Sunday, December 4, 2011


Friday night we went to the nativity set up in Port Orchard.  They had hundreds of different nativities, many from different countries.  The kids did pretty good this year walking around quietly and looking at them.  I seem to remember a lot of crying from Penelope last year.  I think it helped that there weren't very many people there.   Here are a few of our favorites.

The first one is a Precious Moments nativity.  I really liked the angel who was shining a flashlight on the baby.
I'm not sure where these ones are from but I thought they were pretty unique.
Tucker wanted me to take a picture of the Indian one.  And the peanut one on the bottom was really different.  It looks like something a child made for a craft project.
Now these peanuts ones is a completely different story.  the Charlie brown nativity was one of my favorites.
I also really liked this one.  bob didn't like it as much.  He was like "I could make that in 5 minutes."  I guess according to him if it is easily made than it is not as cool.  I love the simplicity of it.  It actually reminded me of the humble birth of the Savior.  Maybe I will make my own just like it, or get Bob to.
After looking at the nativities we took the kids to the children's room where they had dress up cloths and crafts for them to do.
The kids really enjoyed it. And it didn't hurt that we told them they could have ice cream if they didn't touch anything and were quiet and didn't run around.  Not touching the nativities was hard for Penelope.
 I love it when we get to do something Christ related during Christmas time.

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