Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

I like cinnamon rolls but sometimes they can take a long time especially if they need to rise. These mini cinnamon rolls only take about 20 minutes and they are so easy!  I don't even have a real recipe for them.  All you need to start some kind of dough.  I used a one of those pillsbury buttermilk biscuit pop open things and it worked great. Then you need butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.  For the frosting I just did powdered sugar vanilla and water.
To start roll out the dough.  I did mine around 8" by 10" but next time I will try to do it much thinner because my rolls were too fat to fit in the pan.  I would go for 6" by 15" or something like that.
Next put a light coat of butter on and sprinkle as much brown sugar and cinnamon on top as you like.  Then roll it up.
It would have been better if my roll was longer and skinnier.  Then just cut slices around a half inch and place them into a greased mini muffin pan.
Add bake at 350 for 15 minutes, add a frosting of choice and bam now you have delicious mini cinnamon rolls.
These are perfect for Sundays when we like to have something different but don't have time to do much.


Kathryn Pepper said...

These look delish! I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you followed me back...come check out my blog:

XO! Kathryn

DerrK said...

Those are easy! I'll definitely give those a whirl.

Brandi said...

Mmm...they look so good. I purchased some cinnamon rolls from Ikea last week to satisfy a craving, but I would love to make my own. Thanks for sharing your recipe!