Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Months

This is coming a little late but Scarlett Turned 5 months last week!  She can roll over in both directions and she even does pretty well during tummy time.  Tucker has been great with her these past couple of weeks.  He will get down and play with her when she is crying and she really loves it.  I have heard her go from crying to laughing because of Tucker a couple of times.
Scarlett loves to stand up!  We have to balance her %100 but she likes to be on her feet and her legs are strong enough to hold the weight and have been for a while.  I tried getting her to sit up but she has a ways to go still. Maybe next month.  Oh, and she does move backwards and turns while on her tummy.

 Here feet have been supper interesting for her lately.  She always grabs them and plays with them.
Scarlett has also started to try to stick everything in her mouth.  Originally I thought all babies did this but Penelope never did so it is kinda fun to see Scarlett doing it. And Tucker thinks it is hilarious when she puts something like my phone or the remote in her mouth.  Penelope is always taking Scarlett's hands out of her mouth and telling her no.  I can't blame her because we tell Penelope not to suck her thumb.  I can see how it is confusing.
Scarlett is growing nicely and we are going for another appointment on Friday to see if her head is less flat or if she is going to need a helmet.  I think it has gotten better since last month.

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Bob said...

My little cutie is getting so big!!