Monday, June 20, 2011

Company and Sick me

It is going to take a me a couple posts to catch up on the past couple of days so here is the first one.  I was going to make another post on Saturday but something unexpected came up.  I got sick :-(.  I have never been sick enough in the 4 years of having children that I felt like I couldn't take care of them until Friday afternoon.  It was in many ways the worst timing because we had family visiting all the way from Ohio.  In another way it was good timing because Bob was home and Grandma and Grandpa Woestman were here to help make it possible for me to lay in bed and rest.

After breastfeeding my first two children and not getting it I wasn't worried about it, but I guess it was bound to happen.  I got Mastitis.  It was painful, I had the worst headache I've every had before, and I had a fever above 100. Thankfully I was able to get antibiotics on Saturday and a blessing that night so I was able to go to my baby's blessing and help with the over 20 people that were at my house on Sunday.  It was hard to not get everything ready the way I planned to but I am so happy others were there to help get ready.

here are some of the people who were over on Sunday.
 Bob and his parents.
 My niece Amery and Scarlett.
 My Sister Tianna, and part of her family.
Mt Sister Talitha and her husband John with Tucker and Penelope.  Normally I would take tons more pictures but I wasn't really feeling up to it.

The weird thing is that I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did yesterday.  I didn't know this could happen because I am on antibiotics but it seems like the plugged duct has switched sides.  And my fever has started to come back.  I am not feeling as bad as I did on Friday or Saturday but definitely worse than I did yesterday.  I thought I was doing much better yesterday because of the antibiotics but maybe more of it had to do with the blessing I got than I originally gave it credit.  In my blessing Bob did say that I would feel better for my company and I would be able to do what I wanted to when everyone was here.  But he didn't say anything else about getting better beyond Sunday.  The healing power of the Savior is amazing and I really believe he made it possible for me to handle everything yesterday.  I think I will be back to normal very soon.

Keep checking because I will post pictures of the Birthday Boy and the Baby girl in her blessing dress.


Michael and Denise said...

So sorry you were/are sick. Hope the antibiotics kick in for good soon.

Mary-Anne said...

Ugh...I'm sorry. It's never any fun to be sick, but it's even worse when you have stuff planned that you HAVE to get done. Hope you feel better soon!