Monday, March 19, 2012

Mario Talent Show

Friday night was our ward activity and this month we did a talent show. It was different from the usual potluck and I think that made it more fun.  I was especially nervous almost the whole time because a few friends and I were preforming.  I get really nervous.  It is weird because I know it isn't a big deal and it doesn't matter if I mess up but no matter what I tell myself I still get really nervous every time I get in front of people.  I try not to let my nervousness stop me from doing things I want to do.  

Anyway, we practiced and practiced, which was harder than it would be for some people because we have kids.  We even made props and worked on things on our own.  The kids mostly just ran around the gym while we practiced on stage.  Except the babies sat on stage with us and sometimes Tucker tried to direct us from the floor.  He was funny.  He would yell things like "jump now, ok now the money!" he even drew up a picture of what we were supposed to do.  He was pretty into it.  It was all worth it because it was fun, even the practicing, and it turned out really well.

In the background we have Denise, Laura, Beth, Kari, and Katherine did the lights.  I know I am really the only one you can see but I don't want to hog all the glory, it was definitely a group effort and they worked just as hard on everything, if not harder.

My favorite parts are the "PAUSE" and the jump at the end, well I take it back those were probably the hardest parts and the funniest to watch.  My favorite parts were actually the underground part and the fast mode at the end because those were the easiest parts to do.

Bob and some of his friends threw something together at the last minute.  They were trying to be funny/entertaining not necessarily really good.  I thought it was fun and I am glad they did it even though they only practiced it once for about 30 minutes.  As opposed to our several hour and a half long practices.

I hope our ward does it again because we had a good time.


Sarah said...

Your Mario skit is hilarious!

Linda said...

It was the highlight of the evening for me. It was a great activity!