Monday, November 21, 2011


I have been waiting for the past couple of weeks for a chance to practice taking pictures of food but it seems like we have been lacking in the treat department lately.  Bob made some cookies for scouts on Thursday so I stole a couple cookies for a photo shoot.
 mmmm... doesn't that look yummy.
They tasted almost as good as they look.  Oatmeal chocolate chip are good but not my fav I am more into straight up chocolate chip cookies.
Bob surprised me and bought me some things for my camera, one was the lens add on thing.  I'm not sure what it is called but you hook it onto your lens.  Anyway it makes it possible to get way up close and personal to anything.  Like these cookies!

What should I photogarph next?


Bob said...

Its a Fotodiox Canon EOS Macro Extension Tube Set Kit. It turns any lens into a macro lens. they are not as nice as a macro lens, but at 10 bucks, compared to the $500-$1000 for a lens, it is a fun little camera add on. And, I needed to add ten more bucks to the shopping list to get the free amazon shipping. :-)

Christine said...

His cookies were amazing. I was going to ask for the recipe. :) You both are so talented...Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas.