Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Party Time

On Saturday I'm turning 24!  I'm going to have a party at my house at 7pm and your invited. A girls night kind of thing.  So if you want to join in the fun come on over.  We will have cake and Ice cream and maybe work on crafts too. 
I wanted to take a better picture of me and make a better invitation but I kept forgetting to get a picture when Bob was home. So we ended up doing it last night after I finished a jog. It didn't quite turn out how I wanted, oh well.
Not convinced you want to come?  Look at the cake I am going to attempt to make.  Hopefully it will turn out better than last years cake.  The one that fell over in the car and ended up in the garbage.
I wasn't quite sure how to invite people because everyone who wants to come is welcome but at the same time I didn't want to send out an invite to the whole ward because half of the people will probably not know who I am.  So if you know someone who might want to come but doesn't read this please let them know too.  And if you could email me or send a message or tell me you are coming that would help me make sure I have the right amount of cake.  See you Sat.

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The Abel family said...

I want the recipe!! Wish I could be there :(