in Oregon for Heidi's wedding!  I just finished swimming in the pool with bob.  it was great! Scarlett just slept in her car seat a safe distance away while we played.  My mom was gracious enough to watch Tucker and Penelope for me again.  I don't have a lot of time to post but i wanted to put up a couple of pictures I took of Scarlett before we left.

I made the flowers out of felt but am having a hard time getting them to stick on her head.  They don't have clips or anything so if anyone wants to let me in on the secret I will be grateful.


Kent and Krista Stevenson said...

I have heard to use corn syrup or even a little bit of Elmers glue. Supposedly, it washes right off but works great.

Linda said...

I also heard that corn syrup works.

Sara said...

I used corn syrup and it worked great on small bows - not sure if it will work bigger items. I also heard some poeple use KY-jelly to stick them on. I never used that because it just sounds gross to me!