Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre-church pictures

We were all ready for church three minutes early yesterday so I got out the camera and made everyone take a couple pictures.  This first one is typical because lately Penelope has been copying everything Tucker does.  She follows him around the house trying to mimic him.  She repeats half the things he says in her cute 1 and a half year old voice making whatever she says hilarious. In this picture Tucker stuck out his tongue, so of course Penelope watch Tucker stick out his tongue, then she followed suit for the picture.
This dress Scarlett is wearing is kind of annoying because it has one button on the back that is really hard to do.  It takes two adult hands and a still baby to get it.  Usually we do it as a team effort.
Penelope is even copying Tucker in this last picture.  It looks like she is reaching for Bob, but if you were there you would have been able to tell that Tucker reached his hands out for the picture and then Penelope is trying to do the same.
Like my new sweater?  I just got it from old navy.  It is the thinnest sweater I've ever worn.  I used my groupon, but I realized after i got home they only took off $10 instead of $20.  I want to go back and try to get them to change it but with the three kids i might not make it. I have been having a hard time buying cloths.  I 'need' some because I haven't bought any since before I got pregnant and my current cloths are still tight.  They just don't look quite right on me but at the same time I don't want to buy anything in hopes that I get back to my normal size soon.

I am feeling really optimistic about things getting back to normal this week.  Maybe i will even get a chance to start running again.  I want to go on a regular basis so I can get ready for the whaling days 4 mile run at the end of July. 

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