Friday, April 13, 2012

11 months

I feel like I say this every month but it is crazy to me that she is 11 months already.  I noticed that I started rounding up and telling people she is a year.  With Easter done it seems like it is time for me to start planing her birthday party.  Not sure what we are going to do, it doesn't really matter to her.  I know it is going to involve giving Scarlett her own cake/cupcake to devour and one awesome photo shoot.  The rest is still up in the air.
Wasn't it nice of my neighbors to put in nice new beauty bark (mulch if you ask bob) so my pictures look extra great!  I think Scarlett was sick most of the last month.   It seemed she had a cold or two and a couple small fevers here and there.  She has a runny nose now but I am hoping with warmer weather just around the corner she will stop getting sick.
Scarlett is now a pro at both standing up holding on to things and at getting down.  Getting down was pretty hard for her and for a while she would just stand up and cry for us to get her.  But with chocolate chip bribery we taught her how to sit down.  She also easily walks along furniture and can bend down to pick things up.  The gate is still on the stairs because she is always trying to go up them and even though it hasn't happened I am scared she will crawl halfway up and fall down.
Scarlett still drinks tons of formula and I don't think I give her as much table food as I should.  I guess this next month I will work on integrating more of our food into her diet.  I also want to start practicing walking with her.  She is so good at it while holding onto the couch she needs some encouragement to venture off.
Scarlett started waving and clapping and I think she is becoming more independent.  She can play longer crawling around the house without me than I have noticed her do before.  This is probably because she realized that she can crawl around and find things like the chocolate chip drawer, or the kids bag of Easter candy.  I haven't noticed any words from her yet although she does copy us sometimes.  And I know she understands a lot of things because if I ask what is in her mouth she puts her hand to her mouth.  Or if I say kisses she leans her head into me for either me to kiss her on the forehead or to give me slobber baby open mouth kisses.

Scarlett is at a good age.  She is mobile, she often entertains herself, but she isn't quite destroying the house yet.  We love her!

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Mary-Anne said...

She's so cute! I can't believe we haven't ever met her. We are definitely planning a trip up there in July, though. Jacob has been sick this past month a lot too! It's so awful. He's sick right now again. I hope with the warmer weather these babies stop getting sick too!