Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mormon Battalion

I didn't know anything about the Mormon Battalion before we took a tour of the site in San Diego.  It was really neat.  Some members of the church got paid by the government to form a small army and march out west.  The money they got was used to bring the first group of pioneers out to Utah and they didn't even have to fight.  
This was probably the coolest church history site I have been too.  The tour guide (sister missionary) started telling us the story when these pictures inturrupted her.  The people in the pictures moved and talked.  It reminded me of Harry Potter.
 We switched rooms and the floor shook when the stampede came.
 The whole place was decorated old school and we had a really good time.
 I would say this was one of my favorite things we did in San Diego, if not my favorite.

They had lots of kids things to do but for once we didn't have our kids with us.  I did get to pan for gold though.
They even took our picture and said we were honorary members of the Mormon Battalion.  I would recommend going here to anyone in the San Diego area!


Sarah said...

I was also surprised at all of the Mormon battalion history in San Diego. When we went there we took the trolley ride around and on the tour they talked about the Mormon battalion. It was cool because my aunt who was with us knew more about it than we did and she's not a member of the church. Sounds like you guys had a fun time.

Michael and Denise said...

We definitely want to go there is Michael ever gets sent to San Diego.