Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cabinent Doors

After a long couple of weeks we have our cabinet doors back up.  We took them all down, bob spent a very long time sanding the old paint off of each door.  Seriously like 30 minutes a door.  Then he cut trim for each door and glued that on.  Our doors previously had no kind of trim on them.  Next Bob painted a primer that is specifically for laminate doors.  Then he painted the oil base white I picked out.  Yesterday while I was down in Puyallup bob put the new hinges on and got all the doors up.  The kitchen looks so much better.  It is nice not seeing in my messy cabinets anymore.
Yesterday I made the hour+ drive down to Sumner to pick up the right chairs and got my hair highlighted while I was at it.  Nothing special just something to touch up the roots.  I am happy that I have my sister to do it for me and that my mom is willing to babysit while I get it done.  Although, she might not be so willing next time because Scarlett screamed for an hour straight.

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