Thursday, January 12, 2012

NewPort Aquarium

While in Cincinnati we got to see the Newport Aquarium.  Tucker and Penelope loved it!  Especially Tucker!  I think he could have sat and looked at the sharks all day.  Unfortunately while we were there I started to feel sick.  At the time I just thought it was from the fishy smell but just after we got back to the house I started throwing up and was sick all night long.  Because I was feeling queasy I rushed the family through some of the aquarium.  Don't get me wrong, we were there for a good two hours.  The kids would have liked to stay for at least another two.
We went on a 'no stroller day' so the lent us a bay carrier.  Scarlett was in heaven.  She loves to be carried.  My shoulders hurt, this one was not a comfy as the one we own.
There were a couple places we could touch the fish.  Bob and I even got to touch a shark.  Poor Tucker couldn't reach the shark, he wanted to touch it so bad.  He was even sad about it a couple days later when he was telling people.  Maybe next time buddy.

We got to see Santa scuba diving with the sharks.  He said he lost his reindeer so he was going to use the sea-horses instead.  It was a cute little program.
 The had a bird area and we got to feed the birds.
 Bob even managed to get a couple of them to stand on his fingers.
This was when I told them that I needed to leave and I sat on the floor in the corner of the gift shop trying not to puke while waiting for them to finish up.  That sounds worse than it was.  I told them to take their time and I am glad we went.  I didn't start feeling really bad until we got back to the house.

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Jules @ The Chang Chat said...

Love all the pictures! It looks like so much fun! We went to an aquarium in Seattle but it wasn't nearly big enough for me. We saw Santa too!