Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lehi's Dream/Don't eat Pete

We had a special visitor at our family home evening last week.  Lehi came and told us about his dream!  Tucker and Penelope even got to put on blindfolds and act it out.  It was fun.  I think the kids were getting confused when we first told them to hold to the rod all the way to the end where a tree statue was.  And then once we started everyone was trying to get them to let go of the rod just like in the dream.  Penelope was not as steadfast as Tucker because she did give in and let go of the rod once people started telling her to.  haha. 
After the lesson we played Don't Eat Pete.  I think it is one of my favorite games.  I first played it when I was in primary.

To play you make a piece of paper with 12 numbered squares on it each square gets a candy.  We used M&Ms this time.  Then one person leaves the room and everyone else decides which number M&M is Pete.  when the person comes back they start randomly eating the M&Ms one at a time.  When they get to Pete everyone shouts "Don't eat Pete!" and they have to stop eating.  The board gets refilled and the next person gets a turn.  The kids love it and so do I.


Lorraine Butler said...

Such a sweet activity! I was online and moving to another web page when I caught out of the corner of my eye "Lehi's Dream and Don't Eat Pete" and I just had to go back and find out who wrote that blog post!!

DerrK said...

That's a good idea for FHE. And I have never heard of Don't Eat Pete. We might have to play that some time.