Monday, January 30, 2012

Last week

Bob went to Florida on a business trip last week.  It could have lasted for two weeks but luckily for me it only took one and I picked him up at the airport saturday afternoon.  He left early Sunday morning and by that I mean like 2 am so I went to church by myself.  Actually not by myself, it was the opposite of by myself since I had the three kiddos with me.  Getting everyone ready was a challenge but we made it on time.  We would have made it through the whole sacrament if it didn't go over 15 minutes.  I took the kids out during the end and changed two poopy diapers.  Scarlett actually fell asleep on me while I taught my primary class and wasn't that much of a distraction at all.

On Monday I headed to my parents house because I didn't have anything to do at home that I couldn't do there.  It was nice to spend time with family and to get extra help from my Mom, Dad, and brother.  We took the kids to the Y to swim, made cookies, found a geocache, I got my hair done, and had plenty of time to go ring shopping.  My ring keeps falling off so I am thinking about getting a new one.  A few places have already told me they wont size it and since Bob spent a ton of money on a new guitar I figure I get to spend at least that much on a ring.

So while I had double diaper duty all week Bob was doing this
Along with hang gliding bob went snorkeling, and on a alligator swamp tour.  I'll get him to blog more about it later.
I am glad Bob had a fun time I just wish I could have gone too.

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