Friday, April 6, 2012

At Home Highlights

Cherish and Cayleen came over on Wednesday and we highlighted her hair.  I was nervous about it because even though I worked in a salon during high school I have never done anything like this before.  She bought the bleach and developer from Sallys and we used regular kitchen tin foil and gave it a try.  
I think it turned out well and Cayleen seemed to like it too.  One thing that I think helped is that my sister (who owns a hair salon) talked to me about what to do on the phone before we got started.  We only did the top half of her hair which was good because it took me about 1 hr and 45 minutes to get it all on.  Also Cherish was my extra set of hands, I don't think I could have done it without her holding the foil while I put the bleach on the hair.

I get my hair highlighted by my sister regularly and I have also used a box to color my hair.  But I have friends who have never colored their hair at all.  I think it is fun to try different colors and styles.  Now I am thinking about going red to match my kids but I don't know I am ready yet. Should I?  I figure that it is only hair and if it doesn't look good it will always grow back and I can start with my natural color again.  That is why I think I will let my kids do whatever they want with their hair.  Would you let your kids do something crazy with their hair?


Michael and Denise said...

I've never colored my hair, and I won't at least until I start going gray. Michael dyed his hair in high school. We're planning on adopting his mom's rule with hair color. You can dye it a naturally occurring hair color (blonde, brown, black, red), but no blues, purples, greens, etc.

Gayle Daly said...

When my daughters were in their teens I "forbid" them from ever doing anything to their hair. "It's beautiful the way it is" type of mentality. Then after the first time I had highlights, I changed my tune. Shannon played with highlights a few times and Corinne did too, but neither got hooked like me. I tried to convince Scott to give it a try to maintain his blonde, but he refused. You go girl!

Bobbie Mackey said...

i figure, for my kids, if hair is their biggest rebellion, then life is good. but coming from a mom with bright blue highlights, that might not mean so much :)

Voices of the Graves said...

When I was growing up my parents made me have long hair (actually longer than it is now) and I hate it. This is why I let me kids do pretty much whatever they want as long as it's not too extreme like bright pink/blue. Natural colors is what we let them do and whatever cut they like.

I think you did a good job especially for being your first time. Thanks!

DerrK said...

Having red hair, I am scared to dye it for fear it'd turn green like Anne of Green Gables. JK I like when people ask me if it is my natural color and when I say they're in awe. Maybe after I get it cut I will at least highlight it and yes do a peek a boo dye with blue or green. Seriously. As far as my kids go, when they are older, it depends on how extreme they want to go then we'll negotiate.

Lorraine Butler said...

I think you'll look great as a redhead. Why not give it a try? As for me, I have had highlights a couple of times, but OBVIOUSLY I didn't get hooked. My children did what they wanted regardless of my opinions. I haven't seen my daughters' natural hair color in years.